Black Agenda Report 3 February 2022

Thursday, 3 February 2022 — Black Agenda Report

The U.S. Black Political Class and War
What passes for leadership is always a joke played upon Black people. The high water mark of the CBC being the “conscience of the congress” is long gone. No one can look to them on the issue of Ukraine or anything else. The people must restore the historical Black radical consensus as a matter of survival.

Crisis or Confusion? A Brief Guide for Black Folk on the Situation in Ukraine
African people are already battling against U.S. rightist forces – from the Trump/Republican supporters to the warmongering neoliberal democrats. It would be an affront to our history and people to enter this struggle on the side of empire and NATO.

Casual Racism and the New Cold War
The irrational fear and dehumanization of Russia and China has stunted popular opposition to the U.S.’s endless warmongering.

DOCUMENT: Resolution on Neocolonialism, Cairo, 1961
At the All-African People’s Conference, in Cairo in 1961, delegates drafted a comprehensive and radical set of resolutions on neocolonialism: “an indirect and subtle form of domination by political, economic, social, military or technical means.”

Eritrea and the Tripartite Alliance in the Horn of Africa
The motives behind US aggression towards Ethiopia have not been altogether clear. Is it simply that they lost their long standing puppet government led by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front? Competition with China? Or is it the regional Tripartite Agreement between Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia , which poses too much independence from US global hegemony?

BAR Book Forum: Ahjamu Umi’s “A Guide for Organizing Defense against White Supremacist, Patriarchal, and Fascist Violence”
In this series, we ask acclaimed authors to answer five questions about their book. This week’s featured author is Ahjamu Umi. Umi is an organizer for the All African People’s Revolutionary Party. He has engaged in many elements of revolutionary political work, including mobilizing protection for communities against violent white supremacist groups. He has authored five books and is a prolific blogger. His book is A Guide for Organizing Defense against White Supremacist, Patriarchal, and Fascist Violence.

R2P: Responsibility To Protect
BAR’s poet in residence

AFRICOM Watch – February 2022
The U.S. has been waging wars in Africa since the 1950s. The creation of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) in 2008 is only the logical development of a process of control meant to deny Africans democracy, self-determination and dignity.

Iraq, or, Remembering Why they Hate Julian Assange
The Western press wants us to forget that Assange is being tortured for exposing U.S. war crimes. We should never forget the victims of U.S. brutality.

The Biden Administration: One Year in and We’re Still Left Out
Biden promised supporters that he would “repair the damage wrought by President Trump and chart a fundamentally different course for American foreign policy,” but one year later, as he told his donors, nothing has changed.

Burkina Faso Military Coup Reflects Wave of Insecurity in West Africa
France and the United States interventions have done more to worsen instability in the Sahel and other regions of the continent.

The Maroons of Jamaica and their rights as Indigenous Peoples
In this edition of ‘Reparation Conversations’, a collaborative initiative between The Gleaner and the Centre for Reparation Research (CRR) at The University of the West Indies (UWI), we attempt to shed some light on the issue of the Maroons of Jamaica and their rights under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

Africa and Lenin’s Theory of Imperialism
The author argues that Lenin placed Africa at the center of his analysis of imperialism and contemporary capitalism.

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