COP26 News Links 9-10 November 2021

10 November 2021 — The New Dark Age

Iran links ‘economic terrorism’ to global warming

The Most Basic of All Human Rights: Clean Water

Macron goes nuclear to protect France’s energy independence in green future

Doctor diagnoses elderly woman with a case of ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’

The Sponsors of COP26 Are Behind the Corporate Greenwashing Agenda

Obama makes geographical blunder at COP26 in Glasgow

COP26 climate summit ends in failure

‘Golden’ steak mystery: Facebook can’t explain block of viral hashtag

COP26: Greening Finance?, by Thierry Meyssan

Disastrous Сlimate Сonsequences for Africa and the Glasgow Conference

The Inside Story of Building the Ecosocialist Alliance

BBC ‘News’ Coverage

COP26: Draft deal calls for stronger carbon cutting targets by end of 2022

COP26: PM calls on nations to pull out the stops as draft agreement published

COP26: PM’s summit plea and axing trees to save water

My Day at COP26: ‘It’s like a never-ending airport terminal’

COP26: World headed for 2.4C warming despite climate summit – report

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