Ukraine News Links 28-29 December 2022

Thursday, 29 December 2022 — The New Dark Age

CIA and NATO are waging sabotage attacks inside Russia

Will the coming year 2023 be better than the outgoing one?

2022’s Danger Signs

Watch: The Grayzone’s end of year stream

Grayzone Radio: 12/27/2022

Pentagon theorists predict scenarios

Jimmy Dore: Spooks Getting Sauced

Open (Not Ukraine) Thread 2022-236

1244, Dayton, Brussels, Washington, Non-Papers of All Sorts

Typical News Updates From Ukraine

Selected Articles: Tucker “Gets It” – Putin Doesn’t Want American Missiles on His Border

Ukraine news Links 27-28 December 2022

Zelensky Appoints Sexologist Pyramid Schemer as Ambassador to Bulgaria 

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