Ukraine News Links 23-25 January 2023

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 — The New Dark Age

The Nightmare Of NATO Equipment Being Sent To Ukraine

Ukraine War’s First Anniversary And Beyond

Making Politicians Uncomfortable, With Anti-War Activist Medea Benjamin

Yet another chronicle of the Taiwan situation

Yale Geniuses Say Russia Not Needed – Logic and Common Sense Say Otherwise

The War In Ukraine To Maintain The European Union Under Tutelage

The U.S. empire’s Ukraine miscalculation could bring revolution—if we expose its lies about the war

The Missing Story In The Global Firepower Ranking

US Officials Claim More ‘Russiagate’ Like Nonsense

They Still Don’t Understand.

Why’s the West Desperate to Win in Ukraine?

Deindustrialization Of Europe

International-News Summary

Palestine under the yoke of Netanyahu’s “new” government

The European Parliament’s “Special Tribunal” Isn’t What It Seems

Well, It Is The Daily Beast…

Ukraine war’s first anniversary and beyond

The Great Eurasian Merger

The Most Egregious Mistake

‘NATO’s mission’ leaves Ukraine destroyed

Ukraine Claims Orderly Retreat From City It Lost Days Ago

Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechaev

German cabinet confirms 14 Leopard 2 tanks to be delivered to Ukraine

Ukraine Had Lost the War Before it Even Started

Video: Ukrainian Self-determination. Col. Douglas MacGregor with Scott Ritter

Make No Mistake, War Hawk American Policy Helped Start This War in Ukraine

Mission Creep? How the US Role in Ukraine Has Slowly Escalated

CELAC takes off like a rocket!

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-21

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-20

Ukraine Open Thread 2023-18

Open Thread 2023-17

Deflation Interrupted?

Daily Chronicles

Ukrainian Nationalism as a ‘Cold War Weapon’

Ukraine Officials Leave Posts After Corruption Allegations

Right & Left to Join in D.C. Protest: “Not one more penny for war in Ukraine.”

Poland Claims Germany Will Face International Isolation If It Does Not Send Tanks to Ukraine

The U.S. empire’s Ukraine miscalculation could bring revolution—if we expose its lies about the war

Spanish Socialists Visit Israel as Spain Plans to Acquire Israeli Missiles

Ukraine war’s first anniversary and beyond

Iran’s Unrest Triggers Explosion of Fake News

Morocco to Become a Huge U.S. Military Base to Counter Russia in Africa. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Ukraine SitRep – No Southern Push Yet, Kiev Government Trouble, Tanks And Escalation

‘The Cry Is “Lumumba Lives”—His Ideas, His Principles’ – CounterSpin interview with Maurice Carney on Patrice Lumumba

The New York Times is Orwell’s Ministry of Truth

Randy Credico and Aaron Mate: World Economic Forum War Party

Making Politicians Uncomfortable, with Anti-War Activist Medea Benjamin

Video: Report from Ukraine War Theater and Donbass Front

US-NATO Wants to Drag Belarus Into War with Ukraine?

All Masks Thrown Off. The Euro-Atlantic Elites Meeting in Davos, Profit Driven War on Ukraine

The war in Ukraine to maintain the European Union under tutelage, by Thierry Meyssan

Scott Ritter: NATO Is a Suicide Pill for the World… Pray That Russia Wins

‘Walk and Chew Gum’: Israel, US Record Military Drill Aimed at Iran, China, Russia

Ukraine News Links 22-23 January 2023

The Most Egregious Mistake

Strong Militaries, Weak Society: The Missing Story in the Global Firepower Ranking

Consensus Ukraine (commentators + analysts)

Can Serbia Survive EU’s Economic Ultimatum? 

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