Strategic culture foundation online magazine latest publications 11-17 April, 2010

China Against Google: the War Keeps Raging
“The relations between China and the US which grew colder during the past winter are showing no signs of thawing this spring… US President B. Obama triggered a new round of tensions between China and the US at the Ex-Im Bank conference on March 11 by reiterating the call to revalue the yuan. The theme is known to rank high among China’s sensitivities, and Beijing’s response followed immediately…”

Kosovo Serbs In Face of New Geopolitical Intrigue
“The UN International Court in Hague wants Serbs to be aware that a verdict on the status of Kosovo depends directly on the arrest of the former Chief of Staff of the Army of the Republika Srpska, Ratko Mladic… In the next few weeks the Serbian authorities may face a tough immoral choice…”

Aurobinda MAHAPATRA (India)
The Antithesis to the Tulip Revolution
“The events past week moved fast almost in a hurricane speed, baffling most of common anticipations in international politics. The Central Asian panorama appeared heading towards another period of chaos with turmoil in Kyrgyzstan… Putting it in a different way the Tulip Revolution turned on its head within just a period of five years…”

Aleksandr SHUSTOV
Kurmanbek Bakiev Left Kyrgyzstan by Russian Military Aircraft
“According to unconfirmed reports, the ousted Kyrgyz leader officially resigned. At night on April 15 Bakiev left Jalal-Abad for Taraz, Kazakhstan… In the meantime, the interim government opened criminal investigations against Bakiev’s closest relatives… There are further indications that Moscow is cautious about the new Kyrgyz administration…”

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