A German-China-Russia triangle on Ukraine

Saturday, 24 December 2022 — Indian Punchline

Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) with Chairman of the United Russia Party Dmitry Medvedev, Beijing, December 21, 2022

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken probably thought that in his self-appointed role as the world’s policeman, it was his prerogative to check out what is going on between Germany, China and Russia that he wasn’t privy to. Certainly, Blinken’s call to Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday turned out to be a fiasco.

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Australian Spies Aided and Abetted CIA in Chile

10 September 2021 — National Security Archive

On 48th Anniversary of the Military Coup, Archive Posts Never-Before-Seen Australian Intelligence Service Documents on Anti-Allende Covert Ops

CIA Requested Clandestine Australian Support after Allende Election; Australian Intel Service Opened Station in Santiago, Records Confirm

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Allende and Chile: ‘Bring Him Down’

3 November 2020 — Origin: National Security Archive

Salvador Allende’s Historic Inauguration 50 Years Later

Declassified White House Records Show How Nixon-Kissinger Set Strategy of Destabilization—And Why

Washington D.C., November 3, 2020 — Several days after Salvador Allende’s history-changing November 3, 1970, inauguration, Richard Nixon convened his National Security Council for a formal meeting on what policy the U.S. should adopt toward Chile’s new Popular Unity government. Only a few officials who gathered in the White House Cabinet Room knew that, under Nixon’s orders, the CIA had covertly tried, and failed, to foment a preemptive military coup to prevent Allende from ever being inaugurated. The SECRET/SENSITIVE NSC memorandum of conversation revealed a consensus that Allende’s democratic election and his socialist agenda for substantive change in Chile threatened U.S. interests, but divergent views on what the U.S. could, and should do about it.  “We can bring his downfall, perhaps, without being counterproductive,” suggested Secretary of State William Rogers, who opposed overt hostility and aggression toward Chile.  “We have to do everything we can to hurt [Allende] and bring him down,” agreed the secretary of defense, Melvin Laird.

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Chile News Links 1 March 2020

1 March 2020 — The New Dark Age

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Chile’s Struggle To Democratize The State

The fall of the U.S. empire and the coming economic crash

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Chile: On the Road to Revolution or Paradigm Shift?

7 February 2020 — Internationalist 360°

David Farías Delva

For over three months, since October 18, 2020, the Chilean people have been resisting. Will Chile be able to realize a revolution with a change of paradigm, which will take it to that so longed for new society?

For more than three months since October 18, 2020, the Chilean people have been resisting and the government of Chile has been ignoring their demands: a decent salary, beyond the crumbs it has given them, the end of the AFP, free and dignified health care for the people, free education for all young people, free transportation to work, and so forth.

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Media Conceal Chile’s State Criminality, Delegitimize Bolivian Democracy

5 November 2019 — FAIR

by Lucas Koerner

Chilean protester beaten by government forces

Chilean protester beaten by government forces (Twitter, 10/21/19)

Chile’s anti-neoliberal rebellion is entering its third week, and the brutal crackdown continues. Hard-right President Sebastian Piñera and his generals have effectively decreed the country’s oligarch-dominated democracy out of existence by sending soldiers into the streets to kill, maim and torture their own people.

And, for the most part, the Western corporate media blackout persists unabated.

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Chile News Links 27-28 October 2019

28 October 2019 • 16:45 — The New Dark Age

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Hillary Versus Tulsi

Whitewashing Neoliberal Repression In Chile And Ecuador

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Chile News Links 25 October 2019

25 October 2019 • 19:20 — The New Dark Age

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The Neoliberal Ghost of Pinochet Is Finally Being Exorcised from Chile

With Little Fanfare, William Barr Formally Announces Orwellian Pre-Crime Program

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Burn, Neoliberalism, Burn By Pepe Escobar

23 October 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Neoliberalism is – literally – burning. And from Ecuador to Chile, South America, once again, is showing the way. Against the vicious, one-size-fits-all IMF austerity prescription, which deploys weapons of mass economic destruction to smash national sovereignty and foster social inequality, South America finally seems poised to reclaim the power to forge its own history.

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Chile News Links 23 October 2019

23 October 2019 • 20:40 — The New Dark Age

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Mass protests continue in defiance of military crackdown in Chile

Chile’s Social Organizations Convene Constituent Assembly

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Chile News Links 21-22 October 2019

22 October 2019 • 21:30 — The New Dark Age

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“We Can’t Remain Indifferent”: Chile Trade Unions Call For General Strike In Support Of Student-Led Uprising

To Defend Evo’s Victory is to Defend the Peace, Democracy, Prosperity and Sovereignty of Latin America as a Whole.

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The Chilean Tsunami

21 October 2019 —  Internationalist 360°

Atilio Boron

Piñera’s regime – and I insist on “regime” because a government that represses with the brutality that everyone has seen cannot be considered democratic – faces the most serious popular threat ever faced by any government since the overthrow of Popular Unity on September 11, 1973. Ridiculous official explanations do not even convince those who divulge them; denouncements are heard about the vandalism of the demonstrators, or their criminal contempt for private property, or for peace and tranquility, not to mention the oblique allusions to the lethal influence of “castro-madurismo” in the unleashing of the protests that culminated in the declaration of the “state of emergency” by La Moneda, an absurd and fallacious argument previously used by the corrupt who today govern Ecuador and overwhelmingly denied by the facts.

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