Gaza/Palestine News Links 1-5 June 2021

5 June 2021 — The New Dark Age

The Wind of Change Reached Israel

Israel’s new government will deepen rifts, not heal them

Activists Aim To Block Israeli Ships From US Ports In Solidarity With Palestinians

United Nations: Forced Expulsion Of Palestinians Violates Law

Over 35,000 People Rally For Palestine In DC

Tech giants help Israel muzzle Palestinians

United Palestinians Have Changed The Course Of History

The Fumbling King of Palestine: Palestinians are Defeating the Oslo Culture

Remember the Name:  Sheikh Jarrah

Black Agenda Report 2 June 2021

Chris Hedges, Max Blumenthall and Dan Cohen: Killing Gaza: A New Documentary on Palestinians Under Siege

After Gaza Slaughter, Israel Wants Another $1 Billion Out of the US

Hamas’ Leader in Gaza: ‘All our thanks goes to Iran for its total support’

Are Big Donors Neutralizing Peace Movement Activism?

Why Joe Biden Wouldn’t Change the US-Israel Ties

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