VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 2 March, 2011: Israeli bulldozers demolish Khirbet Tana for 6th time

2 March, 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Report: “Israel Kidnapped 80 Children in Jerusalem Since The Beginning of 2011”
IMEMC – Thursday March 03, 2011 – 00:37, The Research and Documentation Unit at the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights (JCSER) reported that Israeli soldiers and policemen kidnapped more than 80 Palestinian children in occupied East Jerusalem since the beginning of this year.

Us Folksinger Changes Position To Support Boycott Of Israel
IMEMC – Thursday March 03, 2011 – 00:22, The legendary 82-year old folk singer Pete Seeger, an icon of the folk movement of the 1950s and 60s, told an Israeli organization that he supports the movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel “as much as he can”.

Army Kidnaps Elected Legislator
IMEMC – Thursday March 03, 2011 – 00:08, Israeli soldiers kidnapped on Wednesday evening legislator Azzam Salhab, 54, from the southern West Bank city of Hebron, after stopping him at a military roadblock near Jericho city.

Report: Israel illegally interrogates, tortures children
IMEMC – Wednesday March 02, 2011 – 18:38, The Palestinian Ministry of Detainee Affairs published a new report Wednesday documenting the torture of children as young as seven in Israeli prisons. Since the beginning of this year, Israeli soldiers have abducted 150 children and all of them were interrogated during the course of their imprisonment. Many were subjected to harm treatment such as hitting, psychological abuse, violence and the threat of violence without a parent or adult representative present.

Right-wing Israelis March In Jaffa against Arab Presence
IMEMC – Wednesday March 02, 2011 – 17:00, Right-wing Israelis held a march through Jaffa to protest against what they deemed, “the Islamic movement gaining control” over the city.

Jerusalem Municipality Approves Settlement Construction In East Jerusalem
IMEMC – Wednesday March 02, 2011 – 11:43, The Jerusalem Municipality decided to transform a police station in the Palestinian neighborhood of Ras al-Amoud in Jerusalem into a settlement outpost, and approved the construction of 14 units that would become the base for a new settlement.

Israel Shuts al-Mintar Crossing
IMEMC – Wednesday March 02, 2011 – 10:51, The israeli army has shut al-Mintar crossing, on Wednesday, and kept “Karam Abu Salem” crossing open only.

Israeli Navy Fires At Palestinian Fishing Boats
IMEMC – Wednesday March 02, 2011 – 09:09, Israeli Navy boats opened fire, on Wednesday at dawn, at Palestinian fishing boats near the shore in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Damage was reported, but no injuries.

Haniyya: “Reconciliation Cannot Be Reached Amidst Siege, Collaboration With Israel”
IMEMC – Wednesday March 02, 2011 – 08:31, Hamas leader, and Prime Minister of the dissolved Hamas-led government in Gaza, Ismail Haniyya, stated that the Palestinian people want real reconciliation that addresses the current political changes in the Arab World, and that this reconciliation cannot be reached amidst collaboration with Israel and, ongoing political arrests.

Netanyahu Said To Be Weighing A Plan For A Palestinian “State” With Provisional Borders
IMEMC – Wednesday March 02, 2011 – 04:18, Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is weighing a plan that would lead to the establishment of a “Palestinian state with provisional borders”, and that this plan is intended to be part of a transitional peace deal with the Palestinians.

Ma’an News

Israeli bulldozers demolish Khirbet Tana for 6th time
3/2/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — A herder village east of Nablus was demolished by Israel’s Civil Administration for the sixth time on Wednesday, a Palestinian official confirmed. Early Wednesday morning, 13 Israeli patrol cars and three military bulldozers arrived in the hamlet of Khirbet Tana, and demolished the tents and sheds recently re-built by…. Related: ISM: Village of Khirbet Tana completely demolished by Israeli military

Israel closes Karni crossing permanently
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities decided on Wednesday to permanently close Gaza’s central Karni crossing. Palestinian liaison official Raed Fattouh said Israeli authorities informed him the Karni crossing east of Gaza City would close, leaving only the southern Kerem Shalom crossing open for goods. In January, Israeli officials announced the imminent…. Related: ‘Closing Karni crossing will tighten the siege’

Israeli forces demolish wells near Hebron
3/2/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli bulldozers destroyed a well in the agricultural community of Al-Baq’a on Wednesday morning, local officials said. The well, on the outskirts of the village west of Hebron, belonged to Hamed Yousef Hamed Jabber, who told Ma’an that he used the water source to irrigate a small….

Israeli force penetrates Gaza amid gunfire
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Gaza residents on the outskirts of Khan Younis reported Wednesday an Israeli force entering the Gaza borders, penetrating some 200 meters beyond the Green Line. The force entered under the cover of gunfire, witnesses said, and included three military vehicles and an armored bulldozer. An Israeli military spokesman said he….

Israeli navy fire on Gaza fishermen
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY(Ma’an) — Israeli naval boats opened fire on Gaza fishermen in the early morning on Wednesday, near the Rafah coast, witnesses said. Reports said the fishing vessels sustained significant damage. Gaza medical spokesman Adham Abu Salmiya confirmed the Israeli navy opened fire against boats off southern Gaza, with no injuries reported. An….

Settlement outpost expands
3/2/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Settlers began expanding an illegal outpost south of Nablus on Wednesday, local Palestinian officials reported, adding several caravan homes to the area north of the Eli and Shilo settlements. The expansion came the day after Israeli government officials announced that outposts built on privately owned Palestinian lands would be dismantled. Under….

UN delegates ‘walked out’ during Clinton speech
3/2/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestine’s delegation to the UN Human Rights Council walked out Monday in protest of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech in which she criticized the council for bias against Israel. The Palestinian representative in Geneva on Tuesday confirmed reports in the Arabic media that delegates stormed….

Hundreds protest in Jaffa after right-wing rally
3/2/2011 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Hundreds of Palestinian citizens of Israel protested Wednesday in the coastal city of Jaffa, onlookers said, after right-wing activists paraded through the predominantly Arab city. Dozens of police arrived to close streets as the demonstrators defied orders to stop. They managed to break through a police line and some sat on….

Health Ministry investigating negligence claims
3/2/2011 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Palestinians protested against the nonfeasance of medical services in public hospitals, which has resulted in more than 10 women dying during delivery in recent months. Families picketed Wednesday near the wake of the latest victim, 23-year-old Rana Abu Maryam, who died this week during delivery in the northern West Bank….

Worker killed in tunnel accident
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A young man died Wednesday morning inside a tunnel at the Egyptian border in southern Gaza. Riziq Abdul Aziz, 21, was crushed by a barrel that workers were moving under the border at Rafah, medics said. His body was received at Abu Yousef Najjar Hospital, medical officials announced….

Israel army tests advanced tank weapon
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (AFP) — A state-of-the-art anti-rocket system designed to protect tanks had its baptism of fire on Tuesday as Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian gunmen on the Gaza border, the army said. The military said an Israeli tank on border patrol was attacked by an anti-tank missile, but used the new equipment to neutralize the….

Militant group says fighter fired on Israeli patrol in northern Gaza
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The armed wing of the Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, said Wednesday night that fighters fired on an Israeli military patrol in the northern Gaza Strip. The patrol was inside Gaza territory when the shots were fired, operating east of the Beit Hanoun….

Hamas: Fayyad unity plan ‘born dead’
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Political adviser to Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Wednesday that Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s plan to create a new unity cabinet was “born dead, it is of no political value.”In a government statement, Yousef Rizqa said Hamas officials never received information on Fayyad’….

PA: World must act on settler violence
3/2/2011 – RAMALLAH(AFP) — The Palestinian Authority on Wednesday urged the international community to take action to halt Jewish settler violence towards Palestinians. Following a series of attacks against Palestinians across the West Bank, the Ramallah-based leadership issued a statement demanding the international community “intervene with Israel over the violent and provocative actions by settlers, which the….

Lebanon minister refuses to cooperate with Hariri court
3/2/2011 – BEIRUT, Lebanon (AFP) — Lebanon’s caretaker minister of telecommunications said Wednesday he had ignored a request for information by a UN court probing the murder of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri on legal grounds. Charbel Nahas told AFP that the Netherlands-based Special Tribunal for Lebanon had sought documents relating to the phone records of Lebanese citizens….

1 Gaza crossing partially open
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities decided Wednesday to partially open the Kerem Shalom crossing to allow aid into Gaza, officials said. Palestinian liaison official Raed Fattouh said approximately 170 to 180 truckloads of goods for the commercial and agricultural sectors would be allowed into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing, including two truckloads….

2 detained near Hebron
3/2/2011 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Palestinian sources said two brothers were detained by Israeli forces on Tuesday night, following a home raid in their villge of Hadab Al-Alaqa. The brother were identified as Hafeth and Maher Kayed Al-Komi. An Israeli military spokesman said no detentions were carried out overnight….

‘Closing Karni crossing will tighten the siege’
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Campaign Against the Siege slammed Wednesday, the official Israeli announcement that the bulk goods crossing for imports into Gaza would be closed permanently as of that morning. Campaign organizers released a statement saying that by closing the crossing, the humanitarian situation in Gaza would inevitably deteriorate, “causing human…. Related: Israel closes Karni crossing permanently

Hamas says reports of weapons in Egypt false
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas officials in Gaza condemned as false Wednesday, a Feb. 26 report in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ayyam, which said the country’s security forces had seized weapons in Egypt belonging to the Islamist party’s armed wing. A statement from the Gaza government said it held the editorial….

Israel skips Quartet meet, as PM eyes interim deal
3/2/2011 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is considering pushing for a long-term interim agreement with the Palestinians in the absence of any moves to renew peace talks, press reports said on Wednesday. The idea was splashed across all of Israel’s main newspapers as Palestinian negotiators held talks about resuming peace dialogue in….

Hamas: All factions want an end to division
3/2/2011 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) —”Ending division is the demand of all factions, at the head of which is Hamas. We are making all efforts to unify [as a way to] confront the Israeli occupation,”member of Hamas’ politburo office, Khalil Al-Haya said Wednesday. The official spoke at a ceremony recognizing the achievements of….

Gadhafi warns of bloodbath if West intervenes
3/2/2011 – TRIPOLI, Libya (AFP) – Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi warned on Wednesday that “thousands” would die if the West intervened to support the uprising against him, as rebels drove back an attack by his forces on an eastern town. The chilling warning came as western powers dampened expectations of any early imposition of a no-fly zone over….

Libyan oil output ‘under threat in opposition areas’
3/2/2011 – LONDON (AFP) — Libya’s oil fields are largely in the control of opposition forces and it is unlikely that production will return to normal in the near future, analysts say. The most serious revolt against Moammar Gadhafi’s rule in four decades has brought most of Libya’s oil production of around….

UNHCR: Acres of people waiting to flee Libya into Tunisia
3/2/2011 – GENEVA (AFP) — The UNHCR made a plea Wednesday for hundreds of planes to help end a gridlock at the Tunisia border with revolt-hit Libya, where what has been described as “acres of people” were still waiting to cross.” They are outdoors in the freezing cold, under the rain, many of them have spent three or….

Libyan rebels say Gadhafi forces repulsed in Brega
3/2/2011 – BREGA, Libya (AFP) — Libyan rebels said they repulsed forces loyal to Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi in Brega on Wednesday after they stormed the eastern town with tanks and heavy artillery….

Spain to freeze Gadhafi regime assets
3/2/2011 – MADRID (AFP) — Spain will freeze the assets of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s regime held in the country, a government spokesman said Wednesday….

France sends planes, ship to help Egyptians fleeing Libya
3/2/2011 – PARIS (AFP) — France is to send heavy-lift planes and a ship to create a land and sea bridge to ferry 5,000 Egyptian refugees fleeing Libya home from the Tunisian border, the foreign ministry said Wednesday….

Gadhafi appears among loyalists in Tripoli
3/2/2011 – TRIPOLI (AFP) — Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi appeared at a televised public rally in Tripoli among loyalists of his regime on Wednesday as rebels fought back his forces east of the capital….

Palestine Note

Netanyahu’s promise to dismantle settlements is a big step backward
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Roi Maor, +972 – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced yesterday his intention to legalize dozens of tiny settlement outposts in the West Bank, which were built over the last decade, without formal authorization by the Israeli…

Hamas: Fayyad unity plan ‘born dead’
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – Political adviser to Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Wednesday that Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad’s plan to create a new unity cabinet was “born dead, it is of no political value.” In…

Angelina Jolie, actress and ambassador, laments refugee crisis in Libya, West Africa
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Los Angeles Times – Hollywood starlet Angelina Jolie, a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations’ high commissioner for refugees, expressed serious concerns Wednesday about the tens of thousands of civilians caught up in turmoil in Libya…

The Palestinians’ Long Wait in Lebanon
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – New York Times – Lebanon hands out and renews hundreds of thousands of work permits every year to people from Africa, Asia and other Arab countries. But until now, only a handful have been given to…

In Jordan, Some Regret a Missed Opportunity
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – New York Times – Two weeks ago, Manal, 27, dressed in a black robe, walked slowly in a crowd of several hundred demonstrators ‚Äî mostly men ‚Äî carrying children, waving Jordanian flags or holding up homemade…

Opposition says Egypt’s roadmap to democracy not good enough
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Deutsche Welle – Egypt’s military council has presented its roadmap: the referendum on the constitution is scheduled for March 19. The parliament and the president will be elected in the summer. But the opposition opposes the…

Israeli bulldozers demolish Khirbet Tana for 6th time
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – A herder village east of Nablus was demolished by Israel’s Civil Administration for the sixth time on Wednesday, a Palestinian official confirmed. Early Wednesday morning, 13 Israeli patrol cars and three military bulldozers arrived…

Settlement outpost expands
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – Settlers began expanding an illegal outpost south of Nablus on Wednesday, local Palestinian officials reported, adding several caravan homes to the area north of the Eli and Shilo settlements. The expansion came the day…

Israel skips Quartet meet, as PM eyes interim deal
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Ma’an – Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is considering pushing for a long-term interim agreement with the Palestinians in the absence of any moves to renew peace talks, press reports said on Wednesday. The idea was splashed across…

Arabs demand Libya halt violence, eye no-fly zone
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Arabiya – The Arab League called on Muammar Gaddafi’s government to halt attacks against Libyans on Wednesday and said it would consider imposing a “no-fly” zone over the country which has been suspended from the organization….

UN urges mass border evacuation from Libya
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – BBC News – The UN has called for a mass humanitarian evacuation of people fleeing Libya for Tunisia, saying the border situation is at “crisis point”. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said thousands of lives were at…

Arab Unrest Puts Their Lobbyists in Uneasy Spot
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – New York Times – For years, they have been one of the most formidable lobbying forces in town: the elite band of former members of Congress, former diplomats and power brokers who have helped Middle Eastern…

The Transformative Generation
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Abdaljawad Hamayel – Ever since Bouazizi decided to set himself ablaze, the Middle East has been undergoing gigantic and tectonic revolts that have taken down two entrenched presidents in Egypt and Tunisia, while Libya remains in…

Israeli bill threatens dreams of community cohesion
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – A few weeks ago, Jaffa witnessed protests against members of the Jewish religious-nationalist community moving into the area. At the same time, the Israeli parliament began debating a measure which would allow small villages to select…

Consulting Indonesia on the Middle East
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Suffering from an increase in radicalisation and a certain level of religious exclusivity which has lead to vigilante attacks against specific religious minorities, Indonesia is not always held up as a model for others. However, as…

Pro-Democracy in Palestine
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – Ray Hanania writes revolting against Fatah loses sight of the real threat: the Occupation Ray Hanania – There has been a growing discussion in the Palestinian community back home and in the United States about organizing…

Pro-Democracy in Palestine: Who should Palestinians focus on?
Palestine Note 2 Mar 2011 – There has been a growing discussion in the Palestinian community back home and in the United States about organizing “pro-Democracy protests.” Most of the focus has been to protest the FATAH organization which is the dominant…

Palestine News Network

Preparing for Local Elections, Elections Committee Trains New Employees
PNN – Ramallah — PNN –The Palestinian Central Elections Committee (CEC) started training new staff members in preparation for local elections on July 9. Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayyad announced that his coming government…

Palestinian Students Returning from Libya: Our Embassy Abandoned Us
PNN – Ramallah — Muhammad Abu Irqub — PNN – Palestinian students returning from Libya avoided the wave of violence that has swept the country, according to Palestinian ambassador Atef Mustafa Awda. However, only…

One Killed in Rafah Tunnel Accident
PNN – Rafah — PNN – A 21-year-old Palestinian man was killed on Wednesday morning in an accident in a smuggling tunnel in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Local sources…

Settlers Rebuild Water Wells near Nablus, Israeli Troops Arrest Five in Hebron
PNN – Nablus — PNN – Settlers in illegal outposts near the northern West Bank city of Nablus rebuilt water wells destroyed by the Israeli army in recent days, while the Israeli army arrested…

Let Us Announce a Shadow Government
PNN – Fadi Abu Sadaa — PNN Editor in Chief — Without doubt, efforts by Palestinian youth to end the Hamas-Fatah division is getting widespread support and respect and embarrassing leaders on both sides….

Israeli Army Razes Tana Village for Sixth Time
PNN – Nablus — PNN – For the sixth time since 2005, Israeli military troops invaded and demolished the village of Tana, east of Nablus, claiming the homes lacked permits. The village, home to…

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (17 — 23 February 2011)
Palestinian Center for Human Rights

Jerusalem Post

Aharonovitch: Plastic bullets were fired at Gilad Farm
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – Public security minister speaks to Knesset plenum; police insisted paintballs were fired, settlers said rubber bullets used.

43 PA policemen training in Libya attempt to leave
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – The fact that PA policemen were studying in Libya wasn’t known until now. Most PA policemen have been receiving training in Jordan, Egypt.

‘2 Iranian warships to return to Red Sea via Suez Canal’
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – Vessels that were described by Israel as a “provocation” are slated to leave the Mediterranean Sea, canal official says.

14 housing units for Jewish families approved in e. J’lem
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – Old police headquarter renovation project was not open to public comment, may be part of large plan with 104 units called Ma’aleh David.

PM: I hope Schalit will be released while in I’m in office
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – Netanyahu says “a day does not pass in which we we are not working” to bring the kidnapped IDF soldier home in meeting with Chilean miners.

‘IAEA inspectors to visit Syria acid plant’
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – UN nuclear agency officials to examine plant where uranium is made, but Syria will not give IAEA access to bombed atomic complex.

You say you want a revolution
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – While historians and commentators are quick to draw parallels with past Western revolutions, the revolting Arab countries may find it more useful to examine the democratic foundation of a Semitic country closer to home. You guessed it, Israel.

Gaddafi: Libya is ruled by its people; I cannot resign
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – Libyan leader denies protests in the east, compares rebels to “Israeli tanks in Gaza,” calls on UN and NATO to “set up fact-finding committees” on a “conspiracy to control Libyan oil and its land.”

Tshuva: Gas will reach Israel’s shores by 2013
Jeruslalem Post 2 Mar 2011 – Delek owner: “We will supply all of the needs of the state. I believe that we will reach understandings with the Treasury and Israel Electric Co.”

A portrait of Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme authority
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, who preached in Tahrir Square 10 days ago, loathes Israel, justifies suicide bombings against its civilians.

Hamas vows to foil Holocaust lessons in UNRWA schools
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – Fatah officials also express opposition to teaching “enemy’s false claims and lies”; Hamas says UNRWA plan would be a “cultural crime.”

The Israel Factor: Israel suffers from Tea Party confusion
Jeruslalem Post 1 Mar 2011 – While the panel is still not enthusiastic about the Partiers, it is also not as judgmental and negative as it was back in November.

International Solidarity Movement

West Bank Palestinians anticipate settler’s ‘Day of Rage’
3/3/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – Violence of settlers against Palestinians throughout the West Bank is a known issue and is often excessive, vandalizing, injuring, and sometimes lethal. One month ago, in a span of two days – the 27th and 28th of January – two young men were killed in settler attacks. One, 20-year old Oday Maher Hamza Qadous was shot…. Related: Settlers plan ‘Day of Rage’ in West Bank

Hebron witnesses increase in settler harassment following al-Shuhada street demonstration
3/3/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – 02 March – Sunday a shop in Tel Rumeida was attacked by a middle-aged settler who smashed the shop’s window with a stick. Of the two shopkeepers inside, one was disabled in a wheelchair. The other went out and was then attacked by the settler. Soldiers from the nearby checkpoint did not aid or….

Village of Khirbet Tana completely demolished by Israeli military
3/2/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – 02 March – At 9 am this morning the Israeli military arrived to the village of Khirbet Tana, close to Beit Furik, south east of Nablus, with four bulldozers and army jeeps. For the sixth time this year the Israeli military demolished homes and animal shelters in the village, this time destroying the village completely. Around…. Related: Israeli bulldozers demolish Khirbet Tana for 6th time

Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem’s visa revoked
3/2/2011 – International Solidarity Movement – 02 March, Arieh Cohen, AsiaNews. it – Sheil Dawani is considered a foreigner, having been born in Nablus, while the Anglican cathedral and offices are in East Jerusalem. Without a visa, in theory he can be arrested and deported at any time. Appeal already submitted to an administrative tribunal could have the negative effect of giving…. Related: Source

Ha’aretz Defense page

PLO envoy tells U.S. Jews: Peace process must lead to Palestinian state
Ha’aretz – At NYU conference, Maen Rashid Areikat says negotiations have lost credibility amid continued Israeli construction in the West Bank.

Israel eases Gaza blockade to allow passage of Europe-bound tomatoes
Ha’aretz – Israel began easing trade restrictions on Gaza in November in response to Western demands against an embargo it imposed when Hamas Islamists seized power in 2007.

Ha’aretz National page

16 leftists arrested at protest against right-wing march in Jaffa
Ha’aretz – March is organized by right-wing activists who want to protest ‘Islamic Movement gaining control over [the city]’; Arab residents close businesses in protest.

Doctor sentenced to one year in prison after taking bribes from patients
Ha’aretz – Court determined that Dr. Aryeh Figger, an oncologist, took thousands of shekels from patients in exchange for special treatment during their stay at Ichilov and Beilinson Hospitals.

Veteran Israeli diplomat: Netanyahu and Lieberman harm Israel’s international standing
Ha’aretz – Israel’s former ambassador to South Africa indicated in a letter to Foreign Ministry officials that he is retiring in protest of policies advanced by the Netanyahu government.

Palestine Telegraph

Israel permanently closes Al-Montar crossing
2 Mar 2011 – Gaza strip, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli authorities decided Wednesday to close Al-Montar croosing in the east of Gaza strip permanently and kept Abu Salem crossing open only.

Gaza: tunnel worker found dead
2 Mar 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)- A Palestinian tunnel worker died Wednesday after a barrel hit his head causing his immediate death. Medical Sources told that the victim known as Abdel Aziz El –Shaer,21, was removed to Abu Yousif Al-Najjar hospital in Rafah city. Dozens of Gazans were killed during such similar incident, electric shock, or collapse. As Israeli siege upon Gaza…

Israeli navy shells Palestinian fishing boat in Gaza
2 Mar 2011 – Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-As occupation military offensive continues, Israeli gunboats near the shore of Rafah city in the south part of Gaza Strip targeted Tuesday evening a Palestinian fishing boat causing damage with one boat.

Israeli army demolishes Tana for the 6th time
2 Mar 2011 – West Bank, (Pal Telegraph)-Israeli occupation forces demolished Wednesday morning several houses in Khirbat Tana in the east of Nablus city for the sixth time, leaving excessive damage but no causalities.


World Social Forum puts Palestine solidarity into action
Uruknet March 2, 2011 – Tens of thousands of activists gathered in Dakar, Senegal for the 2011 World Social Forum (WSF) in February. Hundreds of workshops and assemblies on social justice struggles around the world were held at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, including a series of presentations on the Palestinian struggle for liberation and the growing global boycott,…

Materiel and personnel in place for military intervention in Libya
Uruknet March 2, 2011 – The United States, Britain and the European powers are deepening their preparations for intervention in Libya, including military action. They hope to exploit the popular revolt against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi to take control of Libya’s oil fields and establish a crucial base for further operations in the region under conditions where dictatorships on…

Israeli bulldozers demolish Khirbet Tana
Uruknet March 2, 2011 – A herder village east of Nablus was demolished by Israel’s Civil Administration for the sixth time on Wednesday, a Palestinian official confirmed. Early Wednesday morning, 13 Israeli patrol cars and three military bulldozers arrived in the hamlet of Khirbet Tana, and demolished the tents and sheds recently re-built by residents, Ghassan Doughlas, the Fatah official…

Analysis: Concerns over rising violence in West Bank
Uruknet March 1, 2011 – Violence between Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the West Bank appears to be worsening, say UN agencies, NGOs, and the Israeli and Palestinian communities living there. An increased number of Palestinian civilians have been injured and had property or land damaged in incidents involving Israeli settlers living in the West Bank since the start of…

No to no fly zones in Libya
Uruknet March 1, 2011 – Apparently 200 Arab NGOs begged for the imposition of UN-enforced no-fly zones over Libyan airspace, including Ahdaf Soweif, a novelist and writer who is giving the Edward Said Memorial Lecture in a week at Columbia University (someone please call her out on this) and Omar Al Qattan (Palestinian expatriate bourgeoisie). Robert Danin from the Council…

Six Children Arrested in Silwan Clashes
Uruknet March 01, 2011 – Israeli ‘undercover’ forces arrested six Palestinian children, on Monday, during violent confrontations in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, local sources informed. Six children were rounded up in al-Ein al-Fawqa, in Silwan, after Israeli forces entered the neighbourhood wearing civilian clothes, eyewitnesses said. Three of the children from the neighbourhood are known as Fahmi al-Haymouni,…

In whose name does Dutch FM Rosenthal speak?
Uruknet March 1, 2011 – In recent months, a number of Latin American countries have publicly expressed their recognition of Palestinian statehood. Given that a Palestinian state doesn’t yet exist, this recognition also amounts to supporting the Palestinian right to statehood. For Israel and defenders of its policies around the world, the “snowball effect” of nations recognizing this right is,…

Will the Palestinians keep silent?
Uruknet March 1, 2011 – The Palestinian-Israeli conflict remains the heart of the persistent crisis in the Middle East. But within the persistent revolutionary wave, new questions on the issue have been raised. Most importantly, where are the Palestinian people? Why they are ‘relatively’ silent, and when and how they will break this silence and have their own say? So…

The National

‘Firm legal action’ urged against Iran opposition leaders Mousavi and Karroubi
The National 3 Mar 2011 – Parliamentary report claims ‘clear need’ to prosecute Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi. while Iranian government denies the two and their wives had been transferred to Tehran’s Heshmatiyeh jail.

Netanyahu may offer ‘interim agrement’ with Palestinians
The National 3 Mar 2011 – Israeli prime minister has not formally proposed idea raised in media, but critics say move would be more evidence that Israel is not serious about a peace pact

Alternative Information Center

Politics of Heritage in Palestine: Conflict between Two Narratives
Alternative Information Center – Political dimensions and motives occupy a great space in their relation and interaction with various heritage fields and numerous human experiences. For every society, heritage constitutes a fundamental factor in plumbing historical and cultural depths. It…

Jerusalem Municipality Approves New Settlement Construction in Heart of Palestinian Neighbourhood Ras al-Amud
Alternative Information Center – Jerusalem Municipality’s licensing committee issued a permit Tuesday for the construction of 14 new settler apartments in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood Ras al-Amud, at the site of the former Samaria and Judea Police Division compound.

Haifa-Ottawa Exchange: Evidence of Discrimination against Palestinian Students
Alternative Information Center РSubject: Motion on Haifa-Ottawa Exchange — Evidence of Discrimination against Arab and Palestinian Students at University of Haifa

Daily Star

Gadhafi steps up massacre
Daily Star 2 Mar 2011 VIENNA: Syria has agreed to allow U.N. nuclear inspectors into a plant with possible uranium material, diplomatic sources said, but Washington said the gesture would not be enough to address allegations of covert atomic activity. The…

Syria okays visit by nuclear agency: diplomats
Daily Star 2 Mar 2011 VIENNA: Syria has agreed to allow U.N. nuclear inspectors into a plant with possible uranium material, diplomatic sources said, but Washington said the gesture would not be enough to address allegations of covert atomic activity. The…

Housing for Jews approved in occupied East Jerusalem
Daily Star 2 Mar 2011 Officials in occupied Jerusalem approved new housing for Jews in the heart of an Arab neighborhood, officials said Wednesday, infuriating Palestinians who see the growing Jewish presence in the city’s eastern sector as undermining their aspirations…

Mubarak in Saudi Arabia for cancer treatment: report
Daily Star 2 Mar 2011 Toppled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is receiving medical treatment for cancer in Saudi Arabia, according to a report Wednesday in the state-owned Al-Akhbar newspaper while two leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood were released after serving…

Opposition gives Saleh road map for transition
Daily Star 2 Mar 2011 Yemen’s opposition presented Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh with a road map for a smooth transition of power this year, offering him a graceful exit as street pressure grew for him to step down now. Backtracking…

Relief Web

OPT: Israel allows first cherry tomato export from Gaza
Relief Web 2 Mar 2011 – Source: Agence France-Presse

OPT: “Animals in a zoo have a bigger cage than one they’re putting our family in”
Relief Web 2 Mar 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

Lebanon: Picking up the pieces in Nahr el-Bared
Relief Web 2 Mar 2011 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

IOF Kills Palestinian Civilian Collecting Scrap in North Gaza District
Relief Web 2 Mar 2011 – Source: Al Mezan Center for Human Rights

Inter Press Service

Israel Grows Ever-Harsher in Treatment of Migrants
IPS A new report from the Global Detention Project (GDP) on Israel’s immigration detention policies reveals the tough reality behind the feel-good story offered in the Academy Award-winning “Strangers No More”, an inspirational documentary about students from migrant families who attend the Bialik-Rogozin school in Tel Aviv.

Stop The Wall

Biweekly Repression Update
Stop The Wall – This update contains exerts from testimony gathered by STW from a Bil’in resident shot with live ammunition during the February 18 demonstration. Over this period, one person was seriously injured and others were also hurt during weekly demonstrations. The number of arrests sky rocketed, with a total of 29 people, predominately youth, were arrested by Occupation forces.

YNet News

Gaddafi: Rebels like Israel in Gaza
YNet News – Leader calls for probe on uprising as Turkey offers to attack Libya in exchange….

Aharonovitch: Settlers threatened security forces
YNet News – Internal security minister endorses use of plastic bullets against settlers….

False alarm sounded throughout Israel
YNet News – Tel Aviv, northern residents shocked by alarm sounded due to malfunction in….

Giuliani: Iran must not become nuclear power
YNet News – Celebrated New York mayor tells Haifa Chamber of Commerce military option not….

Oldest IDF recruit begins service
YNet News – David Patrick Shoval, 37, leaves comfortable post at Belgian prime minister’s….

PA: 150 states to recognize Palestine by Sept.
YNet News – Palestinians expect broad global support: Some 150 countries will recognize a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders by September of this year, Palestinian Authority …….

Clinton: US should fund Lebanon army
YNet News – WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told Senate Wednesday that America should continue to fund the Lebanese army, despite concerns that Hezbollah’s …….

IDF drivers arrested for anti-tank missile theft
YNet News – Three IDF soldiers serving as drivers at the Golani Infantry Brigade were arrested recently for their alleged involvement in the theft of four Light Anti-Tank Weapons …….

Diplomat: I can no longer represent Israel
YNet News – Foreign Ministry earthquake: A veteran diplomat says he has resigned from his post because he had a hard time defending the policies of Israel’s current government, …….

MKs: Probe outpost evacuation
YNet News – Five rightist Knesset members called Thursday for a commission of inquiry following the evacuation of illegal structures in the West Bank outpost of Havat Gilad. …….

PM: We don’t know where Shalit is
YNet News – Meeting with the Chilean miners on the last day of their trip to Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced hope on Wednesday that captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit …….

Palestinian Information Center

IOF troops detain 6 Palestinians in Al-Khalil, destroy pond as settlers escalate
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained six Palestinians in a number of villages in Al-Khalil and in a refugee camp on Wednesday, local sources reported.

Israeli authorities demolish temporary homes of Palestinian family
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – Israeli municipality teams escorted by 200 policemen razed the temporary (caravan) homes of the Palestinian family Abu Eid after their homes were demolished a few weeks ago in Lod.

Jerusalem municipality approves plan to build 14 homes in Ras al-Amoud
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – Israel’s Jerusalem municipality has approved a plan to convert a deserted police station in Jerusalem’s Ras al-Amoud district into a settlement outpost.

Zahar: Hamas has done all it could for reconciliation
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – Hamas co-founder and politburo member Mahmoud al-Zahar has said his movement has put forth all it could to achieve national reconciliation.

Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes with police in Jaffa
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – Dozens of Palestinians have been injured in clashes that broke out with police protecting Jewish demonstrations in the West Bank city of Jaffa.

Relatives of Palestinian prisoner ask for international medical team
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – Relatives of Palestinian prisoner Haithem Salehiya has asked for an international medical team to call on Salehiya in his Aishel prison after the Israeli intelligence tried to poison him.

International campaign offers legal aid to MPs ordered out of Jerusalem
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – The three Palestinian public figures Israel ordered to leave Jerusalem have marked their 224th day seeking sanctuary with a visit from the international campaign against revoking citizenship.

Hamas: Abbas authority rounded up 135 Hamas supporters in February
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – The security apparatuses loyal to the Ramallah authority summoned more than 1,500 Hamas supporters and cadres and kidnapped 135 of them in the past month of February, Hamas said on Tuesday.

IOF troops demolish Tana for the sixth time
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) demolished the Tana village east of Nablus city for the sixth consecutive time, eyewitnesses reported.

Jordanian rights group to sue Israel after explosion kills child
PIC 2 Mar 2011 – A Jordan human rights organization condemned in statements on Wednesday an Israeli explosion that killed a Jordanian boy and left another wounded a few days back in the Jordan Valley.

New York Times

Middle East: In Jordan, Some Regret a Missed Opportunity
New York Times 2 Mar 2011 – Intellectuals, former politicians and ordinary citizens say that if a 2006 National Agenda had been enforced, Jordan would not be facing the challenges confronting it today.

Middle East: The Palestinians’ Long Wait in Lebanon
New York Times 2 Mar 2011 – After 62 years, Palestinian refugees are about to be granted the right to work in Lebanon. But whether there will be real change remains to be seen.


‘Light a Candle for Gaza’ –the rabbis’ piece the Washington Post refused to publish without major changes
Mondoweiss – A week ago we posted an important story (related by Felice Gelman) about two rabbis whose Op-Ed on Gaza was supposed to go online in an hour’s time at a major newspaper last Hanukah when the authors were presented with a lot of Israeli-tilted questions about…

‘Israel Peace Week’ speaker Senor lauds IDF and ‘economic miracle’ and says nothing about Palestinians
Mondoweiss – Last Wednesday Dan Senor, a neoconservative investor, “geopolitical expert,” and writer, came to speak at the University of Rochester . The topic of his speech? “Israel’s Economic Miracle,” coincidentally the subtitle of his new book. Given Senor’s past , the fact that the university’s president, Joel Seligman,…

Mondo Award Winner: Jillian Kestler-D’Amours on al-Araqib
Mondoweiss – This is the first of six Mondo Awards we are rolling out . This entry was first published here in late December , and it wins the Steadfastness Award. Writer Jillian Kestler-D’Amours will receive a half dozen books. For the Indomitable People of al-Araqib It was 6 a.m….

The Mondo Awards– we start rolling them out, at last
Mondoweiss – The work we do as activists to effect social change rarely has immediate rewards. It’s a struggle that builds gradually so sometimes, when it feels like we’ve been running in place, and injustice continues to reign, it can feel pretty bleak. That’s how it felt last…

J Street is liberating Jews from Zionism. So far so good
Mondoweiss – The good news from the J Street conference is that the organization made it a point to include the Jewish left, non-Zionist Palestinian solidarity activists, and this opening will have important consequences for Jewish life if not for the future of the Middle East. To hear…

David Yerushalmi, Islam-Hating White Supremacist Inspires Anti-Sharia Bills Sweeping Tea Party Nation
Tikun Olam – David Yerushalmi You’ve gotta hand it to David Yerushalmi. Until now, I can’t recall a Jew who’s ever been called a white supremacist before (actually now that I think of it, I called him a Jewish white supremacist way back in 2007). Thanks to him, we…

After Mossad Cloned British Passports to Kill al-Mabouh, Promised Never to Do It Again, IDF General Does
Tikun Olam – Brig. Gen. Avi Benayahu used false identity to enter Britain after Mossad promised not to engage in similar behavior In its assassination conspiracy against Mahmoud al-Mabouh, the Mossad cloned the legitimate passports of numerous Israeli dual-nationality citizens, among them several from Britain. As a result, Mossad…

INTERVIEW-Middle East turmoil seen inspiring Palestinians
Palestine Monitor – * Senior Palestinian predicts new anti-Israel uprising * Says non-violent protests could bring swift results By Mohammed Assadi RAMALLAH, West Bank, March 1 (Reuters) – A wave of popular unrest in the Arab world will soon inspire Palestinians to wage non-violent protests of their own against Israel’s…

Protests spread throughout Arabian Peninsula
WSWS – Renewed protests hit Yemen, Oman and Bahrain yesterday. There are signs that the protests that spread from Tunisia and Egypt to the Arabian Peninsula may also overtake Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Misc 2

To BDS or not to BDS? If You’re a Liberal Zionist, Try TBDS
The Magnes Zionist 2 Mar 2011 – I had the privilege of meeting Rebecca Vilkomerson, director of Jewish Voice for Peace, in Jerusalem a few months ago. At the time I was deeply pessimistic about the future. After months of reading Haaretz ‘s print edition, of seeing a society I once fell in…

Some Thoughts from the J Street Conference
The Magnes Zionist 1 Mar 2011 – I didn’t attend the plenary sessions at the J Street conference in DC; the last people I wanted to hear from were Kadima MKs and Dennis Ross (though I did hear some of the panel discussion afterwards. I never knew that Bernard Avishai was a kohen .)…

Iran: 200 protesters ‘arrested’
BBC 2 Mar 2011 – Iranian opposition groups say more than 200 people were arrested on Tuesday while trying to protest in Tehran over the reported imprisonment of two leaders.

America in the Middle East: US Policy Fails Its Purchasers
Antiwar.com 2 Mar 2011 – Can anyone doubt that Israel and its American friends direct U.S. Middle East policy? Do senior members of the administration ever dispute the axiom that Israel’s enemies must be America’s enemies? Does Congress or the corporate media ever question the huge financial, military, and diplomatic support…

J Street Urges Obama to Seize the Moment
Antiwar.com 2 Mar 2011 – J Street, the Washington-based “Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace” advocacy group, drew a large crowd to its annual conference this year despite criticism over its controversial calls for the Barack Obama administration not to veto a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank. In…


Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem’s visa revoked
Arieh Cohen, Jerusalem, AsiaNews3/2/2011
Israel’s Interior Ministry has revoked the permit for the Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem, The Rt Revd Suheil Dawani, to live in Jerusalem, and has refused requests to reinstate it, in spite of protests by Anglican authorities in the West specifically the United States.
The Bishop is a native of the Holy Land and has spent most of his life and ministry here, but cannot obtain either citizenship or legal residence in Israel, since he was born in Nablus, i.e. in the West Bank, which has been under Israeli occupation since 1967, but has not been annexed to Israel. East Jerusalem, on the other hand, where the Anglican Cathedral and Diocesan offices are situated, was also occupied at the same time, but Israel annexed it and considers it part of its national territory (although no other country in the world recognizes this annexation). Therefore, Bishop Dawani is considered by Israel to be a foreigner who can only visit — let alone live in — East Jerusalem with a special permit, which the Israeli authorities can either grant or deny at their sole discretion. In fact, even the original Palestinian inhabitants of East Jerusalem, and their descendants, are considered by Israel to be foreigners who are no more than possessors of a residence permit, which Israel can revoke.
Since the Bishop has of course remained at his post, in Jerusalem, without the permit, he could be arrested at any moment, be put on trial for being in Israel illegally, be sentenced to a prison term — or simply be forcibly removed from Jerusalem.
This situation is causing deep worry to all the Churches in the Holy Land. Because of the representative function of the Churches in the Holy Land, on behalf of the world-wide Christian communities, and because of various personnel needs, a large portion of the bishops, clergy and religious serving in Jerusalem and elsewhere, come from other countries…. more.. e-mail


A revolution against neoliberalism?
Abu Atris, Al Jazeera2/24/2011
If rebellion results in a retrenchment of neoliberalism, millions will feel cheated.
On February 16th I read a comment was posted on the wall of the Kullina Khalid Saed (“We are all Khaled Said”) Facebook page administered by the now very famous Wael Ghonim. By that time it had been there for about 21 hours. The comment referred to a news item reporting that European governments were under pressure to freeze bank accounts of recently deposed members of the Mubarak regime. The comment said: “Excellent news … we do not want to take revenge on anyone … it is the right of all of us to hold to account any person who has wronged this nation. By law we want the nation’s money that has been stolen … because this is the money of Egyptians, 40% of whom live below the poverty line.”
By the time I unpacked this thread of conversation, 5,999 people had clicked the “like” button, and about 5,500 had left comments. I have not attempted the herculean task of reading all five thousand odd comments (and no doubt more are being added as I write), but a fairly lengthy survey left no doubt that most of the comments were made by people who clicked the “like” icon on the Facebook page. There were also a few by regime supporters, and others by people who dislike the personality cult that has emerged around Mr. Ghoneim.
This Facebook thread is symptomatic of the moment. Now that the Mubarak regime has fallen, an urge to account for its crimes and to identify its accomplices has come to the fore. The chants, songs, and poetry performed in Midan al-Tahrir always contained an element of anger against haramiyya (thieves) who benefited from regime corruption. Now lists of regime supporters are circulating in the press and blogosphere. Mubarak and his closest relatives (sons Gamal and ‘Ala’) are always at the head of these lists. Articles on their personal wealth give figures as low as $3 billion to as high as $70 billion (the higher number was repeated on many protesters’ signs)…. more.. e-mail

Right of reply: The Palestine papers revealed nothing
Saeb Erekat, Ma’an News Agency3/1/2011
A response to: “Till September: The PA’s Meaningless Deadlines”
Ramzy Baroud fails to present the real picture of the Palestinian situation today. Characterizing the Palestinian leadership as a “self designated Palestinian leadership in the West Bank,” Mr. Baroud wittingly ignores some facts while distorts others. In fact, it was Hamas that has refused until this day to sign the Egyptian brokered reconciliation agreement.
The so-called “Palestine papers” have not revealed a single official agreement or document that offers concessions. Rather the majority of the documents were internal draft summaries of meetings taken in shorthand and intended for personal use only. Moreover, Baroud’s failure to differentiate between official positions and explorations or polemical rhetoric during the course of negotiations shows a lack of knowledge or a deliberate distortion.
A responsible and careful reading of the minutes and official Palestinian positions reveals that Palestinian negotiators were insistent on the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. The issues discussed were mechanisms by which Palestinian rights would be realized, rather than forfeited as claimed.
For example, the Palestinian position on territory never deviated from the 1967 borders and illegality of settlements. However, there was a willingness to discuss Israeli and U.S proposals for land swaps, only if equal in size and value, as a possible way to establish the 1967 lines as a base line for borders given the complicated reality on the ground created by Israel’s illegal colonial policies. — See also: Till September: The PA’s Meaningless Deadlines more.. e-mail

How Palestine’s uprising inspired Egypt’s
Electronic Intifada: 2 Mar 2011 – In the 1990s, one could only whisper Hosni Mubarak’s name. Political talk or jokes were avoided in phone calls. This year, millions of Egyptians fought for 18 days against their aging tyrant, braving the police troops firing teargas, rubber bullets and live ammunition. People in Egypt have lost their fear, but it did not happen overnight. Hossam el-Hamalawy comments.more

US students face jail time for disrupting Israeli official’s speech
Electronic Intifada: 2 Mar 2011 – Eleven University of California students face criminal charges and possible jail terms for protesting and disrupting a speech by an Israeli official as the Orange County district attorney’s office engages in what one of the students’ attorneys calls “selective and discriminatory prosecution”more

World Social Forum puts Palestine solidarity into action
Electronic Intifada: 2 Mar 2011 – The Electronic Intifada contributor Stefan Christoff spoke with Palestinian civil society activist Ahmad Jaradat outside the Palestine people’s assembly tent at the World Social Forum global anti-capitalist gathering.more

Libyan opposition prepares for offensive against Gaddafi
Electronic Intifada: 2 Mar 2011 – BENGHAZI, Libya (IPS) – As the defectors from the Libyan army organize the weapons they have recovered from Muammar Gaddafi’s strongholds in the region, thousands of Libyan men are volunteering to join the soldiers in a possible attack on Tripoli to oust Gaddafi from power.more

INTERVIEW-Middle East turmoil seen inspiring Palestinians
Palestine Monitor: 2 Mar 2011 – * Senior Palestinian predicts new anti-Israel uprising * Says non-violent protests could bring swift results By Mohammed Assadi RAMALLAH, West Bank, March 1 (Reuters) – A wave of popular unrest in the Arab world will soon inspire Palestinians to wage non-violent protests of their own against Israel’s 43-year-old occupation, a prominent Palestinian has said. Mustafa Barghouthi, who came second in a 2005 presidential election behind Mahmmoud Abbas, said the failure of peace negotiations over the past two decades would spur Palestinians to launch mass rallies against Israeli rule. Barghouthi said the turmoil in the Middle East showed how fast events were evolving, producing much quicker results than non-violent movements in India against British rule in the 20th century and that of Martin Luther King in the United States. “None of these leaders could move half the population over the period of two weeks to bring down a whole regime,” he told…more

Another Tidal Wave is Needed
Palestine Chronicle: 2 Mar 2011 – By George S. Hishmeh — Washington, D.C. The spark that the impoverished Tunisian fruit peddler, Mohammed Bouazizi, lit in his self-immolation act in protest for his mistreatment and humiliation by a policewoman is still ablaze within many of the Arab regimes anciens, regrettably abundant in the Arab World. Already two discredited presidents — Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia — have been kicked out of office and a third, the “delusional” leader of Libya, Moammar Gaddafi, is expected to follow suit anytime soon. Still, other Arab leaders are encountering similar unprecedented upheavals. A “day of rage” is now scheduled for March 11 in Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital. Even Lebanon has had a similar demonstration last week that called loudly for the abolition of sectarianism in the country where all positions within the civil service are divided in accordance with a formula based on…more

The Arab Revolution and Anti-Imperialism
Palestine Chronicle: 2 Mar 2011 – By Daniel Renwick Tunisia falls. Egypt falls. Anti-imperialism gets a shot in the arm. Ben-Ali and Mubarak, who for decades acted as nothing but Western stooges, are forced from power and the global order trembles. Cracks emerge under our feet and we all wonder; what next? We are too close to these events to truly realise their magnitude. However, what must be made emphatically clear is that the global order stands or falls with the Pan-Arab revolution. The fighting in the Arab street is a transnational fight of epic proportions. While it is a fight for dignity, a fight for rights and a fight for fairness — these battles cannot be pitched without truly knowing one’s enemy — the forces of empire. While major encouragement can be found looking down the Arab street, forces of subversion have been in play from the very start. Variables are not liked by the…more

Seventh Annual Israel Anti-Apartheid Week
Palestine Chronicle: 2 Mar 2011 – By Stephen Lendman Apartheidweek.com announced that the Anti-Apartheid for this year will be held in over 60 cities worldwide, including: Adelaide, Al Quds, Amman, Amsterdam, Bard (NY), Basel, Beirut, Belfast, Berkeley, Bern, Bethlehem, Bilbao, Birzeit, Bordeaux, Boston, Brisbane, Brussels, Cape Town, Cleveland, Denver, Dublin, Dundee, Durban, Edmonton, Gainesville, Gaza, Geneva, Grahamstown, Haifa, Houston, Ireland, Johannesburg, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Mans, Lille, Lillehammer, London (Ontario), Lyon, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Midwest, Montreal, Nablus, Naples, Nazereth, Neuchatel, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Perth, Peterborough, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Providence, Regina, St. Louis, Stellenbosch, Sudbury, Toronto, Utrecht, Yaffa, and Zurich. Other cities not officially part of IAW may also participate, including major ones involved before. Launched in Toronto in 2005 by over 170 Palestinian civil society organizations, it’s held annually to support calls for Global Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) until Occupied Palestine is free. Last year’s IAW was “incredibly successful” with over 55 participating cities…more

American Intervention in Libya
Palestine Chronicle: 2 Mar 2011 – By Ali Younes — Washington, D.C. According to high level sources here in Washington, the U.S government is about to take a decision, or already made it, to intervene directly in the Libyan crises by having its warships dock at the Libyan eastern ports. This mean that U.S ground forces, Marines and support units will establish Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in coastal Libyan cities to coordinate with the Libyan “opposition” and establish a parallel Libyan government in the event that the regime of Moammar Qaddafi did not fall or toppled in the coming days. This action will require, however, an immediate UN coordination and a legal cover from the UN Security Council to place Libya under stricter provisions of Chapter 7 of the UN charter that authorizes the use of force against a member state. Moreover, If Libya is placed under clearer and stricter language of a future UNSC resolution;…more

What Really Happened in Gaza?
Dissident Voice: 2 Mar 2011 – The Israeli attack on Gaza in December 2008/January 2009 and the subsequent investigation and unequivocal condemnation by a United Nations team led by Judge Richard Goldstone of Israeli conduct before and during what the Jewish State calls “Operation Cast Lead,” have radically altered the way many view Israel’s brutal occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. Gaza and Goldstone have also caused many to question the 18 year-old US-sponsored Israeli/Palestinian “peace-process” which never produces any positive results. The Goldstone Report: The Legacy Of The Landmark Investigation Of The Gaza Conflict Edited by Adam Horowitz, Lizzy Ratner, and Philip Weiss Foreword by Desmond Tutu Introduction by Naomi Klein, Nation Books, 2011. 449 pp., $18.95 (paperback). Here in Central New York, some local activists in the Syracuse Peace Council started the group Central New York Working For A Just Peace In Palestine & Israel as a direct result of the invasion of…more

Speaking to J-Street, but for Who?
Dissident Voice: 2 Mar 2011 – Mona Eltahawy who takes pride in being “the first Egyptian journalist to live and to work for a western news agency in Israel” was a big hit at this year’s J-Street gathering. This is a video of her opening remarks at the racist, Zionist group’s 2011 conference. Eltahawy, unlike Ray Hanania and James Zogby, two other Arab-Americans who enthusiastically promote J-Street, does speak Arabic with native ability and closely followed the Egyptian revolution. Therefore, when she told the audience “not one anti-Israeli or anti-American sentiment was expressed” during the uprisings in Tunisia, and Egypt (11:40), she was knowingly making a false statement. While the immediate demands of the Tunisians and Egyptians were naturally focused on domestic issues, the tyrants’ relationships with the Zionist entity, and American support for these autocrats were on the minds of the millions who took the streets to demand not only an end to dictatorship, oppression,…more

More material available from Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel – www.vtjp.org
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