Housmans Radical Books (London) NEWSLETTER APRIL 2009  




1. Housmans sale continues…
2. Meeting room available for up to 12 people


3. (book event & talk) Nick Davies – ‘Flat Earth News’
Wednesday 1st  April  – 7pm
4 (book event & talk) Nawal El Saadawi – feminist trailblazer
Saturday 4th April – 5pm
5. (talk) Elevator Gallery presents: Derrida and Deconstruction
Wednesday 8th April – 7pm
6. (zine launch) Savage Messiah zine launch: The Olympic Zone
Saturday 11th April – 3pm walk, 7pm launch
7. (exhibition launch) Sonalle: Ethnic Minority Domestic Violence Survivors
Saturday 18th April – 5pm
8. (talk) Elevator Gallery presents: Debord and the ‘Society of the Spectacle’
Wednesday 22nd April – 7pm
9. (film screening & talk) Reel News & Smash EDO film night
Saturday 25th April – 5pm
10. (talk & performance) Elevator Gallery presents: The Postmodern Condition Wednesday 29th April – 7pm
11. Forthcoming in May 2009


12. ‘The Dirty Thirty: Heroes of the Miners’ Strike’
by David Bell

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Azmi Bishara: New US Thinking

26 March, 2009

Azmi Bishara analyses the direction of Washington’s diplomatic offensive across the region

We had thought that the train of events from the Israeli invasion of Lebanon to its invasion of Gaza, the impression these events created in people’s minds and the growing disillusionment with forces favouring the current settlement process offered sufficient inspiration and impetus to revise official Arab approaches to that process. However, one remains compelled to wonder just how prepared the forces opposed to this approach are to seize the historic opportunity to put an end to that process, rather than to succumb to the current drive to contain them. After all, the US and its allies in the East and West are haunted by this very spectre — the fear of losing the settlement legacy — for which reason they have been waging a sustained diplomatic assault on the region since the Sharm El-Sheikh conference on the reconstruction of Gaza.

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“There is no respect for the grieving” Barghouthi shocked by the Israeli assault on the press conference with injured American’s parents

Tristan Anderson

25 March 2009

Ramallah: Mustafa Barghouthi, the Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative condemned heavily yesterday Israeli aggression consisting in shutting down and beating Palestinian activists and journalist during the press conference held by the parents of Tristan Anderson, the American peace activist who was shot in Ni’lin last week.

‘The boundaries of minimum respect for the victims have been crossed once again. We feel that there are no limits in the Israeli troops behaviour, no respect for the grieving of Tristan’s family’, the deputy said, shocked.

Tristan Anderson, 37 years old, an American citizen and peace activist, had an Israeli high velocity gas canister shot at his head in Ni’lin on the 13th of March. His skulls shattered several injuries and he was left in a very critical state at Tel Aviv hospital.

On Monday, during a press conference held by Tristan’s parents, a woman and a journalist were beaten by the Israeli troops. 11 persons were detained including 3 foreign peace activists.

The press conference was held in a very symbolic place, known as the ‘protest tent’, in Sheikh Jarrah, where the Al Kurd family has taken up residence for months after being evicted from their home.

Several journalists were reported being prevented to attend the conference. The Israeli army demanded that the event will be shut down. As several refused, they assaulted the audience, beating and detaining activists, media crews and officials.

‘Such a raid leaves me speechless’, condemns the Deputy. ‘But we have to stand up loud. The Anderson family has the right to tell the world what Tristan has endured and express solidarity and their indignation and feelings regarding the shooting of their son. America is a country where freedom of speech is a core value. But once entering the Israeli controlled territory, nothing prevails anymore. Israeli soldiers have no shame and this should be reported. Loudly.’

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi: 0599/ 201 528
Or: 0599/ 940 073

Source: www.uruknet.info