Spycops Campaign Update, 27 April 2021

27 April 2021 — SpyCops

It’s an epic week in the spycops campaign, we’re flat out trying to keep up with it. You wait years for a court hearing and then two come along at once.


The Undercover Policing Inquiry is having another round of hearings, covering Special Demonstration Squad undercover officers 1973-82. We’ve already seen some shocking details in the vintage police documents that have been released, and there’s surely more to come as the witnesses get questioned over the next three weeks.

We’ve learned that a third of them are known to have had intimate relationships with women they spied on (two of them apparently having children with them). It was the time when they started stealing dead children’s identities as the basis for their fake ID. Every single one of the officers in this era held an official post in the organisations they infiltrated, often rising to the very top before sabotaging (actually there was one exception, because he was infiltrating anarchists who didn’t have elected positions!).

We’re live tweeting every day, and posting daily and weekly reports on our website.

Here’s the weekly report from last week, which was three days of opening statements with police and victims responding to the newly released old documents.



We’ve learned that not only did they spy on the Blair Peach justice campaign, they attended his funeral, and had photos taken of mourners. We’ve also learned that both Blair and his partner Celia were spied on before Blair was killed.

Across London at the Royal Courts of Justice, Kate Wilson – an activist who was deceived into a relationship by undercover officer Mark Kennedy – is reaching the culmination of her ten-year legal action against the Met. The extraordinary hearing at of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal has already had the police admit they violated her human rights, including Article 3, the right to freedom from torture, inhuman or degradiing treatment. That’s an absolute right that no circumstances can justify breaching. So the police have admitted the relationship was unlawful. Kate is pushing for information about how far up the chain of command knowledge went.

Her case started last week and will end in the next day or two.

Here’s our summary of last week’s part of the hearing. We’ll do a follow up when the hearing is over.



The public inquiry was due to have its next hearings in the summer, dealing with managers from the first 14 years of the Special Demonstration Squad, 1968-82. However, they’ve just added another delay, and we won’t be having those hearings until next year. It’ absolutely infuriating, not just because the whole thing was originally scheduled to finish in 2018, but because they refuse to let us see the documents until just before the hearings they apply to. Everyone in the spycops files should be given access to the documents about them. It’s that simple.

You can follow the live tweets on our Twitter, or keep and eye on our site for the reports, and please talk to people about it. For a scandal that’s been going over 10 years, it’s amazing how many people haven’t heard of it. https://twitter.com/copscampaign https://www.facebook.com/campaignopposingpolicesurveillance http://campaignopposingpolicesurveillance.com/

We’ll send you the weekly report links in an email like this (we’re presuming sending you the dailies might feel a bit like spam).

Thanks for your continued support.

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