UK: They are shrinking public assets to grow their own

26 June 2020 — The Good Law Project

What we learned when Dominic Cummings went unpunished for committing a criminal offence is that justice isn’t blind. Whilst normal people made unbearable sacrifices – watching parents die over a videolink – those at heart of Number 10 continued to do just as they pleased.

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Conservative ‘Common Sense’ Lets Men Like Dominic Cummings Do What They Want

1 June 2020 — Novara Media

REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

by Ameya Tripathi

In the weeks preceding the furore over Dominic Cummings breach of lockdown rules, a row took place over the vagueness of the government’s new ‘stay alert’ guidance – a revision of the simpler ‘stay at home’ message.

Emily Maitlis is no media hero. She simply forgot what she and the BBC are there to do

29 May 2020 — Jonathan Cook

The wrong conclusions are being drawn about Emily Maitlis’s comments on Dominic Cummings on the BBC flagship Newsnight show this week. Her remarks are not evidence of her courage, or that journalists are being gagged, or that the BBC is suddenly capitulating to the government.

Did Conservative HQ demand Emily Maitlis be publicly reprimanded?

28 May 2020 — True Publica

TruePublica Editor: Most of the mainstream media are reporting that Emily Maitlis was replaced as host of Wednesday night’s episode of Newsnight by another member of the programme’s team after BBC bosses reprimanded her over a monologue in which she attacked the government’s handling of Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trip to Durham.

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Why Barnard Castle?

24 May 2020 — Craig Murray

UPDATED Dominic Cummings specifically stated now in the press briefing that he had been eager to “get back to work to get vaccine deals through, move regulations aside” and that is why he drove to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight.

Now it may be entirely a coincidence that the place to which he chose to drive for his eyesight test happened to be the site of the major factory of GlaxoSmithKline. It may be an entire coincidence that two days later, on the very day Cummings actually started work back in Downing Street he has stated was “to get vaccine deals through”, GlaxoSmithKline announced an agreement to develop the vaccine.

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Dominic Cummings – a cover story obscuring something far darker

24 May 2020 — True Publica

Dominic Cummings - a cover story obscuring something far darker

TruePublica Editor: There is genuine hatred for Dominic Cummings – without doubt the most toxic character a sitting government has had to defend. But without Cummings, the man who illegally used data systems designed for post battlefield propaganda campaigns to win ‘hearts and minds’ in war-torn countries – the Tories would not be in anything like the same shape that they are today and Boris Johnson would more than likely not be our Prime Minister.

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How the media, including the BBC is manipulated by government propaganda

7 November 2019 — True Publica

How the media, including the BBC is manipulated by government propaganda

By Simon Wren-Lewis: While Dominic Cummings is no genius, he does have a good understanding of how the UK media works, and therefore how to manipulate it. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most obvious is to use privileged access in return for uncritical coverage. This is how it works.

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Johnson and Cummings – Police hand criminal evidence to prosecution agency over Brexit campaign

2 November 2019 — openDemocracy

Johnson and Cummings - Police hand criminal evidence to prosecution agency over Brexit campaign

By James Cusick: Evidence that could lead to criminal charges against the pro-Brexit campaign led by Boris Johnson and his key adviser, Dominic Cummings, has now been passed by police to the criminal prosecution authorities, openDemocracy has learned.

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Something interesting about Rees-Mogg and a broken oath

20 September 2019 — True Publica

Something interesting about Rees-Mogg and a broken oath

By Anthony Barnett: We in the UK are on the verge of embracing, if only through resignation, disbelief, tabloid pugilism and sheer damn tiredness, a new variant of despotism. One that will be policed and lubricated by state surveillance if it succeeds – a danger that Paul Mason set out in the Guardian. The comic photo-opportunities of Prime Minister Johnson with a bull and a kipper are contrived. Their aim to encourage us to lower our guard and regard his government as irrational bluster and boosterism. Whereas he and his hedge-fund backers seek to turn us into the playthings of deregulated capitalism.

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