Gaza/Palestine News Links 24-25 May 2021

25 May 2021 — The New Dark Age

Israel’s Pyrrhic victory in Gaza, Netanyahu is real winner

Hezbollah: Powerless Against Gaza, Israel is Doomed to Disappear

EU States Combined to Force Down Snowden Flight

Why the Overton Window has Suddenly Shifted on Israel-Palestine

Israeli police ‘neutralize’ assailant who stabbed two in East Jerusalem (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Plight of Palestinians in an Unequal Fight

Watch John Pilger: Palestine Has The Right to Resist!

The US Isn’t An Israel Puppet, Israel Isn’t A US Puppet

Watch Panel Discussion: Israeli Intelligence Colludes with Facebook, Google to Censor Palestinian Voices

In Al-Aqsa, Sheikh Jarrah and Rest of Palestine, Israeli Oppression Continues

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