Books: The Return of the Public (space) By Dan Hind

9 March 2011 —

the-return.jpgA book recommendation: ‘The Return of the Public’ By Dan Hind. Verso Books, London 2010.

I intend to write a review of this book sometime soon, but I think it’s one of the most important books to come out of the Left in the UK for a long, long time. ‘The Return of the Public’ is a ‘call to arms’ for us, the people to retake the space that’s been stolen from us.

With the destruction of our traditional forms of political expression, we have no collective voice, no public space that we can call our own. Instead, at best we have ‘single issues’ but no sense of the collective.

‘The Return of the Public’ explains how this came to be and offers a way out. Important and stimulating reading.

Pick up a copy on

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