NATO Proclamation at Annual Summit Threatens the Peace

17  June 2021 — CovertAction Magazine

By John Quigley

Rethinking NATO Article 5: Challenges to Collective Security in the Cyber EraNATO headquarters in Brussels. [Source:]

Space Attacks and Cyber Attacks Could Now Trigger Military Intervention Under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty

The NATO proclamation—promoted at its annual summit this week—that a cyber attack could trigger Article 5 of the NATO treaty heightens the risk of military confrontation with Russia or China.

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Takeaways from Biden-Putin summit

17 June 2021 — Indian Punchline


Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and US President Joe Biden shake hands before their summit in Geneva, June 16, 2021

On the diplomatic stage, there is nothing to beat Russian-American summits in sheer theatrics. When the leaders of the two most powerful nuclear powers on earth sit face to face, anything can happen.

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Institute of Race Relations 17 June 2021: Abolition – a roadmap to the future?

17 June 2021 — — Origin: Institute of Race Relations

This week we draw attention to a new article by Liz Fekete, Looking Back to Look Forward: imagining a world without state violence, published by the Stuart Hall Foundation as part of their Imagined Futures series. At a time when social movements are coming together in collective opposition to laws that exclude and dehumanise, the IRR’s director shows how the abolitionist arguments they draw on are rooted in history.

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Solidarity with Resistance to Extraction

13 June 2021 — The New Dark Age

by Don Fitz and the Green Party of St. Louis


People the world over are opposing fossil fuel extraction in an incalculable number of ways. It is now clear that burning fossil fuels threatens millions of Life forms and could be laying the foundation for the extermination of Humanity. But what about “alternative” energy? As progressives stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those rejecting fossil fuels and nuclear power, should we despise, ignore, or commend those who challenge the menace to their homes and their communities from solar, wind and hydro-power (dams)? The Green Party of St. Louis/Gateway Green Alliance gave its answer with unanimous approval of a version of the statement below in May, 2021.

* * * * * * *

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Resisting Water Privatization in Europe: Key Reasons for Success

16 June 2021 — Socialist Project

In the wake of the global financial crisis, water services have come under renewed neoliberal assault across Europe. At the same time, the struggle against water privatization has continued to pick up pace; from the re-municipalization of water in Grenoble in 2000, to the United Nations declaration of water as a human right in 2010.

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The Kisan [Farmers’] Commune in India: The Twenty-Fourth Newsletter (2021)

17 June 2021 — Tricontinental

13052021 11x172 new Recovered 1Women farmers from Punjab and Haryana protest at the Tikri border in Delhi, 24 January 2021.

Dear friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

On 26 June 2021, tens of thousands of Indian farmers will gather in front of the government offices in India’s twenty-eight states. They will come to commemorate the completion of seven months of their nation-wide protest against the extreme right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This gathering will be part of a long cycle of protests that started on 26 November 2020 as part of a day-long general strike of 250 million Indian workers and peasants. Since November, tens of thousands of farmers, or kisans, have surrounded India’s capital, New Delhi, forming a Kisan [Farmers’] Commune. This Commune came to being 150 years after the Paris Commune, out of whose defeat, Marx wrote, would rise the next experiment with socialist democracy. The Kisan Commune, standing alongside Venezuela’s comunas and South Africa’s land occupations, is one such experiment.

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Morning Star – Met Police ‘misrepresented Covid rules’ against protesters

16 June 2021 — Big Brother Watch

Big Brother Watch Team / June 15, 2021

London’s Metropolitan Police have been accused of ‘misrepresenting Covid rules’ after warning that protesting is against the law.

The Met posted a message on social media on Monday warning anti-lockdown protesters that gatherings above 30 people are illegal.

Madeleine Stone said: “Police forces across the country have consistently misrepresented Covid rules and regulations, leading to unprecedented numbers of unlawful fines and prosecutions.

“It is staggering that the Met Police continue to mislead the public about their right to protest.

“This is policing untethered from the law, and it poses a grave threat to our rights and our democracy.”

Morning Star – Met Police still ‘misusing’ Covid powers against protesters, campaigners charge