Covid passports – illiberal, intrusive, and counterproductive

6 October 2021 — Manifesto Club

The government has published plans for Covid passports to be possibly introduced over the winter.

Here below is the Manifesto Club response, showing how these plans are illiberal, intrusive, and counter-productive.

If you would like to respond to the consultation (before 11 October) you can do so here.

All the best,
Josie Appleton

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NO2ID Supporters’ Newsletter No. 146 – 8th April 2010: SHARPEN YOUR PENS!


The general election may be dominated by the economy, but every candidate needs to know that their constituents care deeply about other issues that affect them and their families. Stopping the database state will require MPs of all parties to pay attention now – and to take action for the long-term.

We’ve already asked that you express your concerns to candidates and party canvassers directly, but another important way to ensure that the database state is an issue in your area is to write a letter to your local paper.

It needn’t take long – many local papers now take letters by e-mail. Your letter should be brief (200-250 words is perfect) and to the point: write about one specific issue and why you personally are so concerned. You could challenge every candidate to say what they will do if elected.

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Why I’m still a lefty or the rake’s progress by William Bowles

27 May 2005

blair as studentI’ve come to the conclusion that the UK exists in some kind of parallel universe, outside of normal space and time. A medieval bubble of a place, where ‘tradition’ has replace reason, where animals engender more concern than people. A place where mediocrity rules and which appears to be hurtling back into the past at an alarming rate of knots, faster even than Dr Who’s Tardis.

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