Black Agenda Report 8 December 2021

8 December, 2021 — Black Agenda Report

Democratic Party Betrayal, Abortion, and the Supreme Court
Democrats have been fooled into thinking that only the courts can protect abortion rights. In fact, legislation could protect abortion permanently, but their party has refused to do that. Now that SCOTUS control is lost because of their corruption and betrayals, they continue to spin lies that bamboozle the party faithful.

People Centered Human Rights and the Black Radical Tradition
The West’s fiction of “human rights” has been weaponized by neoliberals to rationalize naked imperialist interventions. But if human rights are to have any relevance for the oppressed, they must be “de-colonized” and given meaning by the oppressed themselves: a People(s)-Centered Human Rights (PCHR).

EDITORIAL: Poor Women: Pawns in the Abortion Controversy, The Black Panther, 1980
A 1980 editorial in The Black Panther argues that the war against abortion is a bi-partisan war against poor women.

Enes Kanter’s Name Change and the Pathology of American Exceptionalism
NBA star Enes Kanter embodies the dangers of American exceptionalism rhetoric. Support for oppression around the world is always the end result of this pernicious belief system.

US Still Strong Arming “Democracy” Onto Libya
The Western imperialist forces responsible for the overthrow and assassination of Muammar Gaddafi, as well as the destruction of Libya, are now trying to force elections and so-called “democracy” onto the country.

BAR Book Forum: Jennifer S. Ponce de León’s “Another Aesthetics Is Possible”
In this series, we ask acclaimed authors to answer five questions about their book. This week’s featured author is Jennifer S. Ponce de León . Ponce de León is Associate Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. Her book is Another Aesthetics Is Possible: Arts of Rebellion in the Fourth World War.

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns Trial of Black Activist Dedan Waciuri as a Violation of Human Rights
The state targets Black activists who exercise their right to speak and assemble freely. On December 7 the Pitt County, North Carolina prosecutor again continued the case against Dedan Waciuri. He was criminally charged after protesting against police brutality and for the rights of Black people living in Greenville, North Carolina.

A Litmus Test for Democracy? Democratic Deficits at the Summit for Democracy
Joe Biden’s democracy summit is an opportunity to define an important but misused word. Even cursory analysis proves that the United States is one of the least democratic nations in the world.

Frantz Fanon Lives! 60 Years After His Death, Fanon’s Ideas Remain the Weapons of the Oppressed
The work of Frantz Fanon guides anti-imperialist thought and action 60 years after his death.

Crying at the Centro Fidel Castro Ruz
The Cuban Revolution is a touch stone for all anti-imperialists. A visit to Cuba and a museum dedicated to the life of Fidel Castro inspired one visitor and renewed his commitment to defend that nation and to make real the revolutionary change that is needed in the U.S.

Backed by AFRICOM, Corporations Plunder DR Congo for “Climate-Friendly” Materials and Blame China
Mineral riches bring great power rivalry and resource wars to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The United States was and is at the center of violence and exploitation, even as it accuses China of wrongdoing in the region.

The American Prison System’s War on Reading
Incarcerated people are banned from reading books with themes of Black liberation or leftist content. Now the profit motive is the rationale for preventing individuals or charitable organizations from donating books. For profit companies make money on people forced to work for little or nothing. The prison industrial complex is alive and well.

Moroccans Protest Normalization of Ties with Israel
Governments choose to make deals that often do not reflect the wishes of the people. Normalization of relations with Israel elicited protests in Morocco, the latest state to act against the interests of its citizens.

Barbados: the Long Road to the Republic
The nation of Barbados recently became a republic, severing its ties with the British crown. The road to independence began years earlier as part a wider Caribbean movement.

AFRICOM, the US Africa Command, Tool of U.S. Global Hegemony
The U.S. Africa Command, AFRICOM, is a tool of destabilization for the US/EU/NATO axis of domination. Their methods are not restricted to the African continent, but bring disruption to the diaspora as well.

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