The Monsanto Papers – Deadly Secrets, Corporate Corruption, and One Man’s Search for Justice

1 March 2021 — USRTK

USRTK Research Director Carey Gillam’s new book is out now from Island Press and garnering glowing reviews. 

The St. Louis Post Dispatch calls Carey’s book “a fast-paced, engaging account of how Monsanto and Bayer’s fortunes changed dramatically in such a short span of time.” Read more reviews here

The Monsanto Papers is the inside story of Lee Johnson’s landmark lawsuit against Monsanto. For Lee, the case was a race against the clock, with doctors predicting he wouldn’t survive long enough to take the witness stand. For the eclectic band of young, ambitious lawyers representing him, it was a matter of professional pride and personal risk, with millions of their own dollars and hard-earned reputations on the line.

With a gripping narrative force, The Monsanto Papers takes readers behind the scenes of a grueling legal battle, pulling back the curtain on the frailties of the American court system and the lengths to which lawyers will go to fight corporate wrongdoing and find justice for consumers.

Update on Bayer’s plan for settling future Roundup cancer claims: Dozens of U.S. law firms have formed a coalition to fight a new $2 billion settlement proposal by Monsanto owner Bayer AG that aims to contain the company’s ongoing liability related to claims that Roundup herbicides cause cancer. Lawyers criticizing the plan say it could set a dangerous precedent for other types of litigation involving large numbers of people injured by powerful corporations. See Carey Gillam’s Roundup Trial Tracker.

Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation wield enormous power over how food systems develop in Africa. Food sovereignty movements say their efforts are harming farmers, ecosystems and the climate. Read the first two articles in our series by Stacy Malkan and stay tuned for more.

More public health news of the week:

  • Harmful chemicals found in air, water and people who live near fracking — EHN investigation
  • Parents erupt over FDA failure to regulate toxic metals in food — Politico
  • Environmental group charges EPA with ignoring evidence of cancer linked to pesticide Telone — The Intercept
  • Ultra-processed food targets bone quality via endochondral ossification — Nature

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For our right to know,
Carey, Gary, Sai, Stacy

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