Ukraine News Links 2-3 November 2022

Thursday, 3 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

Libyan knot: no solution yet

Ah, Those Lovely Double-Standards.

Larry Makes Some Very Good Points..

War As Presentation

The Long History Of Anti-Jewish Prejudice And Violence By Ukrainians

Westerners live in denial, convinced they’re the good guys

Lula da Silva Wins Brazilian Presidency

A Biden-Putin meeting in Bali cannot be ruled out

The US-Nazi Connection since World War II: From Inspiring the Third Reich to Supporting the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine

Canada Prepares War Bonds for Nazi-infested Ukrainian Government

Some Weapons Destined for Ukraine Ending Up with Finnish Criminals

No pain, no grain: Putin’s Black Sea comeback

Reasons behind the German Crisis!

Video: Grain Deal Collapsed? Ukraine War on Communication Lines Coming

Former CIA Boss Petraeus Demands US Forces Enter the Fight in Ukraine

Ukraine News Links 1-2 November 2022

Who’s afraid of US troops in Ukraine?

Daily Chronicles

‘It’s Extra Problematic When the Implications Are the End of Democracy’ – CounterSpin interview with Julie Hollar and Jim Naureckas on the 2022 elections

Who Is This ‘Haiti’ That’s Appealing for Intervention? 

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