Stop NATO News: November 10, 2011

10 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Russia: IAEA’s Iran Report Replicates Iraq War Build-Up
  • NATO Chief Tells Iran To Halt Uranium Enrichment
  • NATO Allies U.S., Portugal To Collaborate Against Syria, Iran
  • U.S. Interceptor Missiles In Northern Seas Gravest Threat To Russia
  • Video And Text: Serbia Is Flashpoint In New World Disorder
  • Georgia ‘Lot Closer To NATO’: Rasmussen

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“Lessons on Libya” | Partido Comunista Português

10 September 2011 — Partido Comunista Português

[Apologies for the pretty bad translation. WB]

Translated ‘Avante!’ article by Luis Carapinha, member of the PCP Internaional Department

On the unfortunate war in Libya much has been written and talked about. Out from the dominant media channels many streams of lies and disinformation have spouted out, together with much folklore and shooting (many the time point-blank) at the same time. What atrociously stands out, within this very new corporative journalism embedded with imperialism, the assumed or agreed irrational non-will (times oblige one to do…) in reading and understanding reality.

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The Left Bloc and Resistance Across Europe

19 September 2011 — The BulletSocialist Project E-Bulletin No. 545

A major European Conference Against Austerity is slated for London on 1 October, as part of building and coordinating a set of mobilizations across the fall in Europe. A key zone for the anti-austerity struggle is Portugal. The administration of José Sócrates, of the ‘Third Wayist’ Partido Socialista, was already moving toward sharp public sector austerity. It was replaced by a right-wing coalition of Partido Social Democrata, under the leadership of Prime Minister Pedro Coelho, and the Partido Popular. The Portuguse party, Bloco de Esquerda (Left Bloc), has been the fulcrum of opposition to austerity.

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A road made by walking: Oscar Reyes reports from Spain on an ‘indignant’ movement that continues to spread and diversify

August 2011 — Red Pepper

A fairy with a broomstick is sweeping the Puerta del Sol, Madrid’s central square. In front of her, a handful of weather-beaten activists are dispensing information from what looks like an upturned ship, a semi-permanent legacy from the occupation that began here on 15 May (M15). Strip away some of the tourists, and this scene could have been plucked from anywhere in the decade-long back catalogue of alter-globalisation movements.

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European Spring: The Gradual demise of Capitalism By Gaither Stewart

19 June 2011 — Greanville Times

Rome: It’s an accumulative kind of thing, the demise of capitalism worldwide: at first the waning and the dwindling, now the rapid corkscrew-like downwards spiraling, of greedy, vicious, cannibalistic capitalism busily devouring itself. Today, one can only conclude the imminence of its just demise.

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The Pain in Spain By Conn Hallinan

9 May 2011 — The Greanville Post

The Spreading Euro Crisis is Eloquent


Spanish villa for sale: with the market softening, maybe a long wait.

When the current economic crisis hit Europe in 2008, small countries on the periphery were its first victims: Iceland, Ireland, and Latvia. Within a year it had spread to Greece and Portugal, though the GDP of both nations—respectively 11th and 12th in the European Union (EU)—are hardly central to the continent’s economic engine.

But now the contagion threatens to strike at the center of Europe. Spain, the fifth largest economy in the EU and 13th largest in the world, is staggering under a combination of debt and growth-killing austerity, and the balance books in Italy, the Union’s fourth largest economy, don’t look much better. Indeed, Italy’s national debt is higher than that of Greece, Ireland or Portugal, three countries that have been forced to apply for bailouts.

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Egypt Newslinks for 4 February, 2011

4 February, 2011 —

Egypt Newslinks for 4 February, 2011

4 February, 2011 —

The Anti-Empire Report By William Blum: Portugal 1974 – Egypt 2011

3 February 3rd, 2011 —

A cautionary tale

In July of 1975 I went to Portugal because in April of the previous year a bloodless military coup had brought down the US-supported 48-year fascist regime of Portugal, the world’s only remaining colonial power. This was followed by a program centered on nationalization of major industries, workers control, a minimum wage, land reform, and other progressive measures. Military officers in a Western nation who spoke like socialists was science fiction to my American mind, but it had become a reality in Portugal. The center of Lisbon was crowded from morning till evening with people discussing the changes and putting up flyers on bulletin boards. The visual symbol of the Portuguese “revolution” had become the picture of a child sticking a rose into the muzzle of a rifle held by a friendly soldier, and I got caught up in demonstrations and parades featuring people, including myself, standing on tanks and throwing roses, with the crowds cheering the soldiers. It was pretty heady stuff, and I dearly wanted to believe, but I and most people I spoke to there had little doubt that the United States could not let such a breath of fresh air last very long. The overthrow of the Chilean government less than two years earlier had raised the world’s collective political consciousness, as well as the level of skepticism and paranoia on the left.

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Portugal: The Prospect of a Full Bailout And More Austerity Looms in 2011

4 January, 2010 — The Bullet Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No.449

The LeftBanker

A full financial bailout of Portugal involving the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) looks set to happen in the first half of 2011. This will involve severe austerity conditions being imposed on the Portuguese people by the ECB and IMF.

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