Tanks and Think Tanks: How Taiwanese Cash is Funding the Push to War with China

22 April 2021 — Mint Press News 

In this Friday, April 13, 2018, file photo released by Military News Agency, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, second from left, inspects on a Kidd-class destroyer during a navy exercise off the northeastern port of Su’ao in Yilan County, Taiwan. Tsai boarded a navy destroyer to review military drills ahead of planned war games by rival China. (Military News Agency via AP, File)

Manufacturing Consent

Twenty years ago, a group of neoconservative think tanks used their power to push for disastrous wars in the Middle East. Now, a new set of think tanks staffed with many of the same experts and funded by Taiwanese money is working hard to convince Americans that there is a new existential threat: China.

by Alan Macleod

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HALLELUJA! – BBC Updates Editorial Guidelines to Improve Scrutiny of Think Tank Pundits

12 September 2019 — TruePublica

TruePublica Editor: At last, someone at the BBC has finally seen the light. It’s at the end of the tunnel there somewhere. For four years TruePublica has complained about the detrimental effects of organisations like the so-called Institute of Economics Affairs – one of the most opaque and secretive think tanks in Britain that swings way too much political influence. It has recently been caught in a cash-for-influence scandal that a decade ago would have seen the government fall. It is not an educational charity – its a front for lobbying far-right free-market ideologies. The notice below from the BBC is, at best, muted. “Appropriate information about their affiliations” – should include exactly who funds them in the first place – and as organisations such as the IEA refuse to do so, they should be given ZERO air time on the BBC.  At least now we can call out the BBC for breaching their own guidelines when they wheel out these devotees of disinformation.

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Another UK/US ‘deep state’ organisation working under cover as a British think tank

5 April 2019 — True Publica

Another UK/US 'deep state' organisation working under cover as a British think tank

By TruePublica: Think tanks can be dangerous organisations – and in Britain and America, many of them are just that. Their role is often to amplify a corporate message, to influence outcomes, which could be anything from climate science denial and greenwashing the crimes of fossil fuel and chemical Co’s, to dislodging public interest regulation with all manner of fact distorting reports and bogus studies running against public safety. Not all think tanks are bad – but the fact is, many of them are.

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