Ukraine News Links 26-27 March 2022

Sunday, 27 March 2022 • 17:00– The New Dark Age

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Just a handful, not relevant, yet…

Reporting From Southern Ukrainian City of Henichesk along the Sea of Azov: “Russians Welcomed as Liberators”

The History of Nazism in Ukraine. Who is Stepan Bandera?

Destination Ukraine (Part One) … The Ignorance Of War

New World Order emerging during war in Ukraine (video), by Thierry Meyssan

President calls his people last ‘free tribe’ in Europe

Russian Remote Mining System Zemledelie Spotted In Ukraine (Video)

Australian PM explains refusal to meet China’s envoy

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-36

Shocking Evidence Of Ukrainian Regime’s Essence (Video 21+) (Updated)

West accused of double standards on Ukraine

Top insurer drops logo over Ukraine fears

NATO-Russia Proxy War: Revealing Signs of a Fading America: Scott Ritter, Michael Hudson

EU foreign policy chief says Iran nuke deal ‘very close’

Kremlin responds to latest insult from Biden

Joe Biden on the United Efforts of the Free World to Support the People of Ukraine, by Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Rand Report Prescribed US Provocations Against Russia And Predicted Russia Might Retaliate In Ukraine

Riyadh Reclaims its Place in Active International Politics

It May Seem Premature, But…

Bombs and Missiles ‘r Us . . . and Further Infantilization of USA/EU/UK

BBC Correspondent-Fixer Shaping Ukraine War Coverage Is PR Operative Involved In ‘War-Messaging Tool’

Propaganda Does Not Change The War – The Ukraine Is Still Losing – Updated

Eat NATO For Breakfast: Abolish Frontex And Demilitarize Europe’s Borders

Ah, No…

The contradictions within U.S. imperialism that could lead to its final demise

Why Does the Western World Need Ukraine? (III)

Burying “An Atlas of Human Suffering”

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On March 26, 2022 (Map Update)

Hillary Clinton’s State Department Spokesman Just Called For Me To Be Financially Investigated

Washington Helped Trigger the Ukraine War

Video: Joe Biden Tells US Troops in Poland They’re Going to Ukraine

Shocking Evidence Of Ukrainian Regime’s Essence (Video 21+)

War In Ukraine Day 31: Overview Of Military Developments

Open Thread

Operation Mass Formation

British intelligence operative’s involvement in Ukraine crisis signals false flag attacks ahead

Military Situation In Ukraine On March 26, 2022 (Map Update)

Russian Kalibr Missiles Flying To West: Ukrainian Lviv Under Fire (Videos)

More Evidence That The U.S. Is Trying To Prolong This War

BBC Correspondent-Fixer Shaping Ukraine War Coverage is PR Operative Involved in “War-Messaging Tool”

Vladimir Putin, a Bismarck for the Modern Age?

Ukrainian Mine Interrupted Maritime Traffic In Bosphorus (Video)

In Video: Russian Iskander Missile Scores Direct Hit On Ukrainian Air-Defense System

US brands India’s response to Ukraine war ‘unsatisfactory’

North Korea’s message to the world: Ignore us at your peril

Turkey intercepts naval mine floating near Bosphorus (VIDEO)

West will ‘pay a price’ for Russia clampdown – ex-army chief

In Video: Belorussian Nationalist Battalion Joined Armed Forces Of Ukraine

Russian Tactics In Occupied Ukrainian Cities: Russian Troops Entered Slavutich

Hungary responds to Zelensky’s appeal for support

Ukraine News Links 25-26 March 2022

As New Purge of Fifth Columnists Approaches: Anatoly Chubais Jumps Ship

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