Tunisia Mostly Mainstream Newslinks for 3 March, 2011

3 March, 2011 — creative-i.info

Libya Refugee Crisis Called a ‘Logistical Nightmare’
New York Times
— The head of the United Nations refugee agency said on Thursday that it was proving a “logistical nightmare” to help tens of thousands of migrant workers fleeing Libya in a …

Tunisia, site of the first Arab revolt, seeks a way forward
Washington Post
Men enter Tunisia from Libya as unrest continues there. Meanwhile,
Tunisians are finding their way forward after their own revolt. (Spencer
Platt) By Anthony Faiola TUNIS – At the entrance to the warren-like casbah
here, the 1000-plus young Tunisians …

Liechtenstein Freezes Egypt Funds; No Libya, Tunisia Funds Frozen
Wall Street Journal
Liechtenstein hasn’t frozen any assets related to Tunisia or Libya.
Liechtenstein didn’t specify whether the Egyptian assets are linked to
Mubarak or individuals close to him, saying only the funds were frozen due
to tip-offs from financial …

Spain offers financial aid to Tunisia
Fox News
Tunis – Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero placed Madrid
in the first line of international support for the “historic” transition
process in Tunisia, offering a 300 million euro ($415.8 million) credit
line to aid development in the …

Mali French embassy blast: Tunisia suspect recaptured
BBC News
A Tunisian suspect in January’s attack on the French embassy in Mali has
been recaptured after he escaped from prison, the government says. Bechir
Sinoun, 24, was stopped as he tried to enter the northern city of Gao, the
authorities said. …

Tunisian migrants land in Italy
Around 350 migrants from Tunisia have arrived by boat overnight on an
Italian island where authorities have declared a humanitarian emergency.
Thousands fleeing turmoil in North Africa, mostly from Tunisia, had already
reached Lampedusa in the …

Tunisia frees last political prisoners: activist
TUNIS — Tunisia freed Wednesday the last of its political prisoners under
an amnesty granted after the fall president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in
January, a prisoner rights activist said. The remaining prisoners were
released in batches since Monday …

Givens: We should welcome democracy in Middle East
Gainesville Times
By Brandon Givens brandongivens@hotmail.com When the Jasmine Revolution
began in Tunisia, I was happy. When it spread to Egypt, I was thrilled.
When it spread to Libya, I could envision the existence of a group of
democratic Middle Eastern nations with …

Crisis on Libyan-Tunisian Border; Interview with Italian Foreign Minister; New …
It says nearly 150000 people have fled the violence in Libya, crossing into
either Tunisia or Egypt. Well, many are carrying nothing but the clothes on
their backs and they desperately need aid. Arwa Damon joins us now from
Djerbe, Tunisia, …

RI workers in Libya evacuated to Tunisia
Jakarta Post
With the security situation in Libya getting worse, Indonesian migrant
workers are being evacuated to neighboring Tunisia. PT Wijaya Karya Tbk
corporate secretary Natal Argawan said his company had evacuated 201
construction workers from Libya to …

Red Cross Helps Refugees in Tunisia and the Philippines
TopNews New Zealand
Additionally, the Red Cross and Red Crescent are helping with the high
number of migrants and refugees arriving into Tunisia; around 6000 people
came into the country today and around 82000 have arrived in total.
Tunisian authorities are overwhelmed by …

Tunisians open their homes to refugees fleeing Libya
By Catriona Davies for CNN (CNN) — As soon as refugees fleeing unrest in
Libya began flooding over the border into Tunisia, Ali Ben Issi signed up
as a volunteer to help them. Ben Issi, a 20-year-old Tunisian student,
works every day at the new …

IBM Haruna: don’t copy Egypt, Tunisia
The Nation Newspaper
“Let us all resolve to work with INEC towards achieving free, fair and
credible elections and let our country move forward, not backwards like
Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and others.” A former Governor of Plateau State,
Chief Solomon Lar, also the pioneer …

Tunisia: BCT Reports Heightened Pressure on Economic Growth
Tunis — The Board of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), which met on
February 28, said it was necessary to show greater vigilance in the short
term, given the rising pressure on the outlook of national economic growth
for 2011, the domestic and …

Opposition; Uganda is not Tunisia or Egypt
Uganda Media Centre
Therefore, a Tunisia can not happen here. I would have loved a scenario
where Besigye fronted his son Anselm to lead the “revolution” or Olara
Otunnu to do a Mohammed Bouazizi led revolution by setting himself on fire
and they will have led by example. …

WFP launches $38 mln emergency aid plan for Libya
Emergency food had been shipped to the Tunisia-Libya border where tens of
thousands of people trying to flee have massed and shipments of food
assistance were being re-routed, WFP said. In the meantime, high energy
biscuits were being distributed at …

Tunisia: Djerba-Zarzis and Cairo Airports Repatriated 16150 Egyptians
About 1200 other Egyptians will also be evacuated on Wednesday morning
aboard Egyptian Haleyb car-ferry from the port of Zarzis, he said, adding
that the 700 persons still waiting will be repatriated by air thanks to
aircraft rented from the Tunisian …

Middle East: French and German tourists playing golf amid humanitarian crisis
Thousands of French and German tourists are playing golf and frolicking in
Tunisia’s azure waters, surrounded by a humanitarian crisis caused by a
vast tide of people fleeing Libya’s unrest. By Rob Crilly, Djerba 8:18PM
GMT 02 Mar 2011 Aid workers are …

The UN refugee agency sounds an urgent appeal for help
CNN International
Zarzis, Tunisia (CNN) — The ENS Halayab prepared to sail Wednesday from
the Tunisian port town of Zarzis, carrying 1200 Egyptians back home. They
had fled the terror of Moammar Gadhafi’s fierce crackdown on protesters in
neighboring Libya. …

Algeria keeps lid on social unrest _ for now
Washington Post
Algeria’s leadership, riddled by corruption and at the mercy of the army,
is sitting in a circle of fire, with a restive populace at home and
pro-democracy uprisings in neighboring Tunisia and Libya that are shaking
the Arab world to the core. …

Is the Tunisian Virus Impacting Middle Eastern and African Governments
Daily Political
What started as a protest over the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, a 26 year
old fruit vendor on December 17, 2010 in Sidi Bouzid, a province in Central
Tunisia, has snowballed into one of the largest anti-government uprisings
in the Arab world. …

Unrest In Tunisia Continues
by David Greene There is a daily struggle over flags outside the Libyan
embassy in Tunisian capital these days — a sign of the instability across
the border. That unrest is wreaking havoc on Tunisia’s interim government
as it tries to manage thousands …

4000 Thai workers to be evacuated from Libya by chartered ship
Thai News Agency MCOT
TUNISIA, March 3 — Some 4000 Thai workers will be evacuated from Libya by
a ship now docked in the port of Tripoli for Tunisia where they will catch
planes back to Thailand, with the first batch of the group to arrive at
Suvarnabhumi airport on …

02/03/2011Coucil of Europe to help new Tunisian constitution
Expatica France
The 47-member Council of Europe is to send to Tunisia high-level electoral
and constitutional law experts, its most senior official said in Strasbourg
Wednesday. Council Secretary-General Thorbjoern Jagland said independent
experts from its commission …

Tunisia: Foreign Minister Receives Adviser to UN Secretary-General
Tunis — Foreign Minister Mohamed Mouldi Kéfi received, on Tuesday
afternoon in Tunis, a United Nations delegation led by Mr. Jamel Benomar,
United Nations Secretary-General adviser in charge of political affairs and
UN special envoy to Tunisia. …

View from north Africa: flights return to Tunisia
TTG live
“The aircraft was almost full, with 207 of its 230 seats taken, although
some of the British holidaymakers admitted they were feeling apprehensive
about how safe Tunisia would be.” “The flight contained a mixture of
customers who had booked holidays …
See all stories on this topic:

YouTube – Tunisia Border Tensions
The latest footage from the border between Libya and Tunisia where tens of
thousands of migrants are struggling to leave the country in the wake of
the upris…

TUNISIA: Once-banned Islamist party returns; will possibly join …
By Ann Simmons
A Tunisian Islamist party that had been banned for more than 20 years has
been legalized and could join the government as the country embarks on a
fragile transition to democracy after the recent ouster of its long-time
autocratic …

Spain offers financial aid to Tunisia
Spain offers financial aid to Tunisia…Zapatero, the first European leader
to travel to T…The most urgent matter for Tunisia at this time is…The
Spanish prime minister met Tunisian interim Pr…He said Spain was the
first country …

Ship carrying Thai workers arrives in Tunisia
A ship carrying 2405 Thai workers fleeing turmoilridden Libya has arrived
on the shores of Tunisia, while 1299 of the workers will arrive in Thailand
today, the Labour Minister said yesterday. The chartered ship is on its way
back to …

Berlin, Paris & Tunisia: Taking ULU to Youlou! “ ULU Campaigner
By Clare Solomon
And, finally, 30000 young people and students in Tunisia this weekend
demonstrated in Tunis demanding ‘do not marginalise the youth’. They
re-occupied Government Square and as news of Libya’s brutal dictator
Gaddafi’s actions reached …

Fitch lowers Tunisia’s rating 1 notch | Live Stock Trading News …
By Shayne Heffernan
Fitch lowers Tunisia’s rating 1 notch Fitch Ratings Wednesday lowered by 1
notch Tunisia’s long-term sovereign debt rating to BBB- citing

Tunisia ends 20-year ban for Islamist party – Worldnews.com
BOUAZZA BEN BOUAZZA Associated Press= TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — A Tunisian
Islamist party banned for more than 20 years was legalized Tuesday, while
the country’s most prominent opposition figure quit the unity government
amid renewed …

Human Security Gateway – Tunisia in Revolt: State Violence during …
On 14 January 2011, following a month of spiralling anti-government
protests across Tunisia, President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali secretly fled
the country, ending 23 years of corrupt, complacent and repressive rule.

Tunisia Daily “ Zapatero praises “exemplary” Tunisia uprising …
By tunisia – Google News
Tunis/Madrid – Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
praised Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution as an example for the Arab world and
offered to help the country’s new government cope with an influx of
refugees from Libya. …

Solidarity Sunday: Celebrating people power in Egypt, Tunisia …
By Melbourne
Solidarity Sunday: Celebrating people power in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen
… North African feast & live music. Solidarity Sunday: Celebrating people
power in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen … Also celebrating the 20th
birthday of …

Another perspective on why Cuba is not Egypt or Tunisia | Babalú Blog
By Alberto de la Cruz
The always entertaining and provocative Tanislé provides another
perspective on why Cuba is not Egypt or Tunisia: WARNING: Strong Language.

laviniaow – U.N.: Libyan Refugees at Crisis Point
By laviniaow
GENEVA — Violence and chaos in Libya have triggered an exodus of more
than 140000 refugees to Tunisia and Egypt, a U.N. official said Tuesday, as
aid workers warned the situation at the Tunisian border has reached crisis
point. …

Europe’s Double Game in The Middle East :: Hudson New York
In the midst of the Jasmine Revolution (as the political upheaval in
Tunisia is being called), the European Union continued to insist that Ben
Ali’s government was a success story. During the early days of fighting in
Tunisia, …

Tunisia and the spark that launched uprisings – 60 Minutes – CBS News
60 Minutes on CBS News: Tunisia and the spark that launched uprisings – Bob
Simon reports from Tunisia, where protests against the repressive
government not …

Three people killed as demonstrations turn deadly in Tunisia – CNN
Protests in Tunisia turned violent and deadly Saturday, just over six weeks
after a popular uprising forced the president out of office, and lit a
spark of …

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