“Viruses of Mass Destruction”

6 June 2021 — theplanningmotivedotcom

The war of words between China and the USA took a turn for the worst, when the neo-con loaded Biden Administration tasked the CIA with the verification of the origins of the Covid virus by insinuating it could have escaped from a Chinese laboratory where it had been modified. This is not a question of science but of politics. Its not about whether or not this is a laboratory caused pandemic, but of demonising China one way or the other. That is what the CIA does, it is both a spying agency and an agent-provocateur, one which tends to find causes celebre to justify war. 


UK gene editing public consultation announcement expected mid-June

3 June 2021 — GMWatch

Burnt ToastChange in law could speed commercialisation of GM wheat for people who can’t “use a toaster properly”

This month the UK government is expected to follow through on Boris Johnson’s promise to “liberate the UK’s extraordinary bioscience sector from anti–genetic modification rules” by removing safety checks and (probably) GMO labelling and traceability from some crops and livestock made with experimental new genetic engineering techniques.

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