Part 1 – Afghanistan News Links 24-28 August 2021

28 August 2021 — The New Dark Age

‘Accountability to the People of Afghanistan Should Remain Our Focal Point’

Taliban orders Kabul residents to hand over weapons, ammo & ‘state property’

‘So Much of This War Has Got Almost Nothing to Do With the Afghans Themselves’

‘Please Go On’ with new conflicts: Washington war hawk John Bolton calls for pressure on Pakistan amid Afghanistan disaster

The Unknown Leader Of The New Taliban

Chaos, tears, and stampede: Witness of Kabul airport blast tells RT what he saw as he was trying to save his family members

Panjshir resistance is two guys who want war to continue, Taliban spokesman tells Russian media, dismissing tribal militia threat

Political Future of Biden, Taliban Depends on What Happens to Afghans

Video: Taliban Forming Government, Steadily Consolidating Power

Spain’s evacuation of Afghanistan ends, diplomatic staff removed to Dubai, almost 2,000 Afghans flown to safety

Taliban claims at least 28 of its members killed in Kabul blasts, vows to step up security but no deadline extension

Decline and Fall of the US Empire: Lawrence Wilkerson Discusses Afghanistan Pull-Out

Additional explosions heard in Kabul were controlled demolition of ammo by US forces, not further attacks – Taliban

‘All soldiers flown out’: Germany ends evacuation operation in Afghanistan

ISIS claims responsibility for deadly blasts outside Kabul airport

THIRD EXPLOSION heard from direction of Kabul airport – RT correspondent

Macron ‘cannot guarantee’ evacuation of French citizens waiting aboard 20 buses in Kabul after dual explosions near airport

Here’s what we know about ISIS-K, the splinter jihadist group, which Biden warned was ‘seeking to target’ Kabul airport

Second blast confirmed at Kabul airport after French envoy warns civilians to leave area ‘urgently’

Dozens killed & injured, including Americans, after Pentagon confirms 2 EXPLOSIONS outside Kabul airport

The Taliban needs foreign help to eradicate opium trafficking, spokesman tells Russian media

Qatar offering Covid-19 shots to Afghan evacuees transiting through the country after rescuing over 40,000 people

Italian evacuation plane comes under fire as it takes off from Kabul – reports

We were the ones to warn NATO about potential terrorist plot targeting Kabul airport, Taliban spokesman tells Russian media

France will end Afghanistan evacuations on Friday evening ahead of full US withdrawal – PM Castex

Private flight leaves Kabul with nearly 300 EMPTY seats after passengers turned away by US & Taliban security – reports

Western media ‘complicit in hiding truth’ of Afghan war, allowing ‘extraordinary lie’ to last two decades – WikiLeaks’ Hrafnsson

“I Was Living Like Scarface”: The Ludicrous Costs of the War in Afghanistan Revealed in New Documents, Testimonies

Gun-wielding attacker killed by police after shooting spree leaves 4 dead near French Embassy in Tanzania (VIDEOS)

Germany will continue to help Afghans wanting to leave after August 31 despite Taliban warnings – Chancellor Merkel

Shots fired at Kabul airport as Taliban ward off crowds – RT VIDEO

‘US troops call it World War Z’: RT correspondent in Kabul airport describes ‘horrendous’ situation

Huge decline in Covid-19 vaccinations since Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, says UNICEF

Twitter sends blessings and curses to veteran Iranian diplomat Javad Zarif as he leaves office for academia

US VP Harris tells Vietnam to ‘raise pressure’ on Beijing, as Chinese media accuse Washington of sowing divisions in Asia

‘Not enough time to fly everyone out’ of Kabul by August 31, Maas says as 100 Germans & their families remain in Afghanistan

G7 has ‘huge leverage’ over Taliban & has agreed militant group must allow safe departures beyond August 31 – Boris Johnson

John Pilger: Afghanistan, The Great Game of Smashing Countries

Norway to shut Kabul airport field hospital amid worsening security situation

‘Urine, fecal matter, rats’: Leaked email describes squalid conditions facing Afghan refugees in Qatar

No Afghans will be let into Kabul airport, only foreigners – Taliban

EU completes evacuation of staff from Afghanistan, only ‘core presence’ remains in Kabul airport – European Commission

Taliban spokesman can’t confirm CIA chief met with group’s leader Baradar

Taliban has NOT AGREED extension to evacuation deadline, wants ALL foreign departures finished by August 31 – spokesman

Credible reports of Taliban executions in Afghanistan – UN human rights chief

WHO warns supplies in Afghanistan are a week away from running out

Afghan evacuee from Kabul detained for breaking house arrest in France after being surveilled due to Taliban links

Seoul eyes welcoming hundreds of stranded & allied Afghans, reluctant to see US fly in Afghan refugees to live at military bases

Ukrainian Plane Allegedly Hijacked In Afghanistan And Taken To Iran

‘It is all too familiar’: No matter what, US won’t get all ‘deserving’ Afghans out, journalist who witnessed fall of Saigon says

Media Rediscover Afghan Women Only When US Leaves

Putting The Taliban And Mustafa Kemal On Par: Mullah Omar And Ataturk Would Both Turn In Their Grave

Germans shot Afghan security guards at Kabul airport after unknown SNIPER opened fire – reports

Phyllis Bennis and Matthew Hoh on Afghanistan Withdrawal

U.S. Vengeance: Drone Strike Killed ISIS-K Member In Afghanistan – Pentagon

The Never Ending Lies About The War On Afghanistan

US Defeat In Afghanistan Is Opening A Pandora’s Box

In Video: Large US Supply Convoy Entered Northeastern Syria

The Neocons Speak: Afghanistan as Political Real Estate

Sweden ends Kabul evacuation missions as Stockholm acknowledges it couldn’t rescue everyone on its list

Pentagon says only ONE suicide bomber in Kabul airport attack

“I Was Living Like Scarface”: The Ludicrous Costs of the War in Afghanistan Revealed in New Documents, Testimonies

Will Ukraine Face the Same Abandonment after US Exit from Afghanistan?

The Neocons Speak: Afghanistan as Political Real Estate

The Media Myth of ‘Once Prosperous’ and Democratic Venezuela Before Chávez

China claps back at US Vice President Harris, criticizes Washington’s ‘selfish’ Afghanistan policy

Afghanistan No ‘Graveyard’ for US/EU/NATO Axis of Domination

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