UK: Freedom’s coming home – we’re winning…

3 July 2021 — Big Brother Watch

We have a lot to catch up on… Let’s start with some good news.

Covid Passes could be on the way out!

Multiple reports suggest that venues will be able to reopen from July 19 aka ‘Freedom Day’ without you having to produce unnecessary and deeply unfair Covid Passes.

The weekend has arrived, read the headlines below and give yourself a pat on the back because there’s no doubt that our community is gradually forcing them out!

*Sorry to kill the mood but now time for the serious stuff*

Major ongoing sporting events are using Covid Passes right now and we are *urgently* corresponding with the Government via our legal team to question the legality of the trials. A few weeks ago we wrote to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport questioning the legal basis for the vaccine data collection, citing multiple apparent failures in their privacy policy.

An official announcement on Covid Passes could be coming within days. Whatever the decision is, we won’t stop campaigning against them until they are in the history books!

This is what people attending Wimbledon have to wear

The Government wants to stop you from protesting.

If next week couldn’t be gripping enough already, MPs will be debating the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill on Monday. This draconian Bill wants to silence activists like you and I by creating 10-year sentences for protests that risk “annoyance”, “inconvenience” or “disease”, putting our protest rights on lockdown for good.

The Bill would introduce curbs on “noisy” protests and even place limitations on one-person protests. The right to protest is at the heart of any democracy and no matter what your political beliefs are, no one can accept being silenced like this.

Read our briefing to MPs ahead of Monday’s debate here.

Essential weekend read:

Our legal and policy officer Mark Johnson has penned a first-class piece in The Critic on the concerning Online Safety Bill.

“With definitions this broad, the legislation will force social media companies to censor any content which is even mildly controversial. This is a disaster for freedom of speech.”

Have a read and let us know what you think about it.

We’ve been working nonstop to retain our civil liberties during a time where so much freedom has been taken away from us.

If you want to help us with our campaigns, join us today and become a part of the Big Brother Watch community. We need freedom fighters just like you!

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