NATO Newslinks 28 April, 2010: Paying the Enemy

Afghan elder who spoke out shot dead near Kandahar
BBC News
The Taliban are blamed for a spate of killings in Kandahar province ahead
of a planned Nato-led assault this summer. At least 13 community leaders
and …

US Troops Fill NATO Training Gap In Afghanistan
The contingent is needed because other NATO countries still haven’t
fulfilled their pledges to send their own troops to train the Afghan army
and police. …

Roadside bomb kills 12 civilians in Afghanistan
Washington Post
Home made bombs planted in roads are by far the deadliest weapon used by
insurgents against NATO troops and Afghan government targets and frequently
kill …

The NATO Nuisance
First the decision was to expand NATO, despite the assurances that had been
given to Moscow by the George HW Bush administration. …

Strategic Implications of Russia-Ukraine Base Renewal
World Politics Review
When NATO ships entered the Black Sea following the conflict to provide
humanitarian assistance to the Georgian government, Russian officials
accused NATO …

RS PM sceptical about country’s entry to NATO.
ISI – Emerging Markets (subscription)
We note that the country was invited last week to become member of NATO’s
Membership Action Plan (MAP), which represented the last step towards
obtaining …

Turkey, Bosnia, Croatia hold three-way talks after key NATO move
Hurriyet Daily News
The meeting comes after NATO foreign ministers agreed last week in the
Estonian capital of Tallinn to approve a Membership Action Plan, or MAP,
for Bosnia, …

Lithuania – The President: The most important task for NATO is to remain the …
ISRIA (registration)
While in Brussels for a one-day visit, the President met with NATO
Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and spoke at the meeting of the
North-Atlantic …

Heartsick? An Estonian Pharmacy May Have Cure
But the NATO foreign ministers who met in the former Soviet state of
Estonia last week were running behind schedule because of the volcanic ash
cloud …

Bomb techs begin Panhandle conference
Bomb disposal experts from NATO and the US and British militaries are among
those expected to speak at three-day Panhandle conference. …

NATO Admiral Praises PM Borissov
Standart News
You have done an excellent job in this part of the world,” said Admiral
James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe. …

EU, NATO, OSCE, and USA expressed their concerns regarding the situation in …
Focus News
EU, NATO, USA, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
/OSCE/ expressed their concerns regarding the situation in Macedonia, …

Obama, Turkey must bear witness to history of genocide
UConn Daily Campus
Turkey is a NATO ally and is one out of only two majority-Muslim nations in
NATO, the other being Albania. Turkey is secular, with a pro-Western tilt,

Siveco Romania wins NATO Certificate of Appreciation
NATO experts have commended Romanian Siveco IT developer for its
achievements in the area of multi-sensor e-learning technology displayed at
an …

NATO probes remote Afghan valley
Times of Central Asia (subscription)
CHOKAY VALLEY, Afghanistan – Nearly nine years into the Afghan war, many
small valleys in mountainous eastern Afghanistan remain mostly off limits
to NATO …

India has a mess in its backyard. Can Canada work with New Delhi to shore up …
Globe and Mail
Canada and its NATO allies are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Limited resources and domestic politics mandate that Canada and the US
bring home …

Former Kyrgyz president charged with mass killing
The nation hosts a NATO air base that is considered critical in the fight
against the Taliban. Should the anti-Western opposition retain power in the

NATO: Trying to Find a Strategic Concept or Looking for a Strategy?
NATO´s meeting this Thursday in the Estonian capital city, Tallinn, was a
group hug among the twenty-eight member states desperate to find a reason
to exist …

Paying the Enemy
Amanda Lang investigates whether private security firms are using NATO
money to bribe the Taliban. Recent reports have suggested that some private
security …

US Air Force Targets ‘Golden Hour’ for Wounded Troops
Voice of America
Wounded NATO and US troops in Afghanistan often depend on helicopter
medical evacuation teams to stay alive. The medevac teams are trained to
retrieve …

Russian sphere of interest revisited
Apart from the Baltic republics who have managed to get into NATO and the
EU Georgia is the only spot of resistance to the new Russian imperialism.

Taliban Kills 5 Pakistani Cops In Bombing
RTT News
Many al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters involved in cross border attacks on NATO
troops have found shelter in North and South Waziristan following a
military …

UN shuts Kandahar mission ahead of major U.S. offensive
Calgary Herald
NATO spokesman Major Marcin Walczak said the blast was a few thousand
metres from the base. No NATO troops were hurt. The UN pullout alarmed
residents …

US troops take a pounding in territory vacated by Canadians
Toronto Star
The US deaths, which occurred under the command of a Canadian general, went
largely unnoticed in Canada, but caught the attention of worried NATO
commanders …—u-s-troops-take-a-pounding-in-territory-vacated-by-canadians

BOLTON: Folding our nuclear umbrella
Washington Times
There was never any doubt that a Soviet attack through the Fulda Gap into
Western Europe would have swept through NATO forces, possibly all the way
to the …

Radio Encryptors Deploying To Afghanistan
The company said the order stems from a push by US military planners to
equip Afghan national forces fighting alongside NATO allies. …

Goldman a target…Obama in Midwest…Afghan attack
9&10 News
KABUL (AP) — Afghan police say a suicide bomber has detonated explosives
near Kandahar, targeting a compound providing logistical support to NATO
forces. …

Photo Release — Northrop Grumman and USJFCOM Agree to Extend Research …
MarketWatch (press release)
The demonstration will involve multiple US government agencies, US military
organizations, coalition partners and NATO nations.

Napalm the poppies in Afghanistan
Cape Cod Times
Both seek to stop any US and NATO efforts to create reform in this failed
state, because the endemic corruption there is what enables the rigged
elections …

The Military Occupation of Our Minds
Huffington Post (blog)
A key strategic goal is to win over European and Canadian public opinion,
or “the strategic center of gravity which is the maintenance of [NATO]
Alliance …

Karzai’s brother pledges support for NATO in Kandahar: report
Daily Times
KABUL: The brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai has pledged to support
NATO operations against the Taliban in the volatile southern province of
Kandahar …

NATO Summit: “Not Rational Enough” | Dissident Voice
By Eric Walberg
So NATO’s head berates its foes, as the alliance pursues its own version of
rationality, oblivious to world pleas for disarmament or its alarming
failure in Afghanistan.

The Western Confucian: Consign N.A.T.O. to the Dustbin of History
By The Western Confucian
“Large and firmly implanted bureaucratic organizations are almost
impossible to kill, even when they have no reason to continue to exist, as
NATO has not since the Soviet Union, communism, and the Warsaw Pact all
collapsed,” begins …

NATO summit: ‘Not rational enough’
By Publisher2
(The Intelligence Daily) — So NATO’s head berates its foes, as the
alliance pursues its own version of rationality, oblivious to world pleas
for disarmament or its alarming failure in Afghanistan, says Eric Walberg
Just when there …

Atlantic Community:Open Think Tank Article “NATO Ministers Launch …
NATO: The Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Tallinn marked the launch of the
NATO Afghan First Policy aimed at increasing NATO-ISAF’s support for the
local economy in Afghanistan. The policy aims at facilitating the
procurement of local …

turning the black sea into a NATO lake is a military threat to …
By niqnaq
Some also warn that the deal could boost those determined to restore
Russia’s influence over its neighbors and could complicate NATO plans to
use the Black Sea as a base against potential foes in the Middle East and
Central Asia. …

David Icke: Afghan Fury After Nato Troops Open Fire on Bus Full of …
By Ne!l, of the Kerslake family
Afghan Fury After Nato Troops Open Fire on Bus Full of Civilians, Killing
Four People. Tuesday, 13 April 2010. ‘International troops opened fire on a
bus carrying Afghan civilians today, killing four people and setting off
anti-American …

Afghanistan: U.S. Troops Fill NATO Training Gap In Afghanistan
By Fakhria
The Pentagon is sending 800 more American soldiers to Afghanistan in the
coming weeks to work as trainers for the Afghan security forces. The
contingent is needed because other NATO countries still haven’t fulfilled
their pledges to …

natowelch: The Incubator
By Nato Welch
The Incubator. Cross-posted from This place is changing me.
I’m not really sure what to call it – it’s not an apartment, although there
is a neighbor overhead. It’s the lower suite of detached garage that was
renovated into …

LOATAY.COM – Insurgents attack in Kandahar in south Afghanistan
By admin
Kandahar is the site of a planned offensive by Afghan and NATO forces to
clear the city of Taliban fighters and break the grip of warlords who have
allowed the militants to slip back in. President Barack Obama has ordered
30000 more …

Insecurity shuts UN mission in Afghanistans Kandahar | Fiza News
By Fiza News
NATO commanders have been playing down the military aspect of the Kandahar
operation, insisting in public that the emphasis will be on political
efforts, but it will still be the biggest offensive of the war by far, and
the Taliban have …

The Next COIN Fail – Rethink Afghanistan War Blog
Mark Weisbrot thinks we are about to see the biggest COIN Fail yet as the
US and NATO prepare a major offensive in Kandahar. The people of
Afghanistan see 61% of their GDP going to the police and army. Needless to
say they just want the …

Progress in the Balkans – Atlantic Review – Analysis of …
By (Andrew Zvirzdin)
Personally, I believe the lure of membership in the European Union and NATO
are valuable catalysts in motivating the needed reforms. The progress in
the Balkans is incremental and slow but it is substantive. …

U.N. shuts Kandahar mission as security worsens “ Ghalib Sultan’s Blog
By ghalibsultan
he brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai has pledged to support NATO
operations against the Taliban in the volatile southern province of
Kandahar, in an interview published Tuesday.Ahmed Wali Karzai, chairman of
the provincial …

Taliban says it’s ready to face offensive as bombers attack base
Afghan and NATO military officials said the offensive has already begun and
would get a bigger push in the coming months when around 10000 extra US
troops arrive in the region. The fresh soldiers are part of 30000
additional US forces …

Balloon Juice “ Blog Archive “ Whistling Dixie
By DougJ
@r€nato: In some cases yes, but alot of people have bought into what TNC
has appropriately described as the washing of the flag. They just choose
the rationale of historical admiration for a section of the country. …

By milnewsca
KANAHAR, Apr. 27 – There is a recent report from Kandahar province that
Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate attacked the base of special security
guards of U.S-NATO’s logistical supplies near Kandahar airfield, carrying
out a missive …

Faransiiska oo burcad badeed ku wareejiyay Puntland. | Bar-Kulan
By Abdikafar
Waa markii Labaad oo ay dawladda Puntland la wareegto maxaabiis burcad
badeed ah oo ay soo qabteen maraakiibta dagaal ee NATO, tan iyo markii ay
ku dhawaaqday Kenya diidmo ku aadan in ay qaabisho Burcad badeeda ay
maraakiibta shisheeye …

Clinton, NATO plan exit from west Afghanistan –
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to press other NATO
nations to provide more trainers for Afghanistan’s police and military
forces as …

NATO’s cyber-brains gaze at the future of war
Tallinn (AFP) April 24, 2010 – Behind the walls of a high-security lab, the
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s top cyber-minds are trying to predict
the …

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