IRR News 30 April 2021: Playing the Refugee Convention

30 April 2021 — Institute of Race Relations

The ‘new plan for immigration’ and why we need to respond

IRR News: Informing the struggle for racial justice

With the public consultation closing on 6 May, it is vital to respond and to call out the illegality, impracticality and immorality of the asylum proposals in the government’s ‘new plan for immigration’.

Examining its legal and human rights implications for asylum, IRR Vice-Chair Frances Webber warns how the Plan exploits gaps in the Refugee Convention, poses a threat to children’s rights and welfare, illegally withholds rights from those recognised as refugees, and seeks to ‘offshore’ asylum seekers to remote British territories.

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Alongside 192 other organisations, the IRR has signed an Open Lettercoordinated by Refugee Action, condemning the new plan and exposing the confusing consultation that is only available in English and Welsh and does not seek the views of refugees and people seeking asylum – a process reminiscent of the recent Sewell report.

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The IRR is supporting an important meeting on Tuesday 4 May at 6pm alongside Migrants Organise, Asylum Matters and Leeds Anti Raids Action. The event will provide people with a step-by-step walkthrough on how to completethe consultation for the new plan for immigration, in order to challenge these regressive proposals. IRR Vice-Chair Frances Webber will be speaking at the meeting which will be held on Zoom.

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