Ukraine News Links 3-4 November 2022

Friday, 4 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

World Calls For End To U.S. Blockade On Cuba For 30th Time

The Unbalanced Scales Of International Criminal justice

Alexander Speaks Some Sense.

US Again Isolated On UN Vote Against Its Cuba Blockade

Egypt’s stance at the Arab Summit in Algeria

Who Would Have Thought Moscow Might Become That “City Upon a Hill?”

US again Isolated on UN Vote against its Cuba Blockade

What to Expect from COP27 in Egypt’s Police State: An Interview With Sharif Abdel Kouddous

Who’s Afraid Of US Troops In Ukraine?

Biden’s Foreign Policy Sinking His Party And Ukraine

Left anti-communism is what lets imperialist propaganda operate unchallenged

Russia “Talks” To UK.

Why Russia May Still Quit the Grain Deal

The Farther People Are From the Fighting In Ukraine, the More They Oppose Peace Talks

Africa Doesn’t Want to Be a New-Cold-War Breeding Ground

Platypus interview on The Destiny of Civilization

The endless proxy war, by design

UN Security Council Votes Down Probe Into Biolabs in Ukraine

Russia’s Ambassador Warns ‘Britain is too deep’ Into the Ukraine Conflict and Says Moscow Will Publish ‘Proof’ UK Helped Carry Out Suicide Drone Attack on the Black Sea Fleet – Adding: ‘It is dangerous… it escalates the situation’

China: UN’s ‘full attention’ needed for US bioweapons in Ukraine

Southern Russia

Ukraine News Links 2-3 November 2022

Daily Chronicles

‘It’s Extra Problematic When the Implications Are the End of Democracy’ – CounterSpin interview with Julie Hollar and Jim Naureckas on the 2022 elections 

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