Black Agenda Report January 25, 2023

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 — Black Agenda Report

STATEMENT: On Abortion, Shirley Chisholm, December 3, 1969
Editors, The Black Agenda Review
In the wake of the would-be fiftieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Shirley Chisholm’s 1969 statement on abortion is bold, progressive, unsentimental – and necessary.

Cop City Kills Before It Opens
Margaret Kimberley
What could possibly go wrong with a $90 million, 85-acre police training ground that the community doesn’t want? Someone could be killed, and that happened before Atlanta’s awful Cop City project has even been built.

Stand in solidarity with our Councilmember (Versus voices of white supremacy/death…)
Raymond Nat Turner
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

The Ukrainian Solidarity Network: The Highest Stage of White Western Social Imperialism
Ajamu Baraka
The Ukraine conflict was caused by the U.S. backed right wing coup in 2014 and the duplicity of Europeans who claimed to be working for peace. Anyone who supports these actions but claims leftist credentials must be challenged.

Black Agenda Radio January 20, 2023
The Biden administration provokes Russia in the Ukraine proxy war while simultaneously threatening China. Ken Roth was denied a Harvard fellowship due to mild criticism of Israel while he served as director of Human Rights Watch. How does his treatment differ from that of Palestinian critics of Israel?
Update: After the interview with Ali Abunimah was recorded, Harvard’s Kennedy School reversed its decision and offered the fellowship position to Roth, who accepted.

“Latin America is Not a Racial Disneyland”: An Interview with Dash Harris Machado
Roberto Sirvent, Dash Harris Machado
BAR Book Forum editor Roberto Sirvent interviews Dash Harris Machado.

BAR Book Forum: Christopher D. E. Willoughby’s Book, “Masters of Health”
Roberto Sirvent
This week’s featured author is Christopher D. E. Willoughby. Willoughby is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the History of Medicine Health at Pitzer College. His book is Masters of Health: Racial Science and Slavery in U.S. Medical Schools.

Targeting Eritrea and Ethiopia: The Warmongering Campaign of Disinformation
The National Council of Eritrean-Americans NCEA
Washington think tanks are home to the propagandists who help guide US foreign policy decisions. The National Council of Eritrean Americans highlights the words of one individual who uses his position as a think tank fellow to repeat disinformation regarding Eritrea. He and others like him make the case for interventions and interference around the world.

AFRICOM Watch Bulletin #44
US Out of Africa Network
The Black Alliance for Peace AFRICOM Watch Bulletin analyzes the first session of the UN Permanent Forum on People of African Descent and also provides updates on the latest news from the African continent.

The Abuse of the Concept of “Populism”
Prabhat Patnaik
What is populism? The word is often used by corporate media but without any awareness of its true meaning.

The State Repression of U.S. Settler Colonialism in The South: BAP ATLANTA STATEMENT
Black Alliance for Peace Atlanta City-Wide Alliance
The plan for an Atlanta police training facility known as “Cop City” is the latest phase of state repression in that region.

Direct from Western Sahara: Learn About the Struggle of the Last Colony in Africa
Michele de Mello
After 30 years of peace, the Polisario Front holds its 16th Congress amidst the war against Morocco’s invasion.

Protests in Breakaway Somaliland Call for Reunification with Somalia
Pavan Kulkarni
Even as the US and UK are increasingly legitimizing secessionist rule in Somaliland, whose sovereignty has no international recognition, a unionist movement seeking a united Somalia threatens to unravel the self-declared republic.

Viewing Ukraine Through the Davos Lens
Conor Gallagher
Why have Europe’s politicians followed U.S. dictates regarding Ukraine and undermined the wellbeing of their own nations? The influence wielded by the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders plays a large role in influencing governmental decision making.

Women in Nicaragua: Power and Protagonism – Delegation Report-Back (January 2023)
Alliance for Global Justice
The United States has targeted Nicaragua ever since the days of Ronald Reagan. Members of a recent delegation made observations that are far different from the hostile narratives presented by the U.S. state.

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