No to Covid Passes

10 December 2021 — Big Brother Watch


Tomorrow, Saturday 11th December, we’re staging an urgent protest against Boris Johnson’s plans for mandatory Covid passports on Parliament Squareat 12pm.

The time to stand up and be counted is now.



Stand up and be counted – join us tomorrow at midday on Parliament Square for this vital show of resistance. Check out our Twitter feed for updates, or our newly launched Telegram channel.

If you can’t make it to London, consider holding a demonstration or putting signs up in your local area.

2. Spread the word!

Please tell everyone about the protest, and to email their representatives! Spread the word far and wide, now.

3. Email your MP

MPs will vote on vaccine passports for England this Tuesday, before they are expected to come into force on Wednesday. That is why we need to act urgently.

Meanwhile, representatives in Northern Ireland will vote on vaccine passports on Monday.

Use our quick and easy email tool to tell your representative we say NO to Covid IDs.

Don’t just get angry, get organised

We’re outraged that Johnson is attempting to impose Covid IDs – despite the fact it has totally failed to improve public health or vaccine uptake in Scotland, Wales, and everywhere else it has been imposed.

They lied to us about vaccine passports time and time again. Just like they lied about Downing Street parties, whilst we were all forced into lockdown – and then laughed about it.

It’s one rule for them, and plenty of very different rules for everyone else.

Despite this, Johnson had the audacity to tell us that Britain must have a ‘conversation’ about mandatory vaccines. He should be on the world stage discouraging countries from such draconian policies, not joining in!

A slippery slope is ahead. So if Covid passes get through Parliament on Tuesday, we’ll seek to urgently take legal action to stop the scheme.

As you know, thanks to your incredible support, we’ve started legal action against the Welsh government’s Covid pass scheme. We’ll update you as soon as we’re allowed to, but I can say this much: if any evidence existed that Covid passes have benefitted public health in Wales, the government isn’t willing to provide it – even when faced with a legal challenge…

Never give up

These are incredibly trying times – but the harder it gets, the stronger we become. Whatever we do, we must never give up.

See you tomorrow on Parliament Square.

Thank you for taking action at this critical time,


Silkie Carlo
Director of Big Brother Watch

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