Ukraine News Links 20-21 February 2022

Monday, 21 February 2022 • 18:00 — The New Dark Age

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Russia WILL Recognize LDNR.

There will be blood, and, yes, we do need stinkin’ badges

5 Ukrainian Saboteurs Eliminated, 2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles Destroyed inside Russian Territory (Video)

EU Commission head not bothered by supposed snub – spokesperson

Dmitro Yarosh returns as adviser of Ukrainian Army commander

Rational debate about Russia is unwelcome in the West

India, China In Europe’s Crisis

The Media’s Odd Double Standard On Evidence Required For Claims Of An Impending Attack

The US’ Report About Planned Russian Concentration Camps in Ukraine Is Fake News

Ukraine War Overview. Kiev Escalating Situation Amid Donbass Bracing for Homeland War

‘NATO-led Nazification of Ukraine’’

Macron Secures Putin-Biden Meeting On Ukraine Despite EU’s Confusion

Ukrainian Saboteur Blows Up On His Own Mine Near Donetsk As Putin Prepares To Address Security Council

Zelensky’s Munich Speech Implies That Ukraine’s Becoming Increasingly Desperate

20.02.2022 Ukraine War Overview. Kiev Escalating Situation Amid Donbass Bracing for Homeland War

Ukraine: Where to Find the Truth in Enormous Detail

Breaking: Decisive Night for Eastern Ukraine. The Shelling of Donbass by UAF

What are Putin and Macron up to?

Ukraine News Links 19-20 February 2022

NATO’s Nazis in Ukraine, anti-Russian war propaganda, & our human crisis

Why Would Putin Say This?

WWII Redux: The Endpoint of U.S. Policy from Ukraine to Taiwan

DC Area Peace Activists Discuss Ukraine Tensions

Documents: US Government Spent $22M Promoting Anti-Russia Narrative

Head of the Russian Delegation in Vienna on Arms Control Konstantin Gavrilov explains Russia’s non-participation in the OSCE session.

The great exodus continues while Russia wraps up her maneuvers

BBC ‘News’ Links

Ukraine-Russia: Putin mulls recognising independence of breakaway regions

Ukraine crisis: Five reasons why Putin might not invade

Nord Stream 2: How does the pipeline fit into Ukraine-Russia crisis?

Ukraine tensions: Biden agrees in principle to summit with Putin

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