The February 2023 issue of ColdType is now online

Thursday, 26 January 2023 — Coldtype

“Governance happens in secret. Corporations have seized the levers of power, including the media!” That’s one of the key takeouts from Chris Hedges’ cover story, in which he takes a caustic look at the political hacks who run the world’s largest economy.

In other top stories, David Edwards shows how Prince Harry has been trapped in the UK media’s smear machine, Jonathan Cook reminds those of us with short memories of the real reasons why Russia’s invaded Ukraine a year ago, and Joe Allen warns of the dangers we face from another invasion, this time with chatbots as a more benign enemy.

We’ve also got George Monbiot on his experience in a UK hospital emergency room, Simon Hogg on the future of wind turbines, Jude Collins on Ireland’s Great Famine, Jim Hightower on book banning, Sam Pizzigati on travel chaos; a photo essay by Ron Fassbender, and much more. Enjoy!


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