Brexit Britain – The planned stages of social change

21 March 2019 — True Publica

Brexit Britain - The documented stages of social change

By TruePublica: Whilst the far-right gains traction and their anarchic voices get louder, behind the scenes the dark forces that funds and promotes them are working to what documents reveal is a three-stage model of social change. What we are really witnessing through Brexit is the acceleration of a programme of economic regime change by a foreign state – invited in by a weakened political party who understood that their ideology of neoliberal capitalism was falling apart.

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Police raid on Mélenchon: The state attacks the Unsubmissive France party By Alex Lantier

17 October 2018 — WSWS

Yesterday’s police raids on Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s home and the headquarters of his Unsubmissive France (LFI) party in Paris are a major attack on democratic rights. It is a political operation launched on false pretences against an organization that received the votes of 20 percent of French voters in the 2017 presidential elections. If the first target is Mélenchon, fundamentally its target is rising opposition in the working class to President Emmanuel Macron’s government.

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Vladimir Putin answers journalists’ questions on the situation in Ukraine By Vladimir Putin

4 March 2014 — Voltaire Network

Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues,

How shall we do this? This is what I’d like to suggest: let’s have a conversation, rather than an interview. Therefore, I would ask you to begin by stating all your questions, I will jot them down and try to answer them, and then we will have a more detailed discussion of the specifics that interest you most.

Let’s begin.

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