Anti-Anti-Imperialism: Gilbert Achcar’s Leftist Imperialism with Caveats

2 June 2021 — Mint Press News

J0JP0T Portrait of Gilbert Achcar at his publisher Actes Sud place 02/02/2017 ©Philippe MATSAS

      Opinion & Analysis

Behind Achcar’s leftish rhetoric is a flawed belief that somehow the imperialist actions of the U.S. and its allies may be truly humanitarian.

by Roger D. Harris

NEW YORK — Academic Gilbert Achcar, in an article appearing originally in The Nation and picked up by New Politics, proves by his own example that what he calls “progressive democratic anti-imperialists” are not progressive. Rather, they serve to (1) legitimize reaction, and (2) obscure the singular role of U.S. imperialism, while (3) attacking progressive voices. Such anti-anti-imperialism provides left cover for the foreign policy of the U.S. as well as the U.K., where Achcar is based.

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