Ukraine News Links 2-3 February 2022

Thursday, 3 February 2022 • 23:00 — The New Dark Age

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US Needs Fear of Russia to Keep Europe under Control

Russia Accuses US And NATO Of Provoking War In Ukraine

Blackwater Is In The Donbas With The Azov Battalion

Iran’s Economy Reveals Power And Limits Of US Sanctions

January 2022: Massive Cyber-Attack On Ukraine. Overview And Analysis

Military Situation In Ukraine On February 3, 2022 (Map Update)

Claims That Neighboring Countries Want To Divide Ukraine Are To Justify Minorities Persecution

How NATO Empire-Building Set The Stage For Crisis Over Ukraine

Ukraine: American Mercenaries Train Ukrainian Neo-Nazis to Prepare Them to Fight in the Donbass

Ukraine: It’s Over, Putin Has Won?

Scenario for a War in Eastern Ukraine: The United States Views Russians Just as the Nazi’s Did in World War II

Claims that Neighboring Countries Want to Divide Ukraine Are to Justify Minorities Persecution

Ukraine and US War Propaganda

Blackwater is in Donbass with the Azov battalion

Ukraine Crisis

Chinese Viewpoint: Washington’s Ukraine Policy Driven by Domestic Politics, Desire to Dominate Europe

Selected Articles: Canadian Officials Who Met with Ukrainian Unit Linked to Neo-Nazis Feared Exposure by News Media

Will Ukraine Collapse If It Implements the UN Security Council Supported “Minsk Accords”?

State Department confirms leaked NATO documents are authentic

UK halts army training for ‘inclusivity’ day – reports

NATO aggression against Russia and China at UNSC

Canadian Officials Who Met with Ukrainian Unit Linked to Neo-Nazis Feared Exposure by News Media: Documents

The Blackwater Is In Donbass With The Azov Battalion

CNN president quits

Can Russian-Ukrainian Conflict In Donbas Be Avoided?

Ukraine News Links 1-2 February 2022

Both US and NATO replies leaked to Spanish paper (full texts)

EU proposes ‘green’ label for gas and nuclear energy

How NATO Empire-Building Set the Stage for Crisis Over Ukraine

Kiev Formally Announces Creation of Britain-Poland-Ukraine Politico-military Bloc

Washington-fueled Tensions in Ukraine Hurt Financial Markets

How the Ukraine crisis divided European countries

The Russians Are Coming: Are Beijing and Moscow at the Cusp of a Formal Alliance?

We Scoured the Planet and Found the Enemy – The Superconsumer

Sudan: Yesterday’s News There, Tomorrow’s Nightmare Everywhere Else

After Failed Talks, Russia Will Likely Target Persian Gulf

BBC ‘News’ Links

Ukraine tensions: US alleges Russian plot to fake invasion pretext

Ukraine crisis: The teenage rock band finding solace in music

Russia-Ukraine crisis far from minds in idyllic Vladimir

Russia says US troops boost in Europe ‘destructive’

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