Ukraine News Links 4-5 April 2022

Tuesday, 5 April 2022 • 22:00 — The New Dark Age

Pundits Who Advocate Hot War With Russia Are Enemies of Humanity

Another Regime Change President

The Ukraine Conflict Lays Bare the Myth of a More Civilized Europe

On Its Seventh Anniversary, Yemen Seeks to End a War the World Has Forgotten

NATO to target China – Stoltenberg

One More Step Towards Global War

Ukrainian War Crimes Tribunal – A Moral Imperative

World Hunger and the War in Ukraine

Japan discloses revised military plans

Ukraine and the Empire of Lies

Ukraine. Biden on the Long Fight Ahead: “This battle will not be won in days or months”, “Putin cannot remain in power.”

Russian Ruble has defied sanctions – EU

It is Illegal to Recruit Canadians to Fight for Ukraine

The War in Ukraine: Understanding and Resisting the Global Elite’s Deeper Agenda

Ivan Timofeev: Why the West’s anti-Russian sanctions are politically pointless

Story Reads Almost as a Joke: Russia’s S-400 Air Defense System Contemplated by US-NATO to “Defend Ukraine against Russia”

How the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement Post-WWII was Bought and Paid for by the CIA

More EU members kick out Russian diplomats

Inflation: Reframing the Narrative

The war propaganda changes its shape, by Thierry Meyssan

Finland reveals timeline of possible NATO accession

Mariupol: Remnants Of Ukraine’s 503rd Marine Battalion Surrendered In Full

40 Days Of Russian Strikes On Ukraine

US secretly tested hypersonic missile – media

From Korea to Libya: On the Future of Ukraine and NATO’s Neverending Wars

Selected Articles: Reawakening of Consciences: “The threat of a Third World War is weighing on all of us”.

Cost of Hunter Biden’s security revealed – media

How India balanced all sides in the Russia-West conflict

Turkey As Hidden Ally Of Kiev

Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On April 4, 2022 (Map Update)

How the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement Post-WWII was Bought and Paid for by the CIA

A Once in a Century Opportunity

Handicapping Ukraine and Russia-West Differences

The Calm Before The Storm In Ukraine

France announces mass expulsion of Russian diplomats

Russiagate: The Smoking Gun, Part II

Iran blames US for nuclear talks pause

…But it rhymes. Russia, Ukraine and Nazi Europe Mark II

Poland blasts Germany over Russia

Germany arrests far-right extremist

Iodine tablets to be issued in EU state

Greenwald’s Bombshell Brazil Scoops Have Curious Blindspot for US Involvement

Washington is Trying to Open a “Second Front” in Central Asia against Russia and China

Joe Biden’s Democracy Gaffe

For “Financists”.

New Witness Testimony About Mariupol Maternity Hospital ‘Airstrike’

Economic Reality Confronts Europe With Some Hard Choices

Yemen: Cheap Demagoguery and Huge Profits for London

Radio Free Asia Slanders Russia and China

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