CDC Reports 1,095 Deaths Following Experimental COVID Vaccines While UK Government Reports 294 Deaths

1 March, 2021 — Global Research

Health Impact News 26 February 2021
The CDC has done another data dump today into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.

The data goes through February 18, 2021, with 19,907 recorded adverse events, including 1,095 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA shots by Pfizer and Moderna.

Besides the recorded 1,095 deaths, there were 4,151 visits to Emergency Room doctors, 403 permanent disabilities, and 2,298 hospitalizations.

Over 71% of the recorded deaths were over the age of 65, but there were also 158 deaths where the age was “unknown,” and it is likely that a majority of those deaths were among the elderly as well.

Several questions about this data remain unanswered. For example, why is data only released every Friday? Why can’t the public see the actual reports submitted as it comes in? Is the CDC releasing ALL of the data, or are they filtering it?

For example, earlier today we reported on the death of 28-year-old Haley Link Brinkmeyer from Indiana, which occurred in late January.

But a search for deaths in the State of Indiana reveals only 16 deaths recorded so far, and all above the age of 44. Haley’s is not included, even though the mother stated on a social media post that they suspected the vaccine, and that the coroner was investigating it as a vaccine related death.

We have reported other occasions where people injured by a COVID experimental vaccine report their injury to VAERS, but it never shows up.

The CDC also updated their Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination page on February 25, 2021, where they are now stating that VAERS has received 1,099 reports of death following experimental COVID vaccines. They are almost back to the original number of 1,170 deaths that they reported two weeks ago.

However, there is nothing to worry about, because:

“CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths.”

UK Reports

The UK Government also has a reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

Their latest report goes through February 25, 2021. They supply three reports: one from the experimental Pfizer COVID vaccine, one from the experimental AstraZeneca COVID vaccine, and one where the “vaccine brand is unspecified.”

For the COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysis they report:

  • 1835 Blood disorders
  • 919 Cardiac disorders including 23 deaths
  • 1 Congenital disorder
  • 620 Ear disorders
  • 6 Endocrine disorders
  • 1098 Eye disorders
  • 8506 Gastrointestinal disorders including 10 deaths
  • 24,313 General disorders including 107 deaths

For the COVID-19 vaccine Oxford University/AstraZeneca analysis they report:

  • 577 Blood disorders
  • 1069 Cardiac disorders including 22 deaths
  • 6 Congenital disorders
  • 617 Ear disorders
  • 14 Endocrine disorders
  • 1157 Eye disorders
  • 12,776 Gastrointestinal disorders including 3 deaths
  • 41,429 General disorders including 127 deaths

For the COVID-19 vaccine brand unspecified analysis they report:

  • 2 Blood disorders
  • 1 Cardiac disorder including 1 death
  • 8 Ear disorders
  • 8 Eye disorders
  • 58 Gastrointestinal disorders
  • 223 General disorders including 1 death

Nothing to worry about here either, as the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency concludes:

The overall safety experience with both vaccines is so far as expected from the clinical trials.

Based on current experience, the expected benefits of both COVID-19 vaccines in preventing COVID-19 and its serious complications far outweigh any known side effects.

Don’t you feel better now that the vaccines have finally arrived to save the world?

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