Why the CIA attempted a ‘Maidan uprising’ in Brazil

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 — Vineyard of the Saker

by Pepe Escobar, first published at The Cradle

The failed coup in Brazil is the latest CIA stunt, just as the country is forging stronger ties with the east.

A former US intelligence official has confirmed that the shambolic Maidan remix staged in Brasilia on 8 January was a CIA operation, and linked it to the recent attempts at color revolution in Iran.

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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with Rossiya television network, Moscow, April 11, 2022

11 April 2022 17:55 — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Federation

Question: I would like to ask you about “strange” statements by European diplomats on the course of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell said it must be won on the battlefield. This doesn’t really jibe with the EU’s status as a primarily political and economic organisation. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed regret over his earlier stance on the possibility of normal dialogue with Russia. So now he doesn’t think it’s possible. How is one supposed to talk with these people? How is one supposed to come to terms with them?

Ukraine: Situation and Background

Monday, 14 February 2022 — Swiss Policy Research

Ukraine: Political and linguistic map (Economist 2015)
A brief overview of the situation in Ukraine and its geopolitical background.

As predicted by SPR more than a year ago, the current US Administration and its foreign policy strategists are now continuing their geopolitical campaign in Ukraine where they left off in 2016. Russia, in turn, appears to be determined to defend ‘annexed’ Crimea (base of the Russian Black Sea fleet) as well as Russian-speaking parts of the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine (see map above).

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Ukraine 2019 Election- Ukraine Rejects Maidan and Revolution By George Eliason

24 April 2019 — Washington’s Blog

“Most previous ODIHR and Council of Europe’s European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) recommendations that would bring the legal framework further in line with international obligations and standards, as well as good practice, including for the adoption of an election code that would consolidate and harmonize the various election laws, remain unaddressed.”- the INTERNATIONAL ELECTION OBSERVATION MISSION Ukraine – Presidential Election, 31 March 2019 STATEMENT OF PRELIMINARY FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS PRELIMINARY CONCLUSIONS

To put it concisely, the 2019 Ukrainian election did not meet international standards. While legal according to Ukrainian law, the 2019 election and processes are illegitimate by ODIHR, Council of Europe, PACE, and OSCE standards and practices.

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Is Washington Preparing to Wage War on Russia? By Prof. John McMurtry

20 February 2015 — Global Research

Seeing through the Official Lies on Ukraine

Truce on the First Anniversary of the US-Led Coup

“We can no longer find any willingness on the part of Poland to conduct serious negotiations with us. These proposals for mediation have failed because [of ] – – Polish mobilization.” (Adolph Hitler, 1939) 

These are the words of Adolph Hitler just before invading Poland and then the Soviet Union. I have replaced Poland with Russia (see below) to show the analogy of US and Nazi pretexts.

“We can no longer find any willingness on the part of Russia to conduct serious negotiations with us. These proposals for mediation have failed because [of ] – – Russian mobilization.”

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The Strategic Implications of the Battle for Debaltsevo By The Saker

18 February 2015 — The Saker

The Novorussians are in control of most of Debaltsevo (officially 90%, officially 100% as of midnight GMT). More relevantly, there is no more organized resistance. Russian sources say that about 1000 junta soldiers have refused to surrender and are hiding in the outskirts or have fled to the south end of the cauldron. The Novorussians are not even bothering to hunt them down or return their sporadic (and inaccurate) fire: they are waiting for hunger and cold to force them to give up. A spokesman for the Novorussians has reported that all communications between the junta forces in the cauldron and their commanders have been suppressed. Russian TV stations are showing footage of Novorussian soldiers raising their flag over the center of the city.

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Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev By Steve Weissman

25 March 2014 — Reader Supported News

If the US State Department’s Victoria Nuland had not said “Fuck the EU,” few outsiders at the time would have heard of Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, the man on the other end of her famously bugged telephone call. But now Washington’s man in Kiev is gaining fame as the face of the CIA-style “destabilization campaign” that brought down Ukraine’s monumentally corrupt but legitimately elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

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Challenging the Western Narrative on Events in the Ukraine By Lionel Reynolds

23 March 2014 — 4th Media

The mainstream western media has presented a united front in its coverage of events in the Ukraine since the Maidan protests began in late November 2013. The same narrative has informed the comments and actions of the so-called ‘international community’ – typically an anglo-american-zionist affair consisting of Washington, London, Jerusalem and NATO, but on this occasion also including enthusiastic backing from the EU.

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Crimea River, Obama’s Ukrainian Blunder By Mike Whitney

21 March 2014 — Counterpunch 

”There is no question but that Russia is confronted with an existential threat. The integration of Ukraine into the expanding anti-Moscow alliance would render Russia more vulnerable to imperialist aggression and destabilization. Future operations will unfold not only on the periphery of Russia, but within its borders. The United States and the European imperialist powers will have no difficulty finding new “human rights” causes to encourage, finance and arm.”” – The Crisis in Ukraine”, International Committee of the Fourth International

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The new Gladio in Ukraine By Manlio Dinucci

21 March 2014 — Voltaire Network

Looking back to the coup in Kiev and the information provided in our columns during the course of the events, Manlio Dinucci describes a decades-old device used by the United States and NATO as it appears today: a new “Gladio,” that is to say a secret military structure capable of manipulating political facts.

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Ukraine and the “Americanization of the European Project”: Towards a New Iron Curtain To Fall on the EU?

20 March 2014 — Global Research

EUUSWhen, in November 2013, Russia asked the EU for tripartite negotiations on the Ukraine’s free trade agreements with its two neighbours in order to find areas of common ground for all parties directly concerned (1), what was at stake was stability, integrity and independence for the Ukraine and that it should remain as the natural link between Europe and Russia.

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Crimea: Putin’s Triumph. Now the Confrontation Moves East to “New Russia” By Israel Shamir

21 March 2014 — Global Research

Novo Rossia: The Eastern and Southeastern Mainland Provinces of Ukraine

Ukraine: Washington sanctioning Democracy and hailing Nazism

Thu, Mar 20, 2014 — Oriental Review

Washington sanctioning Democracy and hailing NazismEarlier this month US President Barack Obama signed an executive order declaring “a national emergency” in view of the “actions and policies of persons — including persons who have asserted governmental authority in the Crimean region without the authorization of the Government of Ukraine – that undermine democratic processes and institutions in Ukraine; threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”  This order blocks all property and interests in the United States  that belong to individuals under sanction, suspends entry into the United States, as immigrants or non-immigrants, of such persons, prohibits any type of donations to or benefitting such persons, and even forbids “any conspiracy formed to violate any of the prohibitions set forth in this order.”  Section 10 of the order eliminates the possibility of challenging these sanctions in any court:

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Video: Debating Ukraine on “Breaking the Set”

18 March 2014 — Stop Imperialism

Eric Draitser of StopImperialism.org appears on “Breaking the Set” to debate recent developments in Ukraine and Crimea. He debunks the attempts by some to whitewash the nature of the coup in Kiev and the illegal government. Draitser explains some of the geopolitical motivations behind the crisis, pointing out the recent history that has lead to the current situation.  He also examines the possible next steps Continue reading

Video: Ukrainian Euromaidan militant Olexander Muzychko speaking out on Nazi agenda of the Right Sector

18 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

A straight-forward speech by the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist Olexander Muzychko (aka criminal leader Sasha Bilyi), who was one of the most cruel commanders on the “Euromaidan”, calls to get Ukraine back to its “historic boundaries” and to establish a totalitarian state: – The Don River, Kuban’, Terek and Caucasus will be our lands! – One national church, one national political party and one strong organization will rule Ukraine! Our political force will put all things in order!

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Crimean ‘Check’ on Western Machinations in Ukraine By Finian Cunningham

18 March 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

American geo-strategic planners are fond of the chess game analogy, as articulated foremost by former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. In the wake of the resounding vote for Crimean unification with Russia at the weekend, it may be said that this move by the Crimean electorate declares a «check» on Washington’s machinations in the Ukraine…

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Israel backs far-right coup in Ukraine By Jean Shaoul

18 March 2014 — WSWS

The government of Israeli prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu is backing the fascist-led putsch that ousted Ukraine’s elected pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Far from opposing anti-Semitism and defending Ukrainian Jews from the neo-Nazi parties that have joined the new coalition government, Israel is doing its best to deny that any such threat exists.

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