Chile: On the Road to Revolution or Paradigm Shift?

7 February 2020 — Internationalist 360°

David Farías Delva

For over three months, since October 18, 2020, the Chilean people have been resisting. Will Chile be able to realize a revolution with a change of paradigm, which will take it to that so longed for new society?

For more than three months since October 18, 2020, the Chilean people have been resisting and the government of Chile has been ignoring their demands: a decent salary, beyond the crumbs it has given them, the end of the AFP, free and dignified health care for the people, free education for all young people, free transportation to work, and so forth.

However, Sebastián Piñera and his class allies, together with the self-proclaimed opposition parties, have endorsed a series of measures, which seek to further legalize the repression, torture and abuses of power against civil society, which today are demonstrating in the streets of all of Chile. Anyone who dares to resist the security forces will only receive illegitimate beatings and reprimands, such as those suffered this week by an 18-year-old youth in the Puente Alto commune, at the hands of at least ten police officers, who kicked, beat, and punched him. and the murder of a 36-year-old Colo Colo soccer club fan, who was hit by a police truck. These cases are added to the more than 35 deaths, as well as 400 with loss of eyesight, 3000 political prisoners of the revolt, the rape of minors, among others.

The indolence shown by those who hold power and subjugate the people with their decrees, lies and fallacies, whose purpose has been and still is to obtain an increase in profits at the expense of the sacrifice of a people who for centuries have endeavored to maintain faith in what has been offered to them in speeches and addresses by politicians, raises many questions today. They are used to making inter-bourgeois agreements, based on the idea of becoming a country that advances in “peace”, yet always ends up being betrayed in the light of all that it was called to do, whether it be the plebiscite of 1988, the elections of 1989 or the trap of the constitutional process today, where everyone wants a slice of the cake, so that they can begin a new cycle of numbness for the Chilean people.

Perhaps the big questions that many people are asking, or could ask, are the following: Is an insurrection being generated in Chile, is the bloc in power looking to sharpen the conflict, in the idea of eliminating all those who do not agree with its capitalist monopoly-financial model from the picture? Is Piñera’s government investing in security and repressive resources, in preparation for greater popular rebellion, in its eagerness for a “public order ” that will bring blood and fire to achieve its strategic objectives of aggrandizing the market?

The concrete thing is that we are witnessing a social movement, that is playing against the system, but this revolt, or popular uprising, call it what you will, has no direction, but rather a series of assemblies in different communes, along with the “coordination,” if you can call it that, that takes place through social networks, which, moreover, corresponds to the communicational phenomenon that is being experienced today throughout the world, and which seems to have replaced the convocations of the past.

If Chile is on the verge of a revolution or insurrection, there is no organic leadership committed to this effort, since Chilean society has lost confidence in the official parties, which has led them to spontaneously organize themselves by means of cell phones and computers. Social networks, and the occasional popular assembly, which being so broad, are diluted by their differences, leaving the correlation of forces open once again to the inter-bourgeois political power that has installed its constituent agenda, which is nothing more than another trap of the oligarchic and patriarchal political class.

Will Chile be able to carry out a revolution with a change of paradigm, which will result in that much desired new society? The next few months will be crucial regarding this question. Either Chileans “awoke in a dream” or Chile genuinely “awakened to change the monopolistic capitalist economic model that is financial, extractivist and patriarchal”.

Translation by Internationalist 360º

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