UN TOURISTAH (MINUSTAH) troops dump deadly disease on Black Haiti then blames the victims "preexisting condition"!

6 May 2011 — HLLN

Ezili Dantò’s Note:

Folks, Ezili’s HLLN needs your help.

Since October 2010 when the UN-imported cholera outbreak was unleashed we knew this new international and imported excrement would kill thousands upon thousands of innocent Haitians, destroy our Artibonite breadbasket further than Clinton’s Arkansa rice-dumping US policies, sweatshop/export economy and unfair trade already has.

Now the UN, having examine itself is now telling all and sundry it brought the deadly disease to Haiti that has made over 300,000 ill and killed untold thousands upon thousands of innocent Haitians and is expected to kill thousands more and make up to 800,000 more suffer sickness, BUT it is not RESPONSIBLE to compensate for the damage done, the lives destroyed, the country’s water system, food and eco-system it has compromised, nor the indignity of having our people drink its imported fecal excrement on top of and along with the rest of the UN nightmares Haiti’s innocents have had to endured these last and interminable 7-years!!! In no world except exploited and ravaged-by-“humanitarians-and-peacekeepers”-Haiti would the carriers of this deadly disease not have been immediately tested and quarantined. The damage this has exacerbated is UNIMAGINABLE. Yet, as I wrote already, the world seriously believes Haitians will simply hand the international rapists (the UN “independent panel”) a rapist kit and let the rapists investigate themselves to tell their Haitian victims if they – the UN, that is – and their various “envoys” are actually liable or not liable without scrutiny and legal disposition for gross negligence, wrongful deaths, massive infliction of pain and suffering, not to mention destroying Haiti’s water system, territory and environment, already burden with TOURISTAH and foreign NGOs! (See the UN the UN “independent panel” report http://bit.ly/jNr63o.)

Since the outbreak, HLLN has attempted to find a commercial law firm with deep pockets who could help us bring this Haiti tort and wrongful death case to a proper court of law. To date, most of those we’ve approached have declined to take on the Clinton/UN/Farmer/USAID gang of “humanitarians” in Haiti “saving” us for our own “good.”

We know HLLN will file a case against the UN one way or the other on this. But we need the Ezili’s Haiti Network’s support and help. I am so very tired of hitting my head on steel doors that won’t open to help us Haitians and so I come to you, I open this search to you the Ezili Network for you constructive input. Ezili’s HLLN has no financial resources to take on this case but we are the best informed Haitians to defend Haiti with partners who do have the resources and respect for life and dignity of our people. So, write and call me directly if you are a partner in a law firm or have University connections to an entity with the staff, willingness to defend what’s just and deep pockets to take this on with Ezili Dantò of HLLN as special counsel.

We hope to publish your various responses if they are on point and helpful in this case. Men anpil chay pa lou!
Time is of the essence,

Ezili Dantò of HLLN
May 6, 2010

– Haiti caught cholera from UN peacekeepers http://bit.ly/ircIgC

– UN Panel Links Cholera to MINUSTAH Base; MINUSTAH Continues to Shift Blame http://bit.ly/iubeeN

– Haiti’s cholera misery: 5,000 dead – and UN peacekeepers to blame http://ind.pn/lJy6T4

– UN Final Report Pdf: http://bit.ly/jNr63o

– Haiti’s case against the UN for importing cholera epidemic by Ezili Dantò- http://bit.ly/aaQpdT

Is Haiti’s deadly cholera outbreak an imported disease? – http://bit.ly/c2GNZI

-The (cholera) virus had been eradicated in Haiti”, Haiti’s Health Ministry said.

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