Part 2 – Afghanistan News Links 24-28 August 2021

28 August 2021 •  20:00 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Here comes China: Afghanistan, 7 Deadly Sins, Space, Common Prosperity

Taliban Takeover Alarms The Gulf

What Does The U.S. Afghanistan Pullout Mean?

The Foreign Policy Borg And The Retreat From Afghanistan – by Michael Brenner

Part 1 – Afghanistan News Links 24-28 August 2021

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (IX)

Who profits from the Kabul suicide bombing?

Pentagon Claims Two High-Profile ISIS Planners Killed In Drone Strike In Afghanistan, Refusing To Release Their Names

Nuclear Deal, Afghanistan & U.S. Wolves: Khamenei’s First Speech To New Iranian Government

Why I Deserted: Dissident Joe Glenton on the Futility of the Afghan War and “War on Terror”

Czech PM says Schengen not working, urges inclusion of Balkan states to protect Europe from illegal migrants

Iran can respond to America’s ‘other options’, top official replies after Biden says he’s ready to act should diplomacy fail

Military Situation In Afghanistan On August 28, 2021 (Map Update)

Biden Must Stay

Civilians were allegedly shot & killed by US forces during Kabul airport bombing mayhem, eyewitnesses tell BBC

4 years will go fast, don’t waste time of Iranian people, Khamenei tells new cabinet at first formal meeting

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (VIII)

As A Last Resort U.S. Finally Does the Right Thing: Turns Tail and Runs From Afghanistan

The Dimona Meltdown and America’s Afghanistan Debacle

The ‘War On Terror’ Scam Continues

Reflections on Events in Afghanistan -8

John Pilger: Afghanistan, The Great Game of Smashing Countries

Chris Hedges and Danny Sjursen: A Soldier’s View On Afghanistan

Extreme Of Double Standards By EU

Further US Hostility Against The Taliban

The Neocons Speak: Afghanistan as Political Real Estate

Mercenaries in U.S. borders: a sign of a rapidly declining empire

The Neocons Speak: Afghanistan As Political Real Estate

Niall Ferguson Has No Idea.

The Calm before the Storm: the World Will Soon be Overwhelmed by Afghan Refugees

Afghanistan: Chinese Reconstruction vs. US Sanctions

Will Afghanistan turn out to be US imperialism’s “Last Gleaming”?

Afghanistan: The Abomination of “White Man’s Burden” and Fake Feminist Narratives

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (VII)

The Hunger Pandemic and Global Food Security

US was the One That Ultimately Armed the Taliban

After Afghanistan, the US Eyes China

War: Ever More Present and Absent, by David Swanson

Who is Responsible for the Collapse of Washington’s Afghan policy?

Seven Lies About Afghanistan

U.S. Empire Reacts To Its Loss In Afghanistan By Sowing Further Global Chaos & Brutality

US Huawei Claims Regarding Pakistan: A Perfect Propaganda Storm

For Those Who Care.

“US goal is an endless war, not a successful war” – WikiLeaks Co-founder Julian Assange

The Myths of Empire and the Real Message of Dune, by Kenn Orphan

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (VI)

America’s Original Sin in Post-9/11 Afghanistan

Reflections on Events in Afghanistan-7

Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (V)

U.S. Military Bases Around the World: At What Cost?

US Alliance-imposed Afghan Holocaust

Afghanistan: The Great Game of Smashing Countries

As Kabul Is Retaken, Papers Look Back In Erasure

US Removal from Afghanistan is Only Part of the Solution to the Region’s Problems

Iran’s SCO Membership: Implications for the JCPOA Revival

China’s Place in the Current Host of Issues around Afghanistan

America’s Merchants Of Death Then — And Now

Afghanistan & the American imperial Project–Audio Follow up

The Peace Movement Must Press For Diplomacy, Not More War, In Afghanistan

Afghanistan News Links 22-23 August 2021

Afghanistan No ‘Graveyard’ for U.S./EU/NATO Axis of Domination

The Afghan Holocaust

BBC Coverage (for what it’s worth)

I must say that the BBC’s ‘news’ coverage is shallow and largely inconsequential with its focus mostly on the ‘human interest’ aspects of the ongoing tragedy. There’s only 1 ‘analysis’ piece in this list of 4- days-worth of the BBC News Website’s stories.

Wrexham man’s anguish over family stuck in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: UK’s Kabul evacuation ends today, says military

Afghanistan: US says drone strike killed IS-K planner

The Papers: Brits die in Kabul and US prepares to strike back

Afghanistan: Ministers try to reassure MPs over missed evacuees

Afghanistan: US to continue Kabul evacuations ‘until last moment’

Afghanistan: Shukria Barakzai’s whispered voice notes and dramatic escape

Afghanistan: How do the Taliban make money?

Afghanistan: Boris Johnson vows to help those left behind

Afghanistan crisis: BBC News Special

Afghanistan: Pen Farthing through Kabul airport security with animals

Afghanistan: British nationals killed in Kabul airport attack

Afghanistan airport attack: Who are IS-K?

Afghanistan interpreter: Getting plane out was ‘happiest moment of my life’

Afghanistan: Why can’t the UK hold Kabul airport without the US?

The Papers: ‘Bloodbath at Kabul airport’

Afghanistan’s Uyghurs fear the Taliban, and now China too

Young Afghan mayor who fled Taliban hidden in car

Afghanistan: The ‘undefeated’ Panjshir Valley – an hour from Kabul

Afghanistan: ‘The pain of watching my country burn from afar’

Aryana Sayeed: Afghanistan returns to miserable time for women

Afghanistan’s economy in crisis after Taliban take-over

Tokyo Paralympics: Jaco van Gass – from injury in Afghanistan to Paralympic champion

Afghanistan: The Sandhurst sisterhood trying to save Afghans

Afghanistan: How much opium is produced and what’s the Taliban’s record?

Afghanistan chaos: The British families in limbo

Extension of Afghanistan evacuation deadline unlikely, says Wallace

Afghanistan: US under pressure over evacuation deadline

The Papers: Kabul airlift deadline amid Taliban ‘red line’

Afghanistan: US aims to complete evacuations by deadline

Afghanistan: Person on no-fly list flown to UK during Kabul evacuation

Afghanistan: Foreign troops extension ‘a clear violation’ – Taliban

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