War Crime Alert: Sirte destroyed by NTC-NATO offensive in Libya By Chris Marsden

18 October 2011 — WSWS

The Libyan town of Sirte has been all but destroyed and its inhabitants turned into homeless refugees. This situation has gone largely unreported, but those press reports that have emerged paint a picture of a city being reduced to ruins by attacks of the National Transitional Council (NTC) ‘rebels’ and NATO bombing raids against which it has no defense.

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Libya Newslinks 7 October 2011

7 October 2011 — williambowles.info

Libyan Fighters Assault Main Qaddafi Base in Sirte
Fox News
AP Libyan revolutionary fighters exchange RPG firing positions, while attacking pro-Qaddafi forces inside the Ouagadougou conference center of Sirte, Libya, Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. SIRTE, Libya — Revolutionary fighters on Friday assaulted a convention …

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The slaughter in Sirte By Patrick O’Connor

3 October 2011 — WSWS

NATO countries led by the US, Britain, and France are committing terrible war crimes in the Libyan city of Sirte. In their frenzied drive to crush all remaining resistance in the North African state, NATO and its proxy militia forces aligned with the National Transitional Council are unleashing indiscriminate military force, killing civilians and destroying buildings and infrastructure throughout the urban centre.

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Civilians under NATO bombing – Bani Walid eyewitness to RT

3 October 2011 — RT

Civilians fleeing Bani Walid and Sirte say the two Libyan cities fighting off the revolutionary forces are turning into a trap. The eyewitnesses told of no food, no medical aid – and no care for civilians.

­Sirte is under random bombardment by the NTC forces, a woman who asked that she be identified as Selma told RT. Just a day ago, Selma fled from Bani Walid, one of the last pro-Gaddafi strongholds fighting off the attacks of the revolutionary forces. She says a mere declaration of loyalty to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi could cost your life there.

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Video: Ibn Sina Hospital, Sirte: doctor speaks, overwhelmed, over corpses of children killed by NATO

27 September 2011 — empire strikes black

English translation of the doctoress’ words, from Ibn Sina Hospital, in Sirte, Libya, following a NATO bombing on 23/09:

“Same date, 23 September … We are on Friday, a day of celebration for Muslims. A Muslim holy day … people pray on Fridays, and NATO kills children ….

This is ‘Douaa’ … [pointing to the girl. follows a misunderstood sentence] she was about to start school. [second voice: it is the beginning of the school year] … and this is ‘ Dahna el Samha ‘ … My god … ‘ Dahna el Samha ‘ the little angel … look at ‘Dahna’. .. here is ‘Dahna’ .. [Raising her arm] … You see NATO! See what NATO did to ‘Dahna’! … See the gift of NATO to ‘Dahna’ … and that’s the gift of NATO to ‘Douaa’ .. they were friends [or cousins ] [follows words I can’t understand, as the voice is too emotional]

And here is ‘Nasser’ [pointing to the young man] ‘Nasser’ the hero, the martyr … [crying, can’t understand the sentence] … and here is one of my neighbors’ sons [pointing to the other young man] … They all died in the same place “Jiza El Bahria” … bombed by NATO on Friday, the Muslim day of celebration …

And they are not from Gaddafi’s brigades [getting up] … No, they were not soldiers … The girls there [pointing to the bodies of the children], they were certainly part of Gaddafi’s Brigades, as they used to sing “Allah wa Libya wa Muammar wa bess” [God, Libya, Muammar and basta]

[Rising, she repeats] “Allah wa Libya wa Muammar wabess” I say it to you, whether you like it or not .. ”

Source: http://justpaste.it/Sirte2

The following video gives a mere glimpse into the hellish terrorism being visited upon the men, women, and children of Libya. A NATO cluster bomb detonates in Brega:

Sirte – the Apotheosis of “Liberal Intervention” By Craig Murray

26 August 2011 — Craig Murray

There is no cause to doubt that, for whatever reason, the support of the people of Sirte for Gadaffi is genuine. That this means they deserve to be pounded into submission is less obvious to me. The disconnect between the UN mandate to protect civilians while facilitating negotiation, and NATO’s actual actions as the anti-Gadaffi forces’ air force and special forces, is startling.

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