How US govt-funded media fueled a violent coup in Nicaragua

21 June 2021 — The Grayzone

US govt funds coup media

and ·June 12, 2021


Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton investigate how the United States funded violent far-right groups and media outlets that published fake news to fuel a 2018 coup attempt against Nicaragua’s Sandinista government.

(Puede leer o ver este informe en español aquí.)

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UK Crony Capitalism: They didn’t want to reveal these names

21 June 2021 — GoodLaw Project

Good Law Project is now able to reveal the names of six more companies awarded PPE contracts through the controversial ’VIP’ fast-track lane for associates of ministers and advisers. These six firms landed nearly half a billion pounds of public contracts – all without competition – and were uncovered in documents prised from Government in the course of our litigation:
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Fizz is gone from Biden-Putin summit

21 June 2021 — Indian Punchline


The US National security adviser Jake Sullivan listens to President Joe Biden speak during a news conference after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Wednesday, June 16, 2021, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The morning after a Russian-American summit is most critical to know whether the previous day’s bonhomie was real, surreal or unreal. Surveying the Geneva Summit (June 16) between presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, I cautiously assessed the next day,

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