Watch:  Why Ukraine’s “Bucha Massacre” Story Isn’t Adding Up

5 April, 2022 — The New Atlas

The “Bucha Massacre” is being squarely blamed on Russia before any investigation can take place.

Despite no likelihood of a real investigation taking place, there remains the question of why Russia would occupy and live side-by-side Ukrainians in Bucha but kill them during their otherwise orderly withdrawal?

Or why Ukrainian forces who have tortured and killed prisoners of war, deliberatley used the civilian population as shields during combat, and have nationwide tortured and taped its own civilian population to posts for infractions during the war would not immediately see the population of Bucha as “collaborators” and punish them accordingly.


Reuters – Russia pledges to reduce attack on Kyiv but U.S. warns threat not over:

NYT – A video shows Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine being beaten and shot in their legs:

Washington Post – Russia has killed civilians in Ukraine. Kyiv’s defense tactics add to the danger:

News Dot Com Dot AU – Ukrainian civilians stripped, tied up and beaten by vigilantes in shocking videos:

Guardian – Russia now synonymous with Bucha killings, says Zelenskiy:

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