UK Crony Capitalism: This is shocking

28 May 2021 — Good Law Project

Government gets a bona fide PPE offer from a would be supplier. The company has sourced the PPE, submitted a bid and passed through the technical checks. They’re close to signing on the dotted line. But at the eleventh hour they get dropped. Instead, Government buys the same thing from someone else. Someone who came in later but with close connections to Cabinet Ministers – and at an eye watering price.

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Gaza/Palestine News Links 27-28 May 2021

28 May 2021 — The New Dark Age

The Third Intifada. Israel’s Crimes. Palestine’s Wrath. Ray of Hope?

Birds of a Fascist Feather: Why Israel Is Aiding Colombia’s Crackdown on Protesters

Israel attacks, kills children amid broad crackdown
By Tamara Nassar on May 28, 2021 05:41 am
Killing of 17-year-old may amount to extrajudicial execution.

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Covid-19 Vaccines Lead to New Infections and Mortality: The Evidence is Overwhelming

27 May 2021 — — Global

By Gérard Delépine

This article by Dr Gérard Delépine was first published in French on our French language website

The English text below is an AI Translation with some minor edits by Global Research.

This article demonstrates unequivocally that mortality and morbidity has increased dramatically as a result of the vaccine. The incidence of Covid positive cases has also increased.

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Biden wants to remain engaged with Russia, China

28 May 2021 — Indian Punchline

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He (L) and USTR Katherine Tai held their first call after the latter’s Senate confirmation, May 26, 2021

Anyone who tried to divine the Russia policy of the Biden presidency out of the corpus of statements by current and prospective officials in the new administration would know by now that the range of instincts and perspectives contained in those statements did not really reflect or anticipate what was to happen — the upcoming summit meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16.

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⚠️ Covid passes = ID cards *on steroids*

28 May 2021 — Big Brother Watch

“None of us likes the idea of Covid certification”

Not our words, the words of Michael Gove…

Yesterday he appeared in front of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee to receive a grilling on Covid passes. To say that it made for awkward viewing would be putting it politely!

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Secret Documents Expose British Cloak and Dagger Activities in Lebanon

22 May, 2021 — CovertAction Magazine

By Kit Klarenberg

A Lebanese anti-government protester, wrapped in a national flag, stands in front of a road blocked with burning tyres and overturned rubbish bins (14 January 2020)Man with Lebanese flag surveys wreckage from protests that gripped Beirut earlier this year. [Source:]

Classified UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) documents released by hacktivist collective Anonymous raise serious questions about London’s cloak-and-dagger activities in Lebanon, and whether they may have led to the ouster of the country’s government.

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