Wikileaks Newslinks for 3 March, 2011

3 March, 2011 —

Assange files appeal against extradition in sex case
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff London (CNN) — Lawyers for WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange have filed an appeal against his extradition to Sweden to face questioning on sex charges, a member of his defense team said Thursday. The appeal was submitted …

Soldier in WikiLeaks case charged with aiding the enemy
Los Angeles Times
The Army files 22 new counts against Pfc. Bradley Manning, suspected of
giving information to WikiLeaks. The development comes amid an expanding US
investigation that could lead to charges against website founder Julian
Assange and others. …,0,3798837.story

Labor sought restrictions on Chinese investment
Business Spectator
Concerns over foreign control of Australia’s strategic resources pushed the
Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) to seek to limit investment from
China, according to secret diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks and
reported on by Fairfax Media. …

Kenya: Wikileaks – ‘Kibaki Unwilling to Act On Graft’
The information on the State House visit is contained in one of thousands
of cables leaked by whistleblower website, Wikileaks. The dispatches from
missions across the world have illuminated the relationship between the US
and other countries. …

WikiLeaks among candidates for 2011 Nobel Peace Prize
AHN | All Headline News
Without disclosing the candidates’ names, Lundestad among those, who are
contesting this year, are WikiLeaks and people, who influenced the
revolutions in the Arab world. However, for the first time in 50 years, the
institute revealed that the nominees …

WikiLeaks’ Assange launches extradition appeal bid
Monsters and
London(dpa) – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday formally lodged
legal papers appealing against his extradition from Britain to Sweden in
connection to alleged rape offences. Lawyers for Assange, an Australian
national, handed in the appeal …

Wikileaks: US trained CR riot police during CAFTA protests
Tico Times
26, 2007, according to the latest WikiLeaks cables published by the daily
La Nación. Embassy staff agreed to rent 10 buses and provide
transportation to police members into the main areas where outbreaks of
violence were most likely to occur. …

Siniora rejected 2006 bid to put UNIFL at ports: WikiLeaks
Daily Star – Lebanon
The cable, sent in late August 2006 by former US Ambassador in Lebanon
Jeffrey Feltman and released by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, details
conversations between Feltman and former UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen and
reveals the chaotic first few days …

Soldier charged in WikiLeaks…Chavez talks with Gadhafi…Rescue ends in New …
9&10 News
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army private accused of leaking hundreds of
thousands of sensitive and classified documents to WikiLeaks has been
charged with aiding the enemy. Pvt. 1st Class Bradley Manning could get the
death penalty or life in prison if …

Hamid Karzai on the Taliban, corruption and WikiLeaks
Channel 4 News
Exclusive: Hamid Karzai says the military surge in Afghanistan could
threaten the chances of political stability. Interviewed by Jon Snow,
Karzai admits he’s emotional – but not erratic. To view this video you will
need to have Adobe Flash installed. …

Kenya: Mutua Rejects Wikileaks as ‘Innunedo’
GOVERNMENT spokesman Alfred Mutua has dismissed recent stories from
Wikileaks about State House. Last night he said the stories “are based on
cables sent to Washington by American envoys to Kenya, who are quoting
sources who claim to have an …

Wikileaks exposes US jitters over tender awards to China
Business Daily Africa
But yesterday Mr Joseph was surprised by the Wikileaks account of events.
“I have heard about it but have no idea where this comes from,” he told
Business Daily. “It (the cable) is not a reflection of the truth as
evidenced by Safaricom being a major …

WikiLeaks details how the Cola war was won in Libya
Toronto Sun
(REUTERS/Chris Helgren) WASHINGTON – An unpublished US diplomatic cable
obtained by WikiLeaks tells the previously undisclosed story of how an
American corporate powerhouse — the $35-billion Coca-Cola Co. — got
caught up in a fierce fraternal dispute …

WikiLeaks: Generals armed tribal militias
The Standard
This is according to US diplomatic cables hacked and released into the
public domain by WikiLeaks, an online whistleblower. In the latest cables
dumped on Internet platforms, Ambassador Michael Ranneberger explained how
senior army officers were …

McIntosh Trail: Should WikiLeaks be censored?
Three years ago, a document-sharing website known as WikiLeaks began. When
it was founded, WikiLeaks specialized in publishing secret or hidden
political documents for the entire world to see. It published leaks from
almost every country in the world …

NATO Gunners Kill 9 Kids in Afghanistan—and the Iraq/WikiLeaks Link
The Nation. (blog)
The @WIkiLeaks feed at Twitter today quickly recalled the incident captured
in its “Collateral Murder” video from nearly one year ago, for which,
it added, no one was punished. I wrote about the release of that video
yesterday. …

WikiLeaks Supporters Join Wisconsin Boycott Chorus
One list put out by now-infamous WikiLeaks-linked activist hacker group
“Anonymous,” lists Koch Industry products sold in both the US and Europe.
Claiming that it “hears the voice of the downtrodden American people,”
Anonymous writes that “we welcome …

Libya: Spending oil money across the globe
Here’s what CNNMoney was able to glean through public documents, sources
familiar with Libya’s investments and documents made public by WikiLeaks.
North America: The Libyan Investment Authority used the US financial system
to take stakes in mostly …

WikiLeaks: Legislative Assembly almost shut down due to unsanitary conditions
Tico Times
In November 2005, Costa Rica’s minister of health threatened to close the
Legislative Assembly due to unsanitary conditions, according to a cable
published by the daily La Nación. The President of the Assembly, Gerardo
González, accused Health Minister …

‘Alfonso Cano’ will never negotiate: WikiLeaks
Colombia Reports
An ex-FARC commander said in 2006 that “Alfonso Cano,” now the supreme
leader of the guerrilla group, would never negotiate, but that “Ivan
Marquez” wanted peace, according to a WikiLeaks cable released by Colombian
newspaper El Espectador. …

Canada ‘concerned’ trilateralism erodes ties with US, leaked cable says
Globe and Mail
It’s a concern Canadian politicians are too polite to voice publicly but
one that WikiLeaks aired for all to see Wednesday in a US diplomatic cable.
While Mexico is a partner of Canada and the United States in the
groundbreaking North American Free …

Gadhafi’s Nurse Keeps Journalists Waiting
The Epoch Times
Kolotnytska’s name only became widely known after WikiLeaks made public
comments about her contained in leaked US Embassy cables. One of the
messages from the US Embassy in Libya described Kolotnytska as having
romantic relations with Gadhafi; …

WikiLeaks: Armenian “Artur Brothers” shielded by Kenyan senior officials
Information-Analytic Agency
WikiLeaks released a cable of the US Embassy in Kenya. In a cable to his
bosses in Washington, the then US envoy to Kenya William Bellamy revealed
that Armenian brothers Artur Sargsyan and Artur Margaryan had close links
with powerful offices in …

Before you interrogate data, you must tame it
O’Reilly Radar
by Jenn Webb | @JennWebb | Comment | 2 March 2011 This limitation in search
is a dull pain for many industries, but it was sharply felt by data
journalists with the WikiLeaks releases. In a recent interview, Simon
Rogers (@smfrogers), editor of the …

Cyber Vigilantes: Should We Cheer or Fear Them?
The latest development once again raises the question of the role so-called
hacktivists — members of Anonymous, supporters and contributors to
WikiLeaks, white-hats who publicly disclose security vulnerabilities —
play in our world. …

Leaks on demand – how the Wikileaks cables are being used
Online Journalism Blog (blog)
I’m probably not the only person to notice a curious development in how the
Wikileaks material is being used in the press recently. From The Guardian
and The Telegraph to The New York Times and The Washington Post, the news
agenda is dictating the …

Anti-Semitism now commonplace, Dershowitz tells UF audience
Gainesville Sun
Dershowitz has tried high-profile cases such as the OJ Simpson trial and
recently joined the legal team defending WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
By Nathan Crabbe Famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday it’s
no coincidence that attacks …

Assange in extradition appeal bid
The Press Association
Lawyers for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have lodged papers at the High
Court for an appeal against a ruling that he should be extradited to Sweden
to face sex offence charges. A court official has confirmed that the papers
had been lodged, …

Pope Benedict XVI, Julian Assange, and John Galliano’s Jewish news
Washington Post
When Pope Benedict, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange and designer John Galliano
are all on the front page at the same time, and all for remarks about Jews,
people should take notice. Why? Because the three stories all speak to a
variety of fears and …

Today’s media stories from the papers
The Guardian
P1, 27 WikiLeaks: the movie – Steven Spielberg buys rights to Guardian
book. P3, G2 Frail but animated Steve Jobs shows off the new iPad. P11 Sony
and MTV apologise for band’s Nazi uniforms. P23 Final edition for Kabul
paper critical for Hamid Karzai. …

US Marines Creating Island for Network Defense
Signal Magazine
Nally’s efforts include dramatically streamlining a sprawling information
technology infrastructure, overseeing the Defense Department’s information
assurance range, protecting information in the era of social networks and
WikiLeaks and transitioning …

WikiLeaks Slams Spielberg Movie Project – Andy Greenberg – The …
By Andy Greenberg
The WikiLeaks saga looks set to hit the silver screen in blockbuster style.
But the secret-spilling group isn’t too pleased about which version of
events Hollywood has adopted. “This is how bullshit ends up being history,”
reads a note …

WikiLeaks: Why the People Need Assange
The other week I saw a picture of Quaddafi as he mixed with world leaders,
the Presidents of Italy and France and others and thought how incongruous.

New Charges Filed Against WikiLeaks Suspect – Swampland –
By Mark Thompson
Even as documents believed to be leaked by Army PFC Bradley Manning are
helping trigger revolutions now sweeping North Africa and the Persian Gulf,
the U.S. government late Wednesday levied charges against the 23-year old
that could …

WikiLeaks suspect charged with ‘aiding enemy’ – Army News | News …
By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON (AP) — An Army private suspected of leaking hundreds of
thousands of sensitive and classified documents to the WikiLeaks
anti-secrecy group was charged Wednesday with aiding the enemy, a crime
that can bring the death penalty …

GayandRight: Our latest conspiracy: Discrediting WikiLeaks…
By GayandRight
British magazine Private Eye reported in its latest edition that WikiLeaks
founder Julian Assange claimed a Jewish conspiracy was attempting to
discredit the organization. Assange denied the report, accusing Private Eye
editor Ian …

“Inside WikiLeaks”: Revenge Of The Second Banana – By Ramon Glazov …
By Team eXiled
PERTH, AUSTRALIA–First, the Right accused WikiLeaks of endangering US
soldiers and Afghan informers. Then after “Cablegate” the neocons
conceded to the lack of evidence and switched to the opposite tactic:
insisting there was nothing …

DreamWorks Buys Movie Rights to WikiLeaks Books | Digital Media Wire
By Mark Hefflinger
Los Angeles – DreamWorks has purchased the movie rights to two books about
WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, Deadline Hollywood reported. They
include “WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy,” a book penned
by …

Jewish smear campaign discrediting Wikileaks: Assange
The founder of the Wikileaks, Julian Assange, has claimed that the smear
campaign launched against him were by those who were ‘ Jewish’. – .

AMERICAblog News: WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
By Chris in Paris
News and opinion about US politics from a liberal perspective.

Wikileaks boss sees Jewish plots everywhere – Editor of the …
By Nick Farrell
Private Eye editor Ian Hislop has written that he received a rambling phone
call from Wikileak’s boss Julian Assange, claiming that British
journalists, including the editor of The Guardian, were engaged in a
Jewish-led conspiracy to …

WikiLeaks rebukes allegation that Assange complained of ‘Jewish …
By sakerfa
(RawStory) – Secrets outlet WikiLeaks was on the defensive Tuesday after
a British publication claimed that founder Julian Assange had complained of
a “ Jewish conspiracy” to smear his organization. That claim, Private
Eye editor Ian …

U.S. files 22 new charges against WikiLeaks soldier | War Is A …
By danielifearn
(Reuters) – The U.S. military said it has brought 22 new charges against a
soldier accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of sensitive U.S.
government documents that were later published by the website WikiLeaks.

Dreamworks sets sights on Wikileaks film, options two books …
By Will Schiffelbein
A series of films based on the Wikileaks events are already in production;
Dreamworks has just picked up the film rights to two books that chronicle
the Wikileaks story. The first, Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian
Assange at the …

Steven Spielberg May Make Film About WikiLeaks Founder
Steven Spielberg is reportedly working on a movie about the WikiLeaks
scandal after buying the rights to a book detailing the inside workings of
the whistle- blowing website and its director Julian Assange. The movie
mogul’s DreamWorks …

The Jawa Report: WikiLeaks: Manning Faces 22 More Charges …
By Stable Hand
WikiLeaks: Manning Faces 22 More Charges Including Aiding the Enemy · 2
Killed Including US Soldier in Frankfurt Airport Shooting (Update: 2 Killed
Are US Airmen – Suspect Named as Arif Uka)(Uka shouted Allah Akbar)
(bumped) …

War News Updates: WikiLeaks’ Alleged Source Faces 22 New Charges
By War News Updates Editor
The Army files 22 new counts against Pfc. Bradley Manning, suspected of
giving information to WikiLeaks. The development comes amid an expanding
U.S. investigation that could lead to charges against website founder
Julian Assange and …

WikiLeaks’ New Venture Is … T-Shirts – Site is raising money by …
Julian Assange needs cash to pay legal bills, and WikiLeaks needs cash to
keep WikiLeaking. Hence, this new website selling WikiLeaks merchandise,

Wikileaks Opens Official Online Store – Slashdot
From the article: ‘Wikileaks is looking to generate more revenue by
launching an online shop that is run by Spreadshirt AG. Supporters of J…

British Judge Approves WikiLeaks’ Assange Extradition – PCWorld
UPDATE: A British judge Thursday approved Sweden’s request to extradite
Julian Assange, although the embattled WikiLeaks founder is expected to

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