Ukraine News Links 21-22 February 2022

Tuesday, 22 February 2022 • 22:00 — The New Dark Age

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Putin – The Ho Chi Minh of Russia?

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On February 23, 2022 (Map Update)

Biden orders troops to countries bordering Russia

Intensive Shelling of Donbass Residential Areas by Ukrainian Armed Forces Prior to Russia’s Recognition Lugansk and Donesk as Independent States

Biden announces ‘first tranche’ of new Russia sanctions

Don’t Be Too Mad about MAD. Somehow, It’s Kept Us from a Nuclear War for 77 Years

Russia Recognizes The Donbas Republics

US Signals Putin’s Donbas Deployment Might Not Trigger Massive Sanctions

Don’t Be Too Mad about MAD. Somehow, It’s Kept Us from a Nuclear War for 77 Years

The A-Ha Moment…

Ukraine: Putin tells Russia’s spy chief to speak plainly

Putin Deftly Eludes the US-laid War Trap

Why isn’t America listening to the advice on NATO expansion of its foremost 20th century expert on Russia?

Johnson ‘bottles it’ with Russian sanctions

“Totalitarian Democracy”: The Ongoing War in Ukraine and the War Measures Act in Canada

Top Weapons Companies Boast Ukraine-Russia Tensions Are a Boon for Business

Some Additional Bits On Ukraine

Ukraine: Gold up, oil up, stocks down

Russia Recognizes Two Donbass Republics to Stop Ukraine’s Violence

Russia Breathes Down Middle Eastern Necks Over Ukraine

Russia sends troops into East Ukraine, Biden announces sanctions

The Nazi Invasion of Russia and ‘Ukraine Crisis’ Hysteria. A Historical Perspective

Innate Warmongering: Seeing Conflict in Ukraine as Inevitable

Russia Recognizes the Independence of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics

Innate Warmongering: Seeing Conflict in Ukraine as Inevitable

Innate Warmongering: Seeing Conflict in Ukraine as Inevitable

Innate Warmongering: Seeing Conflict In Ukraine As Inevitable

Number Of Shelling On LDPR Greatly Increased Before Russia Recognized States As Independent And Almost Stopped Right After

As a former MEP, I know how much the EU has destabilised Ukraine

Ukrainian Minister: Inappropriate to Say “Russian Invasion” Is About to Happen

Innate Warmongering: Seeing Conflict in Ukraine as Inevitable

War or Images of War?

Why SF Takes “Pro-Russian Position” In Current Ukrainian Conflict

Tucker Carlson accused of possible ‘treason’

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On February 21, 2022 (Map Update)

Syria, Like Ukraine, Is A Potential Candidate To Be The Warzone Between Moscow And Washington

Human casualties and property damage inflicted on Kiev’s side becomes regular occurrence. Overview of Ukrainian Media

The Growing Scandal Of The Missing Intelligence

Under United States Pressure On Germany Faces a Moment of Choice

The Nasty Truth Behind 2020’s ‘World War’

The War Has Started – Evacuations, Drafting Men

UK and US are the Masterminds behind Kazakhstan’s January Unrest?

Ukraine News Links 20-21 February 2022

Sitrep: Welcome to the new baby twins – Donetsk, Lugansk

To end this momentous day: Mr Putin signing the decrees with the two Republics

Russia recognition of the LDNR – a few initial thoughts

Russian recognizes the LDNR Republics and signs treaty with them (OPEN THREAD)

Putin makes a statement following the Security Council meeting on Donbass recognition

Putin holds meeting with Security Council [TAPE]

Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Western countries’ false accusations against Russia in the context of numerous historical examples of the West-fabricated pretexts for aggression

Western “intelligence” services agree on the latest Russian invasion plans

BBC ‘News’ Links

Ukraine crisis: Germany halts pipeline as nations sanction Russia

Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin address fact-checked

Ukraine crisis: How much Russian money is there in the UK?

Uefa likely to move Champions League final from St Petersburg as Ukraine-Russia crisis escalates

Ukraine-Russia tensions: Oil surges on supply fears

Putin’s angry speech rewriting Ukraine’s history

Ukraine crisis: War, sickness and love in rebel-held Ukraine

Ukraine: What sanctions could be imposed on Russia?

US reveals claims of Russian ‘kill list’ if Moscow occupies Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: UK to sanction Russia over breakaway regions decision

Ukraine crisis: Russia orders troops into eastern Ukraine

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