Is Israel’s Operation Persia Underway?

Wednesday, 29 December 2021 — Internationalist 360°

Germán Gorraiz López

The successive Israeli military offensives against Gaza and the West Bank have always been protected by the “vortex of silence” of the main world mass media controlled by the transnational Israeli lobby, a theory formulated by the German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann in her book “The Vortex of Silence. Public Opinion: Our Social Skin” (1977). This thesis would symbolize “the formula of cognitive overlapping that institutes censorship through a deliberate and suffocating accumulation of messages of a single signature”, thus producing a spiral process or positive feedback loop and the consequent manipulation of world public opinion by the transnational Israeli lobby (Israel’s right to defend itself).

Former President Jimmy Carter, who went down in history by achieving the historic Camp David agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1979, in his book ‘Palestine, Peace not Apartheid’, Carter denounces the “apartheid system that Israel applies to the Palestinians”. Likewise, in the aforementioned book he denounces “Israel’s failure to comply with the commitments made in 2003 under the auspices of George W. Bush”, which included the demands for a total and permanent freeze on Jewish settler settlements in the West Bank as well as the right of return of the nearly 800,000 Palestinians who were forced to leave Israel after its constitution as a state in 1948 (nakba).

This road map was initially accepted by Israel and subsequently ratified by Olmert and Abbas at the Annapolis Summit (2007) with the demand to “put an end to the policy of building settlements in the West Bank and relax the military controls that constrict the daily life of the Palestinians to the point of paroxysm”, a dystopian situation that led the Jewish Civil Rights activist and Holocaust survivor Israel Shakak to state:

“The Nazis made me afraid to be a Jew and the Israelis make me ashamed to be a Jew”.

As early as 1938, the visionary Einstein warned of the dangers of an exclusionary Zionism when he stated “I would like a reasonable agreement to be reached with the Arabs on the basis of a peaceful life together, for it seems to me that this would be preferable to the creation of a Jewish State”, a thesis impossible to germinate in the 21st century given the non-existence on both sides of valid interlocutors to negotiate a lasting peace that would imply the mutual recognition of the States of Israel and Palestine.

However, the current Bennett government remains refractory to international appeals and continues with the systematic campaign of illegal settlements with the penultimate episode being the announcement of the creation of the new settlements of Asif and Matar with the confessed objective of “doubling the population of the Golan Heights” after receiving the blessings of both the Trump and Biden administrations. Israel has also reportedly sealed alliances with the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to form an entente against Iran because Bennett considers Iran “the world’s biggest exporter of terror and violation of human rights as it continues to enrich uranium and comes dangerously close to obtaining a nuclear bomb”.

Israel will once again use the invisible dictatorship of the fear of the Third Holocaust to initiate a military campaign against Iran (Operation Persia), so that the propaganda of the Bennett Government will be directed not to the individual subject but to the Group in which the personality of the one-dimensional individual is diluted and is wrapped in patches of false expectations created and common longings that sustain it. Thus, according to L. Bernays, in his book “Crystallizing Public Opinion“, “the group mind does not think, in the strict sense of the word. Instead of thoughts it has impulses, habits and emotions. When it comes to deciding its first impulse is usually to follow the example of a leader it trusts.”

However, the German-Jewish political theorist Hannah Arendt in her book “Eichmann in Jerusalem“, subtitled “A Report on the Banality of Evil“, helped us to understand the reasons for the individual’s renunciation of his critical capacity (freedom) while alerting us to the need to be ever vigilant against the foreseeable repetition of the “banalization of evil” by the rulers of any political system, including the sui generis Israeli democracy. Thus, according to Maximilian Korstanje, “fear, not the banality of evil, makes man renounce his critical will, but it is important not to lose sight of the fact that in this act the subject remains ethically responsible for his renunciation”, so that the only hope lies in making Israeli society aware of the need to make the motto “Two nations, one hope” a reality.

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