The Warnings Are Clear: Vaccinating Kids for COVID Is a Dangerous Gamble

22 May 2021 — The Defender

Pharma and government health officials are luring parents and teens into getting the vaccine by promising a return to social events and normal life — while ignoring potential harms and the “miniscule” risk COVID poses to children.

By Children’s Health Defense Team

A decade ago, Ohio researchers bemoaned the difficulty of recruiting children for clinical trials. In the article, “Pediatric Drug-Trial Recruitment: Enticement Without Coercion,” published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers identified barriers such as “the challenge of determining appropriate payments for participation that are not coercive,” “the need to obtain consent from parents” and “ethical concerns.”

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The US Isn’t An Israel Puppet, Israel Isn’t A US Puppet: It’s One Empire

23 May 2021 — Caitlin Johnson

An estimated 200,000 marched in Hyde Park in support of Palestine in London on the 22 May 2021

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Nearly 200,000 protesters attended a pro-Palestine demonstration in Central London on Saturday afternoon, another clear sign that support for Palestinian rights is becoming increasingly mainstream and the imperialists are losing control of the Israel narrative.

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Gaza Palestine News Links 22-23 May 2021

23 May 2021 • 20:00 — The New Dark Age

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Israel’s Model For Genocide Is At Play Wherever Else Washington Seeks To Destroy Nations

Dear President Biden: End Your Co-Belligerent Backing of Israeli War Crimes, by Ralph Nader

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