The Spirit of Carabobo Will Overcome the Stench of Monroe: The Twenty-Fifth Newsletter (2021)

24 June 2021 — Tricontinental

Kael Abello Utopix Venezuela Batalla de Carabobo Battle of Carabobo 2021Kael Abello, Utopix (Venezuela), Batalla de Carabobo (‘Battle of Carabobo’), 2021.

Dear friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, this week from Carabobo, Venezuela.

Two hundred years ago, on 24 June 1821, the forces of Simón Bolívar trounced the Spanish royalists at the Battle of Carabobo, a few hundred kilometres west of Caracas, Venezuela. Five days later, Bolívar entered Caracas in triumph; the Spanish fortresses of Cartagena and Puerto Cabello had been seized by the Liberator’s armies, making a return to power for Spain impossible. In Cúcuta, a congress assembled to draft a new constitution and to elect Bolívar as the president.

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Toxic Corporations Are Destroying the Planet’s Soil

24 June 2021 — Global Research

By Colin Todhunter

A newly published analysis in the journal Frontiers in Environmental Science argues that a toxic soup of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides is causing havoc beneath fields covered in corn, soybeans, wheat and other monoculture crops. The research is the most comprehensive review ever conducted on how pesticides affect soil health.

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Israel’s night raids on Palestinian families aren’t over, whatever the courts say

23 June 2021 — Jonathan Cook

Masked soldiers will still terrorise Palestinian children in the middle of the night, but new military jargon will hide the true purpose

Middle East Eye – 23 June 2021

The videos are all over YouTube. Masked Israeli soldiers storm a Palestinian family’s home in the middle of the night. Parents, dressed in nightwear, are suddenly surrounded by heavily armed men in balaclavas.

Young children are forced awake. With a mix of bleary-eyed confusion and fear, they are made to answer questions posed to them in broken Arabic by these faceless, armed strangers. They are lined up in one room while the soldiers take photographs of them holding their identity cards. And then, just as suddenly as they arrived, the masked men disappear into the night.

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Corporate Watch: 18,000 new prison places coming soon

24 June 2021 — Corporate Watch

In this newsletter:

New mega-prison in Lancashire – Deportation Drive – Glasgow Housing Association rent hikes – Resistance to dams in Georgia 

New mega-prison in Lancashire

The government has announced plans to build a new mega prison in Chorley, Lancashire. It will be huge, locking up more than 1715 people. It is part of a wave of prison expansion which has been reported on by Corporate Watch since 2017.  It is part of the government’s ‘New Prisons Programme‘, where they are spending £4 billion to create 18,000 additional prison places by the mid 2020s. Campaigners are asking people to object to the prison. Read more here:
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Nicaragua’s Benedict Arnolds – political opposition as organized crime

24 June 2021 — MROnline

Nicaragua's Benedict Arnolds – political opposition as organized crime

Originally published: Nicaragua’s Benedict Arnolds – political opposition as organized crime by Stephen Sefton and Tortilla con Sal (June 17, 2021 )

Ever since they lost badly in the 2011 elections to the Frente Sandinista, Nicaragua’s political opposition has divided into conventional political parties working in the country’s legislature and an extra-parliamentary opposition based in local NGOs. The U.S. government, in particular, gave up supporting Nicaragua’s opposition political parties financially so as to focus on consolidating an opposition bloc exploiting the figure of “civil society” but excluding the country’s main labor and rural workers’ organizations and the cooperative movement. The member organizations of this exclusive, bogus civil society were all financed either directly by the U.S. and allied governments or indirectly via foreign corporate and state-funded foundations.

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The world says no to the blockade of Cuba

23 June 2021 — Peoples Dispatch

In today’s historic UN General Assembly vote, 184 supported ending the US blockade of Cuba and only the United States and Israel voted against

by Rosa Miriam Elizalde

Cuba won another diplomatic victory in the General Assembly of the United Nations this Wednesday against the government of the United States. The majority of countries (184) voted in favor of the resolution which calls for the lifting of the blockade against Cuba. The resolution has been brought to the UN every year since 1992, except in 2020 when the government of Havana was unable to present it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This victory is a reminder of the Cuban people’s long wait for an act of justice that can rectify the worrying situation, which is a mix of the abuse of authority, the disproportionate use of violence, and the very specific intention to “destroy, totally or in part, a national, ethnic or racial group, in its totality,” the UN’s definition of genocide in its 1948 Convention.

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Warmongering British Actions in the Black Sea

24 June 2021 — Craig Murray

The pre-positioning of the BBC correspondent on HMS Defender shatters the pretence that the BBC is something different to a state propaganda broadcaster. It also makes plain that this propaganda exercise to provoke the Russian military was calculated and deliberate. Indeed that was confirmed by that BBC correspondent’s TV news report last night when he broadcast that the Defender’s route “had been approved at the very highest levels of the British government.”

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10 reasons why climate activists should not support nuclear

23 June 2021 — Origin: Climate & Capitalism

False Solutions

The world needs safe, non-exploitive technologies. Nuclear doesn’t qualify

Simon Butler is co-author, with Ian Angus, of Too Many People? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis. He lives in Scotland.

by Simon Butler

In a recent Guardian article, Jacobin magazine’s founding editor Bhaskar Sunkara declared that “If we want to fight the climate crisis, we must embrace nuclear power.” He praised nuclear as a clean and reliable and suggested that opponents of nuclear power are either gripped by “paranoia … rooted in cold war associations” or are relying on “outdated information.”

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1% own 45% of the world’s personal wealth while nearly 3bn people have little or no wealth at all

24 June 2021 — Michael Roberts Blog

Just 56m or 1% of adults out of 5.3bn globally are millionaires in net wealth terms.  And they own 45% of all global personal wealth.  The other 99% own the rest and there are nearly 3bn people in the world that have little or no wealth at all (after debts are deducted).

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WHO: ‘Children Should Not Be Vaccinated for the Moment’

22 June 2021 — The Defender

UPDATE 23 June 2021:

WHO Scrubs ‘Children Should Not Be Vaccinated’ Statement From Website

In updated guidance, the World Health Organization said children have milder disease compared to adults and there is not enough evidence to recommend vaccinating children against COVID.

By Megan Redshaw

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